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LG TV Buffering

LG TV Buffering | DIY Fixes With Reasons

At times, you might have faced buffering issues on LG TV. It happens if your LG TV doesn’t have a stable internet connection, software glitches, corrupted cache files in the app, etc. Due to these factors, your entertainment experience may be ruined as the content may freeze or keep on loading. In such scenarios, we suggest users try these troubleshooting methods to fix the buffering issue.

Reasons for LG TV Buffering

If content on LG TV is buffering for no reason, it is due to these reasons.

  • If the Internet connection on the LG TV is too slow
  • If the WiFi router is malfunctioned
  • When too many devices are connected to the same WiFi network
  • Outdated LG TV firmware and apps
  • Server problems in the streaming services
  • Because of excessive cache on the LG TV
  • When more apps are running in the background

DIY Fixes to Prevent LG TV from Buffering

The following are troubleshooting methods to fix slow streaming or buffering issues on LG Smart TV.

Check Internet Connection

Not using a high-speed Internet connection is the prior reason for the LG TV buffering. Check your Internet speed on LG TV to find out if the bandwidth is required to stream the content without buffering.

You should also avoid connecting more devices to the same Internet. Maintaining a limited number of devices and using separate routers for your TV will greatly assist in solving the buffering issue.

Close the Background Apps

This is a common mistake made by all users. Not closing the app not only causes buffering issues but also lowers the working function of the TV. To close the apps on LG TV, tap the back button on your remote control to close it and reach the home page.

Delete Apps on LG TV

Try playing videos from other services on your LG TV. If it works fine, the problem is with that particular streaming app. It also happens if an app is not updated to the latest version. Make sure to check and update the apps on LG TV.

If it doesn’t help, uninstall the app on LG TV and reinstall it again. Also, check the service server status by visiting the downdetector website. If it shows any outage for the service you are using, keep your patience until it is solved.

Clear Corrupted Cache

Cache files take up the storage, which will ultimately delay the content loading on TV. Clear the cache files on LG TV to free up storage and solve the buffering issue.

When a particular app like Hulu causes issues, you can clear the Hulu cache on your LG TV to watch its content without buffering.

Reset WiFi Router

If the problem is with the WiFi router, you can resolve it easily by resetting it. While performing a reset, make sure that the Router cable is properly connected and plugged into the power source.

Reset Router to fix LG TV buffering

Locate the Reset button on your router, which looks like a tiny pinhole. You have to press and hold the Reset button with the help of a toothpick or by inserting any ballpoint pen. Release it after 30 seconds. This process will reset your router and boost the bandwidth, which will ultimately fix the buffering issue on LG Smart TV.

Upgrade/Replace Router

The new routers in the market have more features than the older ones. Also, it is difficult to use the old router for all the devices because of its lower capabilities. Newer ones have higher bandwidth to use on multiple devices.

It is better to upgrade the WiFi router every 3 years. If it is over 3-5 years, replace it with a new one to get advanced features and hassle-free usage.

Update LG TV Firmware

Outdated devices will also cause these kinds of temporary errors. Always ensure to keep your LG TV updated to its latest version. For convenience, you should enable the Automatic updates option on LG TV. You can enable it to get updates automatically. Connect your LG TV to a stable WiFi and follow these steps.

Go to the LG TV Home screen > Settings > All Settings > General > About this TV > Turn ON Allow Automatic Updates.

Enable Automatic updates on Lg TV

Power Cycle LG TV

Sometimes your TV may have software malfunction, which leads to buffering issues. Rarely, this problem will occur if there is a fluctuation in voltage.

1. Turn OFF your LG TV and remove its TV cord from the power source.

Remove LG TV cable from power source

2. Disconnect all the devices that are connected to your TV.

3. Long press the Power button on your LG TV for 10-15 seconds.

4. Now, connect your TV cord to the power socket and turn it ON.

Still, if you have streaming issues, you can restart your LG TV.

Reduce the Streaming Quality

This is a simple trick to stop LG TV buffering quickly. If you are streaming videos from YouTube or Netflix on LG TV in 4K quality, it will require a high-speed internet connection to get loaded on the screen. Notably, apps on LG TV let you change the resolution. Set it to a lower video quality to avoid buffering.

Connect to Wired Internet Connection

As we all know, a wired connection passes on data faster than WiFi. Also, Ethernet is more reliable and secure compared to a WiFi connection.

With Ethernet, you can easily transmit large file data at high speed. Hence, you must connect your LG TV to a wired internet connection with an Ethernet cable by these steps to get uninterrupted streaming.

Change to Ethernet Internet Connection

Click the Settings button LG TV remote > Select Network > tap Wired Connection (Ethernet), and LG TV will automatically connect to the given Ethernet Internet connection.

Disable VPN or Ad Blocker

Using a VPN or Ad Blocker slows the Internet speed as it acquires more of its server. Disable them to increase the speed of the Internet, which assists in fixing the LG TV buffering issue.

Factory Reset LG TV

Reset your LG TV only when there is no problem with your Internet connection and when all the other methods fail to fix the LG TV buffering issue. Remember that resetting will delete all the installed apps, data, etc. However, it will bring your LG TV back to its initial settings.

Contact LG Support

If you are unable to solve the LG TV buffering with all these troubleshooting methods, you should contact LG Customer Support. You can contact them via chat or call. Explain the issue to the support team and follow the solutions recommended by technical experts to fix the issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to stop YouTube buffering on LG Smart TV?

An unstable Internet connection is the main reason that causes YouTube buffering on LG Smart TVs. Connect your LG TV to a different WiFi or wired internet connection to fix the problem.

Why my LG TV buffer when it is connected to fast Internet?

This is due to software configuration. Check and update the LG TV firmware and restart the router if needed to resolve this issue.

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