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Bluetooth Not Working on LG Smart TV: How to Fix

Bluetooth is one of the most used features on all smart TVs. There are a lot of Bluetooth devices that are compatible with the LG Smart TV. You can pair soundbars, speakers, and AirPods to LG Smart TVs using Bluetooth. But, sometimes, the Bluetooth on your LG Smart TV won’t work properly. You can’t pair or connect your Bluetooth devices to your LG Smart TV. In that case, you have to follow some troubleshooting steps to fix the Bluetooth not working issues on your LG Smart TV.

Reasons for Bluetooth Not Working on LG Smart TV

The main reason for Bluetooth not working on LG Smart TV is because of the distance. You have to maintain a certain distance between the device and the TV for a proper connection. Also, compatibility plays a major role. You have to connect the compatible BT device to your LG TV.

How to Fix Bluetooth Not Working on LG Smart TV

There are two primary solutions to fix the Bluetooth issue on your LG Smart TV. You can check whether the Bluetooth feature is turned on on your TV. Then, you can ensure that the BT version on the pairing device is compatible with your LG TV.

    Turn On Bluetooth

    Make sure you turn on the Bluetooth feature on your LG Smart TV. You may forget to turn it on, resulting in issues not working. Do not forget to turn off the Bluetooth after completing the process. The steps to turn on Bluetooth differs between the compatible device.

    Almost all the models of LG Smart TV are featured with Bluetooth support. In the older models, you need to turn on the feature manually. In the latest models of LG Smart TV, the Bluetooth feature is enabled by default. So there is no need to turn it on manually.

    Check the Bluetooth Version

    Before connecting any Bluetooth devices to your LG TV, check that the Bluetooth version of that particular device is up to date. In the LG Smart TVs with the latest webOS (webOS 11), the available Bluetooth version is BT 5.0. Though Bluetooth 5.0 is backward-compatible, you will have some issues while pairing BT 4.0 or lower devices to your LG Smart TV. We suggest you use only the BT 5.0 devices on your LG Smart TV.

    Keep Enough Distance

    The average range of two Bluetooth devices with 5.0 must be within 10 meters. The maximum communication range will vary depending on the obstacles between the devices. To have a better signal, move the objects between your LG Smart TV and your Bluetooth device. The lesser the distance, the stronger the signal.

    Common Solutions to Fix Bluetooth on LG Smart TV

    The above-mentioned are the major solutions that you can try to fix the issue. But, due to some miscellaneous errors, you will experience some errors in the Bluetooth feature. To fix those miscellaneous errors, you can try these common fixes.

    Paring Mode Issues

    This is a common mistake made by LG TV users. Getting the devices into the paring mode is the first step we must follow to establish a Bluetooth connection. If you fail to do that, your LG Smart can’t detect the BT device. Make sure that the BT device is in pairing mode. When you have bugs in your device, it can also forbid you from pairing it. You have to restart or reset the BT device to clear this issue.

    Reconnect the BT Device

    You might experience some glitches while paring the Bluetooth device. Sometimes, the Bluetooth device will not pair at all. In this case, you have to disconnect the Bluetooth device and reconnect it again.

    1. Click on the Settings icon from the Home screen of your LG Smart TV.

    Click on the Settings icon from the Home screen

    2. Select Sound and click on Sound Out from the Settings page.

    Select Sound and click on Sound Out

    3. Under the Sound Out menu, click the Bluetooth feature.

    4. Now, you can see the list of devices you have paired with your LG TV.

    5. Choose the device with the issue and unpair it.

    Hit the option that is available near the device  and Fix Bluetooth Not Working on LG Smart TV

    6. Now, that particular device is disconnected.

    7. To reconnect the device again, enable the pairing mode on the Bluetooth device.

    8. Get into the Bluetooth settings and pair it again.

    9. Now, the BT device will be paired to your LG Smart TV without any issues.

    Check the Compatibility

    There are four compatible Bluetooth devices that you can easily connect with your LG Smart TV. They are as follows.

    • Headset
    • Keyboard
    • Soundbar
    • Speaker
    • Gaming Controllers

    Other devices like smartphones, PCs, and gaming consoles can’t be connected to your LG TV. In such cases, you have to use other modes of connection like WiFi or HDMI cables.

    Restart LG TV

    There are two ways to restart your LG Smart TV. One is with the LG TV remote and one with the power cable. In the LG Smart TV remote, you can long-press the Power and the Volume Down buttons simultaneously until you see the LG logo. When you see the LG logo, it represents that your device is rebooted.

    When your TV is not responding to the remote commands, you need to restart the TV from the power supply. Turn off the LG Smart TV using the physical button. Then, remove all the wire connections from the TV. Keep the TV idle for more than five minutes. Then, turn on the TV to fix the Bluetooth issue.

    Update LG TV

    If you are using the older version of webOS on your LG Smart TV, you will have some pairing issues with the Bluetooth feature. To fix the issue, you need to update your LG Smart TV.

    1. Click on the Settings icon from your LG TV home page.

    2. Scroll down and select All Settings.

    3. Click on General from the settings page.

    4. Select the About this TV option.

    5. If a new update is available, it will be notified under the TV.

    6. Click the Install button to get the new version. You can also click the Download and Install button under the Software Version to update the TV.

    Download and Install if any new updates are available  and Fix Bluetooth Not Working on LG Smart TV

    7. After the update, the issues with the Bluetooth feature will be resolved. If not, you need to reset the LG Smart TV.

    Factory Reset LG Smart TV

    When you factory reset your LG Smart TV, the complete account details and the settings that you have customized will be removed. After resetting your device, you must register all your Bluetooth devices again to your TV.

    1. Press the Home Button on your TV remote.

    2. Click the Settings icon to get the LG TV Settings page.

    3. Select General from the Settings page.

    4. Hit Reset to the Initial Settings.

     Hit Reset to the Initial Settings  and Fix Bluetooth Not Working on LG Smart TV

    5. Enter your TV’s four-digit password and hit OK.

    6. Now, your LG Smart TV will be completely reset.

    7. After the reset, pair the BT device again to your LG TV. If it is not pairing, then the issue is with the Bluetooth hardware. To fix hardware issues, you need to contact LG Support.

    Contact Support

    If you can’t fix the issue even after using all the above-given steps, you can approach the LG support center. You will be instructed by the experts to clear this issue. Elaborately say your issue and get a suitable solution.


    1. Why is Bluetooth greyed out on my LG TV?

    If none of the BT devices is paired to your LG Smart TV, the Bluetooth option will be greyed out. Pair a BT device with your LG TV to fix the issue.

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