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How to Fix LG TV Remote not Working

LG Smart TV Remote Not Working: Causes & Fixes

Every LG Smart TV ships with an LG smart remote called the Magic remote. It can be used to control and access different features of the TV. If your LG TV remote controller is not working properly or fails to respond to your actions, you shall not worry about it. Because it is a resolvable issue, and you can fix it easily by yourself if you know the causes and respective troubleshooting methods.

How to Fix LG Magic Remote Not Working

Your LG TV remote may not work for many reasons, like expired batteries, an uncleared path between the remote and the TV, dust and dirt particles inside the remote, and many more.

Technical Fault

Technical faults are the main reason for LG TV Magic remote not working properly.


  • Pair your TV remote failed or interrupted
  • Bugs or glitches on the TV


You can fix technical faults on your LG remote with the different troubleshooting methods mentioned below.

1. Power Cycle your TV

Sometimes a temporary bug on your TV software might create this problem. You can fix it by a quick power cycle method to solve the LG TV remote not working issue.

1: Turn Off your TV using the TV physical buttons and plug out the TV power cable from the power socket.

2: Now let the TV rest for 3-5 minutes.

3: Then, plug in the cable and turn On your TV.

4: After turning it on, press a button on your TV remote and check whether your remote is working or not.

2. Update your LG TV

If your TV is outdated or has any bugs in the firmware, then your TV commands might hinder the remote signals. If your TV is not updating automatically, then you can experience this error. So you can update the firmware of your LG TV with the steps mentioned below.

1: Go to the Settings of your LG TV.

2: Click General from the left pane of the settings page.

3: Select the About This TV option.

4: Tap the Check for updates option.

Click on Check for Updates option

5: If an update is available, you will receive a pop-up menu. Click the Yes button to update the TV.

Click Yes to update and fix LG TV remote not working

After updating your TV, try using your remote and check whether it is working.

3. Re-Pair the Remote with your LG TV

Sometimes your remote may get unpaired automatically without your permission. In this situation, you can re-pair the remote with your LG smart TV. Follow the steps mentioned below to re-pair the Magic remote with the LG TV.

1: In your TV remote, press and hold the Back button and Home button simultaneously.

Press Back and Home button on your TV remote

2: Now, the LED light near the power button should blink three times.

3: If the LED light on the remote blinks three times, you have re-paired the remote with your TV successfully.

4: Finally, click the OK button on the remote to complete the re-pairing process.

Tip!: If you are using the Magic remote 2021 and above version, you can press the Home and Settings buttons simultaneously to reset the remote.

4. Power Cycle your TV remote

Like power cycling, your TV, you can power cycle your Magic remote. It might help you fix any bugs on the remote.

1: Remove the batteries from the remote and wait for a few minutes.

2: Now, place the batteries in the battery compartment correctly and close the cap.

3: After a minute, try pairing your TV remote and check whether the fix has worked or not.

5. Checkout IR Sensor on the TV remote

The IR blaster act as the communication cell between the TV and the remote. If you have damaged the IR blaster on your remote, you cannot fix it by yourself. Changing the remote is the only solution to fix this issue. You can check the working condition of the IR blaster by following the methods mentioned below.

To Check the Working Condition of the IR Blaster

1: Launch the Camera app on your smartphone.

2: Now, point the camera towards the IR blaster of the remote.

3: Press any button on your TV remote.

4: If you can see the purple light emit from the TV remote from the mobile camera, then your remote is fine.

5: If you can’t see the light emitted on your mobile camera, then replacing or repairing your remote is recommended.

LG Magic Remote Issues

Other than the technical faults, your LG TV remote might not respond to your actions because of default remote issues. You can follow the troubleshooting methods below to fix the remote issue.


  • Expired batteries
  • IR blaster covered with dust


You can fix it by changing the batteries on the remote and by cleaning the IR blaster.

1. Change the Batteries

Batteries are the key factor in the remote which helps to provide power to the remote. If the batteries on your remote have expired or work in a weak condition, the remote may not respond to your actions properly.

When your LG Smart TV remote is not working properly, the first and foremost thing you should do is change the batteries on the remote. By changing the battery on the remote you can fix the problem of the LG TV remote not working. Follow the steps to change the remote batteries on the LG TV.

1: Take the remote in your hand and open the battery cap on the remote.

2: Now, replace the old batteries with new ones.

Replace batteries to fix your LG Smart TV remote not working error

3: Make sure to place the battery in the correct position as negative in and positive in +.

4: Finally, close the battery cap and try pressing any buttons. If the remote respond to your actions, then the problem is with the batteries on the remote.

2. Remove obstacles

The LG Magic remote works only with the traditional infrared signal and does not work with the WiFi connection. Since it is using the infrared signal, you need to operate the remote in the clear path. If there is a hindrance in the path between the TV and the remote signal, your TV may not respond to your actions properly. Always ensure to operate the remote in a clear path.

3. Remove the Dust and Dirt particles from the Remote

All the remotes are manufactured with plastic and rubber material which observes dust and dirt particles easily. If the dust particles are settled in between the buttons of the remote, it will not allow the remote to work properly. To remove this, you can use the clear and soft fabric clean the remote. Also, ensure to clean the IR blaster on the remote.

Alternative Fixes

If the above-mentioned methods fail to fix your remote not working problem, you can use the alternative ways mentioned below to fix the problem.

Use a Universal remote

Use a Universal remote

If you have found the problem is with the remote, you can buy a new remote to control the TV. Instead of buying a brand-new LG remote, you can try the universal remote to control the TV. The universal remote helps you to control your TV and other electronic products in your home. If you have decided to buy a universal remote ensure to program the universal remote with the LG TV remote codes.

Additional Tip: You can buy the best universal remote for LG TV to control the TV when the remote isn’t working.

Use the LG ThinQ App

If you are not interested in buying a brand new remote you can download the LG ThinQ app on your mobile to control the LG smart TV via mobile app.

1: On your Smartphone, install the LG ThinQ app using the Play Store or App Store.

2: Connect your mobile and TV to the same WiFi connection.

3: Launch the LG ThinQ app and log in with your LG TV account.

4: Select + Add device button on the home screen of the app.

Click on + Add devices option

5: Click on the Select device option on the next page.

Click on Select Device option

6: Select the TV option from the current screen and choose your LG TV from the nearby devices.

7: Now, your TV will display a passcode. Enter the passcode into the app and pair your TV with your mobile.

8: After pairing your TV with the LG ThinQ app you can use the app as the temporary remote.

Buy a New LG Remote

If the above steps failed, and you don’t want to use a universal remote or the LG ThinQ app, then you can buy a brand new remote for your LG smart TV to fix the problem of the LG TV remote not working.


Why is LG TV remote not working and showing red light?

It means the battery of the remote is low.

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