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How to Fix LG Smart TV Error Code 106

Causes & Fixes of LG Smart TV Error Code 106

Error code 106 is a common problem that occurs in LG Smart TV indicating the connectivity issue. Specifically, LG TV Error code 106 appears due to an unstable internet connection. If that’s the case, it will display an error message on LG TV, “Network not connected, Check the status of the network connection”. However, you don’t require any technical skills to fix it. Instead, the user itself shall carry out some general troubleshooting methods to get rid of this error.

Due to the internet connectivity issue, your LG TV may be buffering so that your entertainment experience will be ruined. As an immediate solution, we suggest users connect the LG TV to the wired internet connection.

How to Fix Error Code 106 on LG Smart TV

As mentioned above, error code 106 appears as a result of an unstable internet connection. You can fix the error code 106 on your LG TV with the methods mentioned below.

Common Fixes for Error Code 106

The error code 106 can be fixed easily with common troubleshooting methods. You don’t require any special methods to eliminate the error code 106.


  • Poor and unstable internet connection
  • Mismatched DNS address
  • Mismatched MAC address


You can fix the error code 106 on your LG smart TV by changing the DNS, power cycling the router and TV, changing the date on the TV, and more.

1. Change DNS Address on LG TV

Changing the DNS address on your LG Smart TV will fix the network connectivity issue that causes the error code 106.

1: Turn on your TV and select the Settings option.

2: Choose Network on the left pane and select the WiFi connection option.

3: Now, click the option Advanced Settings.

4: Tap the Edit button under the details of the WiFi network.

Click Edit button

5: Uncheck the Set Automatically check box and change the DNS address to and click Connect button.

Click Connect and Fix Error code 106 on LG Smart TV

After changing the DNS address, try connecting your Smart TV to the WiFi network.

2. Add TV’s MAC Address to Router’s Whitelist

If you have restricted the router connection only to the device that you have added to the wishlist, you should add your LG TV MAC address to the whitelist of the WiFi router. Follow the steps mentioned to add your TV to the WiFi router.

1: Log in to your Routers control panel.

2: In the control panel, go to Advanced Settings.

3: Now select the Whitelist option and click Add MAC address.

4: Enter your TV’s MAC address and save it.

Note: To find your LG TV MAC address, select Settings → Option → Network → WiFi Connection → Advanced WiFi Settings. Now you can see the MAC Address displayed on your TV screen.

5: After saving the MAC address, try connecting the TV to the internet connection.

3. Power Cycle LG TV

If your TV goes into any error code or not working issue, you can power cycle the TV to eliminate the temporary bugs that cause the issue.

1: Turn off your TV and plug out the power cables of your TV from the power socket.

2: Now, let your TV idle for 3-5 minutes.

3: Plug back the power cable into the power socket and turn on your TV.

4: After power cycling, connect your LG TV to the WiFi to check whether the fix has worked or not.

Remove the power cable from the TV

4. Power Cycle WiFi Router

If the problem is with your WiFi router signal strength, then power cycling the router will fix the issue.

1: Turn off the router and remove the power connection from the power outlet.

2: Wait for 3-5 minutes.

3: Plug the power cable into the power socket and turn on the power switch and router.

4: Now, the internet speed might have been increased on your WiFi router.

Check the internet connection

5. Reconnect TV to WiFi

If you have entered your WiFi password wrongly or a technical glitch in the connection, it might cause error code 106 on your TV. In that case, a simple reconnect will solve the issues on your TV.

1: Turn on your TV and press the Settings button on your magic remote.

2: Select the All Settings option from the home screen.

3: Under settings, click on the Network tab and select the WiFi connection option.

Click on WiFi connection button

4: Click on your connected network and select the Forget the Network option.

5: Wait for a minute and connect back to your WiFi by entering the password.

6: Now check whether your TV is receiving internet or not.

6. Update Date & Time on LG TV

1: Turn on your TV and go to Settings.

2: Select the General option from the left panel and click the Time & Date option.

3: Check the Set Automatically box. Now your TV will automatically update to the current timings.

Check Set Automatically check box to fix error code 106 on LG TV

4: Get back to the General tab and click on the Location option.

5: In the zip code area, change your Zip code if it’s wrong and update your region details.

After changing the Date, Time, and Region of your TV, try connecting your TV back to the internet.

7. Connect LG TV to Wired Internet

It is best to use a wired internet connection for LG Smart TV to prevent error code 106 from happening again. Follow these steps to do so.

1: Connect one end of the LAN output to the LG TV and the other end to your router.

2: Press the Home button on the remote and go to Settings.

3: Choose Network and select Wired network connection.

Now your LG TV will get high-speed internet. Check now whether the error code 106 is still appearing or not.

8. Contact Customer Support

If your TV is not connecting to your WiFi network wirelessly, you can use the ethernet cable to provide the internet connection. Still, if the network is unstable, you can visit the LG Support webpage to fix the problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is LG TV error code 105?

LG TV Error code 105 is also an internet connectivity problem.

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