LG TV Web Browser Not Working

Web Browser Not Working on LG Smart TV | Reasons & Fixes

All LG Smart TVs running webOS have a native web browser. Like TV apps, the web browser might encounter an error. If the web browser is not working, the significant causes could be a slow internet connection, old LG TV firmware, corrupted cache, storage issues, etc. You don’t need to worry since these issues can be fixed easily. This article explains the troubleshooting methods you can try to fix the problems associated with the web browser.

Common Problems Faced by LG TV Users on Web Browser

Video not playing on the web browserCheck the internet connection
Web browser keeps crashingDelete the browser cache
Not enough memory on the web browserUninstall unused apps
LG TV web browser is not openingUpdate the LG TV firmware
The web browser is very slowRestart the LG Smart TV
No sound on the web browserSet Sound Out to the TV speaker

How to Fix LG TV Web Browser Not Working

If the web browser is not responding on your LG Smart TV, it can be due to specific reasons. However, you can resolve it with workarounds.

  • Unstable internet connection
  • Outdated LG TV firmware
  • Excess browser cache
  • Incorrect network settings
  • Insufficient storage space
  • Too many apps running in the background
  • Technical glitches in the TV
  • Unsupported website

Check Internet Connection

You must have a high-speed Internet connection. Using an unstable Internet might be the reason for the LG TV browser not working. You can check the Internet speed on LG TV to ensure it is suitable for streaming.

When the network speed is lower than the optimum level, it is better to contact your ISP and get it sorted. Alternatively, restart the WiFi router or connect your LG TV to a wired Internet connection. Disconnect the unused devices connected to the WiFi or use a separate router for your LG Smart TV.

Close Unused Apps on LG TV

If too many apps are running in the background, it will consume excess RAM. That is why the web browser is not working on your LG Smart TV. To fix this, you must close the apps on the LG Smart TV.

1. Press the Home key on the LG Magic Remote and hold it for seconds.

2. From the recent apps list, click the X icon to close the app.

Use Memory Optimizer

You can use Memory Optimizer on your LG OLED TV to free up memory. This will help the web browser work normally.

1. Go to Settings and select OLED Care.

2. Click Device Self Care and select Memory Optimizer.

3. Then, click Start to begin the optimization.

Update LG TV Web Browser

There is no dedicated option to update the web browser alone since it is one of the pre-loaded apps on webOS. You can update the LG TV firmware to update the web browser. Go to SettingsAll SettingsSupport Software UpdateCheck for UpdatesDownload and Install.

Update LG TV Firmware

The updating steps for LG TVs differ according to the OS. Connect your LG TV to a strong WiFi network before starting the updation process.

There is a feature called Automatic Update on your LG TV. You can enable it to update your LG TV firmware automatically whenever it gets an update.

Clear Browser Cache

An excess browser cache will bring in storage issues and cause the browser to not work on LG Smart TVs. Therefore, you should clear the cache on LG TV to rectify the problem.

1. Turn on your LG TV and ensure it has internet access.

2. From the app drawer, open the web browser on your LG TV.

3. Go to Menu and select Settings.

4. Tap the Clear Browsing Data option and hit OK to clear the browser cache on your LG TV.

Click Clear Browsing Data

You can enable Private Browsing to prevent the web browser from storing a cache. Moreover, it helps the browser run smoothly.

Restart the LG Smart TV

Restarting the LG Smart TV will help to fix the temporary glitches that occur. This method also helps to fix if the apps are not working on LG TV.

1. Turn off the LG TV and unplug the power cord from the wall socket.

2. Hold the Power button on the LG TV for a few seconds.

3. Now, plug the power cord into the socket and turn it ON.

Open the web browser on your TV and browse for anything to check whether it is working fine.

Factory Reset LG TV

When all the methods fail to work, you can finally reset your LG Smart TV. This method erases all the information, including installed apps, etc., and returns your TV to its original state.

1. Go to the home screen of the LG TV using the remote or the LG ThinQ app.

2. Click the Settings button on the remote and go to All Settings.

3. Select General > System.

4. Choose the Reset to Initial Settings option and enter the password.

Pick the Reset to Initial Settings option

4. Tap OK and hit Confirm to restart your device.

Once the resetting process is completed, try using the LG TV web browser.

Contact LG Customer Support

Still, if you are facing issues with the web browser on your LG TV, you can contact customer support. You can either chat or make a call to the support team, and they will guide you with appropriate solutions to fix this issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does updating LG TV fix the web browser not working issue?

Yes. Updating the LG TV firmware will also update the web browser on the LG TV. So, the web browser issues will be fixed.

Can you install a different browser on an LG TV?

No. You can’t install other browsers on LG Smart TV.

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