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LG Smart TV Wi-Fi Not working

LG Smart TV WiFi Not Working: Reasons & Solutions

Nowadays, people are spending more time on streaming platforms like Youtube and Netflix than watching traditional cable or satellite TV channels. On that note, it is necessary to connect the LG TV to the Internet. By connecting your LG Smart TV to stable WiFi, you can stream live TV channels on LG Channel Plus without any interruptions. If your LG Smart TV is not connecting to WiFi or if the LG TV frequently keeps disconnecting from WiFi, then here are the working solutions to fix WiFi not working on your LG Smart TV.

How to Fix WiFi Not Working on LG Smart TV

Here are the possible issues you may face while working with WiFi on your LG TV

Unable to Turn On the WiFi

If you cannot turn On WiFi on your LG Smart TV, check out the possible reasons given below


  • Technical Glitch on your TV
  • Outdated LG TV Firmware
  • LG TV Remote Issue


This issue is one of the most common issues. It can be fixed by undergoing the following methods.

Power Recycle the LG TV

Restarting your LG TV is the easiest way to fix this problem. Unplug the power cable of your LG Smart TV and wait for 1 to 2 minutes. Then, Plug it into the socket and turn On your LG TV. Now, enable the WiFi and try connecting it to your Internet Router.

Update the LG Smart TV

Sometimes, an update would cause certain bugs in the features of your LG TV. However, that can be fixed by another update. If restarting your LG TV did not clear the WiFi enabling issue, then navigate to the LG TV Settings → About this TV→Check for Updates. If any new update is available, then click confirm to update the LG Smart TV.

LG Smart TV Wi-Fi Not Working- Click Yes to Confirm
Fix the Remote Controller Issue

On some rare occasions, your LG TV magic remote may fail to respond to your press. In order to fix the LG TV remote not working, ensure that the battery of your TV remote is fully charged and working properly. If not, load your TV remote with a new pair of batteries and try enabling the WiFi.

LG TV Not Connecting to WiFi

This will happen mainly due to Network congestion. However, the possible reasons are listed below.


  • Enabled Quick Start Feature
  • Network congestion
  • Incorrect Wi-Fi password
  • Outdated Router Firmware


If your Router is working properly, then the issues might be with your TV. To fix it, follow the below troubleshooting techniques.

Disable Quick Start Feature

The Quick Start feature may cause you trouble when you try connecting to WiFi because enabling this feature may fail to load essential device firmware modules like WiFi. Disable the Quick Start Feature by following the steps below.

#1. Navigate to SettingsAll Settings.

#2. Select the General tab and disable the Quick Start option.

LG Smart TV Wi-Fi Not Working- Disable the Quick Start

#3. That’s it, now power off the TV and restart it.

#4. Now, check if the WiFi connection is functioning properly.

Network Congestion

This will generally happen when your Router has restrictions to connect with only a certain number of devices. However, that can be fixed by disabling the restriction on your Router or by disconnecting the WiFi on your other unused devices.

Reset the WiFi password

If you are in the scenario where you are trying to connect your LG TV to WiFi, and it says your WiFi password is incorrect. You can easily fix this problem by resetting the WiFi password. To reset the password, log in to your network provider’s account and ask for support.

Update the Router Firmware

If you are unable to connect the LG TV to WiFi even after solving the Network Congestion. Then it’s time to update your Router Firmware. Contact your Router customer support team and follow the necessary steps.

LG TV Physical Damage issue

If none of the above solutions helped you to connect WiFi to your Router, then there might be physical damage to the WiFi antenna of your LG TV. To confirm that, ensure it by connecting your LG TV to another network device. Once confirmed, contact LG TV customer service.

Unable to Access the Internet Via WiFi

If you are in a scenario where the WiFi is connected successfully but unable to access the Internet on your LG TV, then here are the possible reasons for that cause.


  • Incorrect Time or Date
  • Unstable Internet Connection
  • The router is far away from the LG TV
Update the Date and Time Zone

Usually, an incorrect time or date on your LG Smart TV may prevent you from using the Internet, whether it is connected through WiFi or ethernet cable. It can be easily fixed by following the steps below.

#1. Click the Settings button on your LG TV magic remote.

#2. Navigate to the All Settings menu and select the General option.

#3. On the Time and Date option, correct the time and date or else enable the Set Automatically option and then exit the Menu.

Set the Time & Date

#4. Now, check whether the WiFi is connecting or not.

After doing this, ensure to keep the router close to the LG Smart TV. Still, if the issue isn’t resolved, move on to the final fix.

Factory Reset the LG Smart TV

If you are sure that the problem is with your LG TV and not from the router, then the final thing you need to do is a factory reset. You can factory reset your LG TV easily by navigating to the TV system settings.

#1. Tap the Home button on your LG TV magic remote.

#2. Click the Settings icon at the upper right corner of the screen.

#3. Then, navigate to All Settings and select the General tab.

#4. Now, scroll down and choose Reset to Initial Settings.

Click the Reset to initial Settings option

#5. Hit the Confirm button, and now your TV will begin to reset.

#6. Now, enable the WiFi and check whether the WiFi is working properly or not.

Now, we assume that you have cleared the LG Smart TV Wi-Fi not working issue. On the contrary, if the LG TV is not connecting to WiFi even after the reset, then It might be a serious issue on your LG TV. Contact LG TV customer support and explain the issue.


1. How do I connect my LG TV to WiFi without a remote?

By using the physical buttons on the TV panel, you can connect the LG TV to WiFi without a remote.

2. Why is my LG TV suddenly not connecting to WiFi?

This issue occurs due to outdated router firmware, network or signal outages, or network congestion. To fix it, you can refer to the steps above.

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