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LG TV Auto Tuning Not Finding Channels

LG TV Auto Tuning Not Finding Channels: Causes & Fixes

If your LG TV is not finding channels with auto tuning, you may find it difficult to figure out the reason. Actually, it is simple to rectify it because such problems occur only if there is something wrong with your cable connection or any issue with your LG TV. We recommend users try the following simple workarounds to fix the issue.

Reasons for LG TV Auto Tuning Not Finding Channels

Sometimes, particular channels may be missed on LG TV even after auto-tuning. Probably, it can be caused by the following factors.

  • If your LG TV has no signal or your cable receives a weaker signal
  • If there is a technical issue with your cable or satellite box
  • Because of loose cabling, you might lose signals from the cable
  • Due to bad weather conditions, the exact position of the antenna/Dish might get changed
  • When your LG TV firmware is outdated, there is a chance for the auto-tuning feature to stop working

How to Fix LG TV Auto Tuning Not Finding Channels

Here are the troubleshooting methods that help you resolve the LG TV auto tuning not finding channels issue.

Adjust the TV Antenna

If the TV Antenna is not in the right place, then probably the auto-tuning will lose the ability to find channels. So, try to adjust the TV Antenna by moving it to a different/higher place or rotating it accordingly. If there is any physical damage to Antenna, you need to contact your cable provider for repair.

LG TV Auto Tuning Not Finding Channels -Adjust the TV Antenna

Check Signal Strength/Connection Type

Even if the TV Antenna is placed correctly, a problem may arise if the signal is poor. So, check if the signal strength of your cable/ satellite provider is stable or you can even contact the service provider for further assistance. If you’re using the coaxial connection, unplug your cable box and plug it back in. 

Do Channel Scan on LG TV

If the TV’s tuner is not in use or the channels are out of tune, then you might not find channels on your LG TV. Here, are the steps to perform the channel scan.

[1] On your LG TV controller, press the smart button.

[2] Select the Manual Tuning or Auto Tuning option.

Select the manual tuning or auto-tuning option.

[3] Select your TV tuner. Using the left and right buttons, scroll through your channel lineup.

[4] Choose the channels that you want to add and click the option to add channels.

[5] If you want any other channels to be added or the channels you can’t find, you can manually type the channel name in the keypad.

[6] Once you added all the channels, exit the screen. Now, you will not have difficulty finding the channels.

Check Channel Input

Another reason for the LG TV auto tuning not finding channels is, that the input channels are not plugged properly or in the right way. If the input is connected wrongly, you will see no signal message while watching the channels. So, ensure to connect the input properly and make sure the wires are not loosely connected.

Note: It is recommended to change the input on the LG TV to the one you have connected a cable or satellite box.

Update LG TV

Because of outdated TV firmware, auto-tuning won’t be effective in scanning channels in some situations. So, you should update your LG Smart TV to fix the issue.

[1] Click the Settings icon on your LG TV remote.

[2] Select All Settings and click General.

[3] Tap About This TV and select Check for Updates.

[4] Click Download and Install, if an update is available.

To finish installing the latest update, your LG Smart TV will restart now.

Reset the LG TV

When all the above solutions fail to fix the error, the last option is resetting the LG TV to its factory settings.

[1] Turn on your LG TV and navigate to the Settings menu.

[2] From the menu list, select the General option.

[3] Then, click on reset to initial settings and hit the Confirm button, if required to confirm the process.

click on reset to initial settings

[4] Now, wait for a few seconds for the resetting process to get complete.

[5] Once done, see if you can find your channels. If not, you must contact the LG TV support team for further assistance.

Perform Manual Tuning

When auto-tuning does not work, you can manually tune and add the channels. Manual Tuning on LG TV allows you to tune the channels specifically to the transmitters your aerial is pointed toward. Here are the steps to do so,

[1] On your LG TV remote, press the Home button to view the home screen.

[2] Navigate to the Settings menu and choose All Settings.

[3] From that, choose Programmes or Channels followed by selecting Programme Tuning or Channel Tuning option.

[4] Select Manual Tuning and select the channel number you want.

[5] Finally, click on the Add button to add the channel.


Why won’t my LG TV pick up channels?

This happens when signal strength is weak. So, ensure that the signal connection is strong and is above 75%.

How do I scan for channels on an old LG TV?

To scan channels on older LG TVs, go to Settings and choose the Channels option. Now, Select Auto Tuning to scan the channels.

How can I get local channels on my LG Smart TV without an antenna?

With a stable internet connection, you can watch free local channels on my LG Smart TV without an antenna. LG TV offers 175 free channels like NBC, ABC, FOX Sports, HISTORY Channel, and much more.

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