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How to Fix Color Distortion on LG TV [A Complete Guide]

If you encounter color distortion issues like fuzzy or blurry pictures while streaming any content on LG TV, don’t worry. These problems mostly occur if an external cable is damaged or improperly plugged. Even if the TV screen looks over-saturated with uneven colors due to other reasons, don’t panic. Nonetheless, these issues can be fixed on your own with simple workarounds.

Reasons for Color Distortion on LG Smart TV

If your LG TV has distorted colors, it may happen due to any of the reasons.

  • Wrong picture settings
  • Voltage fluctuations
  • Poor signal from the set-top box
  • Loose connection or faulty cables
  • Incorrect input source
  • Outdated firmware
  • Magnetic effect of surround speakers
  • Temporary bugs
  • Hardware-related issues
  • Defective T-Con Board

DIY Fixes for Color Distortion on LG TV

Here are the troubleshooting methods to fix the color distortion issue on LG TV.

Check the Cable Connection

Loose cabling is the main reason for distorted colors or flickering issues on LG TVs. So check if there is any damage to the cables or if the cables are not properly connected to the power source. The inconsistencies of the cables also affect the color or image quality of your LG Smart TV. Also, check and clean the dirt available on the ports of your TV, as it might interrupt the connection.

Check the cable connection

Check the Input Source

Sometimes, an incorrect source affects the image or color on the LG TV. Else, if you are using external devices then it is important to change the input settings on LG TV.

1. Open the Home screen on your LG TV and tap on the Input icon.

2. Then you can find the list of inputs on your LG TV.

3. Select the correct input source and press the OK button to change the input settings.

Once you change the input on the LG TV, check if the color is still distorting or not.

Adjust the Picture Settings

You can also solve the color distortion problem by keeping the best picture settings on your LG TV.

1. Navigate to the Home screen on your LG TV.

2. Go to All Settings and select the Picture option.

Go to Picture

3. Tap on the Picture mode Settings option.

4. Customize the setting based on your needs.

Apply to All Settings

5. Then click on the Apply to All Inputs option to implement the customized color format.

Similarly, you can change the resolution of your LG Smart TV for watching the content in high-definition.

Update the LG Smart TV

At times, you may experience color distortion because of outdated firmware on your LG TV. It is important to update the firmware on your LG Smart TV for a smooth streaming experience.

1. Connect stable WIFI on your LG TV and tap on the Settings menu.

2. Navigate to the All Settings option and choose the General tab.

3. Select About This TV and click on the Check for Updates button.

Color Distortion Issue on LG Smart TV: Check for the Updates

4. If it shows any update available, tap Yes to install the new update on LG TV.

Power Cycle Your LG TV

If you are facing technical glitches or software-based issues, you can try the power cycle method to soft reset your LG TV.

1. Disconnect all the devices connected to your LG TV.

2. Switch off and unplug the power cord of your TV.

Unplug the power cord

3. Press the power button on your LG TV for about 5-10 seconds.

4. Wait for a few minutes unplugged.

5. Later, plug in the TV cord and restart your LG TV.

Run the Picture Test

Self-diagnosis on LG TV is an easier way to identify the problem on the TV. It will also help to fix the color distortion issue on your TV with some best solutions.

1. Turn on your LG TV and press the Home button on your remote.

2. Go to All Settings and select the Support option.

3. Tap on the OLED Care option from the list of options.

4. Choose Device Self-Care and click on the Screen Self-diagnosis option.

Color Distortion Issue on LG Smart TV: Self screen diagnose

5. Now tap on the Yes button to start the screen diagnosis on your LG TV.

In older LG TV devices, you can easily perform the picture test by navigating to All Settings >> Picture >> Picture Test >> Yes >> Thus, you can try the Picture test on your LG TV.

Run a Pixel Cleaning

The pixel Cleaning option on your LG TV is used to improve the overall reliability of your TV. With this method, you can reduce the color distortion on your TV.

1. Go to the home screen and navigate to the Settings option.

2. Tap on All Settings and select the General tab.

3. Choose OLED Care and tap on the OLED Panel Care option.

Color Distortion Issue on LG Smart TV: OLED Care

4. Click on the Pixel Cleaning option and confirm it.

Pixel Cleaning

5. Now the Pixel Cleaning process will be started successfully.

For older models of LG TV, go to Settings >> Picture >> OLED Panel Settings >> Pixel Refresher >> Start Now >> Done.

Factory Reset LG TV

If you have incorrect settings and your TV is filled with bugs or junk files then you can simply reset your LG Smart TV to start with the initial settings and refresh your TV.

1. Press the Home button with your LG TV remote.

2. Go to All Settings and tap on the General tab.

3. Hit on the System option and select the Reset to Initial Settings option.

Reset to initial settings

4. Then tap the OK button to start the resetting process.

Confirm the reset process

Similarly, on older LG TV models, Go to Settings >> All Settings >> General >>Reset to Initial Settings >> Thus your LG TV begins the resetting process.

Contact Customer Support

If none of the above methods help to resolve the color distortion problem on your LG TV, you can contact the customer service of LG TV. They will help you to find the root cause of the problem and let you know the advanced solutions to resolve all kinds of picture problems.


Why is my LG TV showing weird colors?

The colors may be inappropriate on the LG TV due to wrong picture settings. You can change the picture mode to Vivid to get it sorted.

Why does my LG TV have a red tint screen?

The red tint screen of your LG TV may be caused by outdated LG TV firmware or malfunction while updating the firmware of your TV.

Why are the LG TV colors washed out?

If an image on the LG TV looks dark and washed out, it may be due to low contrast on your TV.

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