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Fix LG TV Apps Not working issue.

LG TV Apps Not Working: Reasons & Solutions

If any of the apps on your LG Smart TV is not opening or not working properly, you can fix it with easy troubleshooting tips. In this guide, you will get to know about the reasons for the App Not Working issue, fixes for the issue, and how to prevent the issue.

Follow the below-mentioned solutions one by one to identify the error and fix the issue. We have also listed some of the preventive measures that you can take to stay away from these kinds of errors.

Reason for Apps Not Working on LG TV

These are the reasons that prevent apps from working on your LG TV.

  • Outdated App
  • Minor malfunction
  • Poor network connection
  • Outdated LG TV Firmware
  • Storage issues
  • Wrong Country settings
  • Not supported IP Address
  • Incorrect LG TV Settings
  • Hardware Issues

How to Fix LG TV Apps Not Working Issue

The following are the workarounds that you should try to make LG TV apps run without any difficulties.

Outdated App

Using the older version of the app is the primary cause of the issue. The older version of the app may be incompatible with the TV, may have bugs, and so on. So, you need to check whether that app subjected to issue is updated or not. If not, update the app on your LG TV. After the update, open the app and check if the issue persists. If you have the same issue, try the next fix.

Uninstall the App

If updating the app is not fixing the issue, you need to delete the app on your LG TV. Deleting the app will remove all the associated files in the app. Then, install the app again from the Content Store. Then, try to open the app. If the app opens, the cache files are the culprit.

If you get the same issue, you need to restart your LG TV.

Reboot/Restart your LG TV

If you can’t access the apps on your LG TV, restart your LG TV once. If it is a minor technical glitch, the issue will be resolved after restarting. Otherwise, you need to soft reset your LG TV to fix the issue.

To restart your LG TV, press the Power and Volume Down buttons for a few seconds. To restart the LG TV without a remote, switch off the LG TV and unplug it from the power socket. After a few minutes, turn on your TV. Then, access the app on your TV. If it is not working, you need to check the internet connection.

Check Internet Connection

If your LG TV is not getting a stable WiFi connection, the apps that run on the internet (live TV streaming apps) won’t open. Check whether the LG TV is connected to a stable WiFi.

Go to Settings All SettingsNetwork WiFi ConnectionAdvanced WiFi Settings. If you get four green circles on the top, your TV is getting stable internet. If not, you need to check the router or change the WiFi connection.

You have to restart your WiFi router by pressing the Reset button on the modem. Wait for at least 5-10 minutes. Once it gets restarted, connect your LG Smart TV to WiFi and check if the apps are working properly.

If the issue is unresolved, try connecting your LG TV to a different WiFi network. If the issue persists, you can use a wired internet connection on your LG TV. If nothing works, go to the next fix.

Update LG TV Firmware

Using outdated webOS is also why apps are not working on your LG TV. Update the LG TV software by using the below steps to fix the problem.

1. Switch on your LG TV and press the Settings button on your remote.

2. Go to All Settings and select the Support section.

3. Click Software Updates and click the Check For Updates button.

Click on Check for Updates option.

4. Hit the Download and Install button if any update is available.

5. Once the firmware is updated, restart your LG TV and open the desired app.

Check LG TV Memory

All the apps you install will occupy a portion of your TV’s memory. If your TV’s memory is about to full or more than 90% of memory is used, you will experience performance issues on your LG TV.

Check the internal storage of your LG TV by navigating to Settings All SettingsGeneral Devices TV ManagementTV Information. Scroll down to the Available Internal Storage to check the free memory. If you have occupied more than 90%, you need to free up the memory by deleting unused apps, removing unwanted cache files, and running the Memory Optimizer.

Use Memory Optimizer

If your LG TV has stored too many caches and unwanted apps/files, it will block the apps from working properly. Since LG TVs come with a Memory Optimizer feature, you can use it to bring back some storage space on your LG TV. It will clear the cache on your LG TV and delete some unused apps.

1. Click the Settings button on the LG TV remote.

2. Navigate to the OLED Care option and select Device Self Care.

3. Choose the Memory Optimizer and click the Start button.

Start memory optimizer on lg tv.

4. Now, the unused app and unwanted files on your LG TV will be deleted.

Then, open the app that you want and check if the issue is fixed. If not, you need to change the region settings on your LG TV.

Update Region Settings

If you can’t able to open the Apps such as Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and Peacock on your LG TV, the country settings may be incorrect. Check the region settings on your LG TV and update it properly.

1. Go to the Settings menu on your LG TV and navigate to All Settings.

2. Now select the General option and choose Location.

open location on LG TV.

3. Provide your country Zip Code and click on the Enter button.

4. Now go back and select the Time & Date option.

5. Choose Auto. The region settings will be updated on your LG TV.

Then, open the specific app and check if the issue is resolved. If not, try disabling the VPN.

Disable VPN

Using a VPN may be helpful in accessing geo-restricted apps on your LG TV. But sometimes, the VPN you are using may not be allowed by some apps. In such cases, disabling the VPN will be helpful for accessing the apps on your LG TV. You can just simply locate the VPN app on your LG TV and turn it off.

If you have the same issues even after disconnecting the VPN, you need to reset your TV.

Factory Reset LG TV

If none of the above methods helps to fix the app not working issue, resetting your LG TV is the final option. This will fix all issues on your LG TV by restoring your TV to its default settings.

1. On your LG TV remote, press the Settings button.

2. Go to All Settings and select Support or General.

3. Now click on the Reset to Initial Settings option and select it.

Reset to initial settings.

After the resetting, launch the apps on your LG TV to check whether the issue is resolved or not. If the issue persists, you need to contact the LG support.

Contact LG Support

If the issue still persists on your LG TV, contact customer support through the LG support page. They will assist you with other troubleshooting methods to resolve the issue. You can chat, email, or call the executive regarding your issue based on your preference.

Once the App Not Working issue is fixed, you can open the app on your TV without any issues.

How to Prevent Apps Not Working Issue

After researching all the fixes and enquiring about LG support, we have listed some of the best preventive techniques that you can follow to stay away from this specific issue.

  • Always update the app on your LG TV. We recommend you enable the Automatic Updates on your LG TV.
  • Always connect your LG TV to a stable WiFi.
  • Don’t install or try to install incompatible apps. Stick with the Content Store apps.
  • Update your LG TV as soon as the new update arrives.
  • Every once a month, use Memory Optimizer to clear the cache files.


1. How to fix the LG Content Store unavailable issue?

Changing the DNS Setting on your LG TV will give you access to the LG Content Store. Navigate to Settings All SettingsNetworkSelect connectionEdit → Change to

2. How to fix sound not working on LG TV apps?

You need to perform an audio test on LG TV. Using the LG TV remote, go to SettingsAll SettingsSoundSound Test. If you hear the Sound, click on Yes, and you are good to go.

3. What should I do if LG Smart TV displays content unavailable while using streaming apps?

It is due to an unstable internet, improper DNS configuration, or a wrong location. Fix all these problems to prevent LG TV from displaying content that is unavailable.

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