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LG Super Resolution

How to Turn on Super Resolution on LG Smart TV

You must know about Super Resolution if you use an LG Smart TV for gaming. I would enable Super Resolution on my TV whenever I play high-graphic games. It helps to boost the gaming performance and will make the images look so clear. It will also improve the video quality while watching TV channels in Standard Definition (480p).

So, you will get no blur even if you stream entertainment titles in 480p. It will also upscale the resolution by stretching the pixels. Therefore, you get better-upscaled visuals while watching 1080p video on an LG 4K Smart TV.

I will teach you how to turn on Super Resolution on an LG TV in this article.

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How to Turn On Super Resolution on LG TV

1. Turn on your LG TV and press the Settings button on your remote.

2. Choose the All Settings tab.

3. Select the Picture tab from the left pane.

4. From the Picture section, choose the Advanced Controls option.

Click Advanced Controls

5. Next, choose the Super Resolution option.

Select the options from off, Low, medium, and high to get high-resolution video quality on your LG Smart TV.

Note: If you want the best sound settings on LG TV, choose the Sound tab under All Settings. Choose the sound mode of your preference.

Different Modes in LG Super Resolution

  • Normal – Select this option to watch your favorites in a normal environment.
  • Low – You can stream the video in soft resolution.
  • Medium – Use this mode if you want to view your favorites between medium and high resolution.
  • High – You can use this option if you want to view your favorite movie or TV show in high resolution.

How to Turn On LG Super Resolution + Monitor

LG gaming monitors also have the Super Resolution + feature. Follow the steps to turn on the Super Resolution + feature:

  • Press the setFUNC button on your monitor. This will display the OSD.FUNC screen.
  • Choose the SUPER RESOLUTION+ option.
  • Choose the video quality of your liking.
  • After completing the above steps, choose EXIT to return to the Super Resolution+ window.

Does Turning on the LG Super Resolution Worth It

Yes, if you need an improvement in the streaming quality on your TV, you can turn on the Super Resolution. It is worth it to improve the video resolution on LG Smart TV.

Why is there a Lag in the Picture Quality on LG TV?

There must be wrong with the picture settings of your LG Smart TV. It would be a reason why there is a lag in the picture settings of your TV. To fix the issue, you need to check out the picture settings on LG TV. Since it automatically adjusts picture settings, there is no need to adjust the brightness on LG TV.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I improve the video quality on LG TV using Super Resolution?

Yes. You can improve your TV’s video quality using the Super Resolution feature.

What are the best picture settings for LG Smart TVs?

You can choose between Vivid, Standard, and Cinema modes based on your convenience.

Should Super Resolution on LG TV be turned on or off?

Keep this feature turned on if you’re watching low-resolution content. If the picture is not clear, turn it off.

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