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Causes & Fixes for LG Smart TV Error Code 137 in YouTube

Basically, error codes on smart TVs indicate that the TV has encountered an error while attempting a certain function. It is possible to see the error code 137 on your LG smart TV when you try to launch the YouTube app. As it is a resolvable issue, you can fix the error code 137 by carrying out some troubleshooting techniques on your LG smart TV.

How to Fix LG Smart TV Error Code 137

Although using LG Smart TV won’t bring in lots of issues, there may be unfortunate issues that will bring in error codes at times. Upon encountering Error Code 137 on LG TV, you indeed need to know the exact cause of it to resolve the issue and thereby stream your favorite channels and content.

YouTube App Won’t Respond

A technical error on the YouTube app leads to error code 137 on your LG smart TV. Once the issue occurs on your device, you can view messages like Ads, and No Videos available on your LG TV screen. Here’s the specific reason and solution for the error code.


  • Poor or unstable internet connection
  • Outdated YouTube app
  • Temporary bugs


Try out the below fixes if your YouTube app isn’t responding to your command or displaying error code 137.

Check the Internet Connection

Initially, check your WIFI connectivity on LG TV and find if it works properly. Because the YouTube app won’t respond properly if there’s a poor or unstable WiFi connection.

[1] To check the speed of your WiFi network, perform a speed test on your LG TV or any other device and make sure the download speed is above 5Mbps.

[2] Instead of a wireless connection, you can use a wired ethernet cable to connect the WiFi router and your LG smart TV for a stable performance.

Use ethernet cable to fix error code 137 on LG smart TV

[3] You can also reset your WiFi router by unplugging the cable from the outlet and plugging it back.

Note: It is possible to connect LG TV to WIFI without a remote controller if the physical remote has been damaged or not working.

Update YouTube App

If your YouTube app is outdated, it can cause some issues on your LG TV and leads to error code 137. So, update the YouTube app to its latest version to bypass the error.

[1] Turn on your LG smart TV and press the Home button on your remote control.

[2] Open the LG Content Store.

[3] From there, choose Apps and navigate to the My Apps section.

[4] Locate the YouTube app from the list and check for updates.

[5] If there’s any pending update available, click Update and start updating the app.

Update YouTube app to fix error code 137 on LG smart TV

Check if this has resolved error code 137 on your LG TV. If not, proceed with the below fix.

Uninstall & Re-Install YouTube App

If the YouTube app is affected by temporary bugs, it may display the error code. So, you can uninstall the YouTube app and re-install it from LG Content Store.

[1] Press the Home/Smart button on your LG remote, scroll to the right end and select YouTube from the list.

Choose YouTube

[2] Then, select the app and click Options.

[3] Then, click Uninstall and hit OK to confirm.

[4] Once uninstalled, navigate to LG Content Store and install YouTube on LG smart TV.

[5] Once installed, open and app and sign in to your account, and enjoy the content.

An Issue with the LG TV

If the issue is not with the YouTube app, then your LG TV is the culprit. Apart from the specified techniques, you can also follow some general troubleshooting methods to solve the issue on the YouTube app.


  • Bugs and glitches
  • Cache memory full
  • Outdated firmware on the TV


Sometimes the device settings may cause the error code 137 on the TV, which can be resolved by carrying out the below fixes.

Power Cycle LG Smart TV

Initially, you can perform a basic power cycling method to eliminate all the bugs and glitches.

[1] Turn off your LG smart TV and remove all the cables from the HDMI port.

[2] Then, unplug the power cord from the wall outlet.

unplug the power cord from wall outlet

[3] Wait for at least 5 minutes.

[4] After that, connect all the cables to the HDMI port and the power cord to the wall outlet.

[5] Finally, turn on your LG smart TV and check whether the issue is solved.

Clear Cache on Your LG Smart TV

Cached content can take up more space on your device, so it may affect the performance of YouTube and cause the error code. Besides, clear the cache files on your LG smart TV to eradicate the error.

[1] Press the Home button and select the Web browser option from the menu.

[2] Select the Menu (three-horizontal line icon) at the top-right of the screen.

[3] From the menu, choose Settings.

[4] Under Settings, choose your browser and click Clear Browsing Data.

Click Ok to clear browsing cache

[5] Hit OK to clear the browser cache on your LG smart TV.

Update LG TVs Firmware

Sometimes outdated LGs firmware also causes the issue. You can update the LG TVs firmware to its latest version to solve the error.

[1] Open the Settings page on your LG TV and click All Settings.

[2] From there, click General and choose the About This TV option.

Click About This TV

[3] Now, click Check for Updates.

Select Check for Updates

[4] If any updates are available, click Yes to proceed with the update.

Reset LG Smart TV

At last, you can try to reset your LG TV to fix the issue.

[1] Press the Home button on the remote and select Settings.

[2] Scroll down and select General.

[3] Under the General menu, navigate to Reset to Initial Settings and select it.

Hit Reset to Initial Settings

[4] Click Reset All Settings and hit OK to confirm the reset.

Note: Remember that a factory reset will erase all the data and settings stored on your device and revert to its default settings.

Contact LG Support

Finally, when none of the above-mentioned troubleshooting techniques aids you in fixing the error code 137 on your LG smart TV, try to contact LG Support for aid. The support team will guide you to solve any error regarding LG TV. Meanwhile, if your LG TV is under warranty, you can use it to claim a new one.

Frequently Asked Question

Why does my LG TV keep saying invalid format?

It means the output device’s resolution is in an invalid format. You can change the device’s resolution to a valid format to fix the error.

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