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LG TV Keeps Turning Off

LG Smart TV Keeps Turning Off: Causes & Fixes

If the LG TV keeps turning off, you will feel annoyed if the reason is unknown. It happens if you turn on the Sleep Timer feature, corrupted cache, lack of power supply, etc. Sometimes, it can caused by technical glitches in the LG TV. These problems are rectifiable by diagnostic methods, so you don’t need to worry at all.

In this article, you will learn why the LG TV keeps switching off and workarounds to prevent the issue from happening again.

Why is My LG Smart TV Keeps Turning Off

Here are some of the reasons that will turn off the LG TV without knowing.

  • LG TV power cable is damaged or not connected firmly
  • A defective wall socket results in a lack of power supply
  • Sleep Timer feature is enabled on the TV
  • The built-in web browser on the LG TV contains a corrupted cache
  • Because of outdated firmware, it may run into problems
  • Due to overheating, the LG TV may get turned off by itself

How to Fix If LG Smart TV Keeps Turning Off

The following are the troubleshooting measures you need to follow to fix if your LG Smart TV keeps turning off.

Turn Off Sleep Timer

The first thing you have to check is the Sleep Timer on the LG TV. You have turned on the Sleep Timer and forgot to turn it off. It might be why your LG TV automatically turns itself off every 2 hours. So, go to Settings on your TV and check whether you have enabled the sleep timer.

1. Visit Settings on the LG Smart TV.

2. Hit the General tab.

3. Navigate to System and choose the Time & Timer option.

Select Time & Timer

4. Select the Timers option and turn off the Sleep Timer.

Turn off Sleep Timer

Note: It is recommended to turn off the Power Off Timer on LG TV using the same settings.

Check Power Supply

Make your LG TV didn’t receive enough power supply. In rare cases, these types of issues will occur at our home. Because of this issue, our LG Smart TV will not turn off properly and keeps turning off itself. Actually, we can’t control the power supply issues at our home. So, you must wait until the issue gets sorted out from the technical end.

Turn Off LG Smart TV

Your LG TV might have overheated. That’s why it keeps turning off every 5 seconds. Turn off your LG TV and unplug the power cord to fix this issue. After that, wait 30 minutes to let your LG Smart TV cool down. Later, turn on your LG Smart TV and check if the issue persists. If the issue with your LG Smart TV is not fixed, move to the next troubleshooting method.

Disable Quick Start+

Sometimes, the issue might be due to the Quick Start+ feature. Hence, you should disable this feature and check whether it resolves the issue.

Go to SettingsAll SettingsGeneralQuick Start+ → Turn OFF.

Disable HDMI CEC

We recommend users turn off the HDMI-CEC feature on the LG TV. This function is called Simplink on LG TV. If enabled, it will pave the way for other devices to send wrong signals to the LG TV, resulting in a continuous power cycle.

Go to Settings → All Settings Simplink (HDMI-CEC) → Turn OFF.

Clear Cache on LG TV

There may be tons of cache stored on your LG Smart TV, which may be why your TV keeps turning off. To fix this issue, you must immediately clear the cache on the LG TV. For that, close the apps running in the background while your TV is turned on and restart it. This will clear all the cache on your LG TV.

To clear the browser cache, open the web browser on the LG TV → Go to Settings → Select Clear Browsing Data → Click OK.

Update LG Smart TV

Maybe your LG Smart TV is running on an outdated version. Due to this issue, your LG Smart TV may be turning off every 4 hours. You can update the LG Smart TV to the latest version to fix the issue. This method is tricky as your LG TV needs to be turned on to perform this function.

To update LG TV, go to Settings > General > About This TV > Check for Updates. The update will be done in a couple of minutes based on your internet connection speed.

Click Check for updates

Reset LG Smart TV

The process to factory reset the LG TV is quick. But you must do this immediately once your LG TV gets turned on. Once you reset your LG TV, all the settings you saved on your LG TV will revert to their default. All the apps and data stored on your LG Smart TV will be removed. Once you finish this process, check whether the LG TV keeps turning off.

To reset LG TV, go to Settings > General > System > Reset to Initial Settings.

Note: If you don’t have a remote to control your TV, you can reset the LG Smart TV without a remote.

Reset LG TV to prevent the LG TV from keeps turning off

Remove External Devices Connected to Your TV

External devices like Firestick, Xbox, and speakers can also be the culprit. This is why your LG TV turns off itself and won’t turn back on. Remotes’ of those devices might send a signal to turn off the TV due to HDMI-CEC configuration. So, you shall disconnect the unused external devices from the LG TV.

Contact Customer Support

If all the methods don’t work, you can contact the Customer Support of LG Smart TV to fix the issues with your TV. The expert team will guide you to fix the issue. Even though we contacted customer support and got the working fixes, you can still try it.

If you still haven’t found the fix for your LG Smart TV, repair it. Otherwise, you need to buy a new LG Smart TV. If you want to play games on your LG TV, don’t forget to check our suggestions on the best LG TV for gaming.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my LG TV keep turning off every 5 seconds?

It occurs if you enable the Power Off Timer.

How do I fix it if LG TV keeps turning off Netflix?

Update the LG TV and the Netflix app to the latest version.

Why does my LG Plasma TV keep turning off?

It happens if your LG Plasma TV is overheating. It also occurs if the TV fails to receive sufficient power from the source.

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