LG TV Remote Cursor Not Working

LG Magic Remote Cursor Not Working? Here’s How to Fix

You can use the LG Magic Remote’s cursor to select functions, hover over the skip option, scroll through web pages, etc. If the cursor on the LG Magic Remote does not work, it is because of an issue with the remote or the LG TV itself. In this article, we have explained why the cursor is not working and provided some do-it-yourself tricks to fix the issue.

Reasons for LG Magic Remote Cursor Not Working

The cursor is gone for a whileReplace the batteries
The pointer doesn’t appear on the TVShake the remote
The pointer is not turning off on the TVPress the Scroll wheel or arrow buttons
The cursor is not responding to gesturesClear the interference
The cursor is not working with new batteriesUpdate the LG TV firmware
Reset the LG TV remote

How to Fix LG Magic Remote Cursor Not Working

If the LG Magic Remote cursor is not showing on the TV, you can follow these workarounds to fix the issue.

Press the Scroll Wheel

If the cursor suddenly disappears, you can make it reappear by scrolling the wheel button up or down on the remote. Optionally, press the Up button on the thumbwheel to bring the pointer back.

Check for Interferences

Ensure there should be no signal blockage while you use the LG Magic Remote. If there is an interference, you won’t be able to control your TV using the LG Magic Remote’s cursor. It is recommended to keep RF-based electronics and other Bluetooth devices a little away from the TV.

Check the IR Emitter

Sometimes, the issue can be with the IR emitter. If the remote cursor fails to appear, you should check the remote to see whether the IR emitter has become faulty. So, you can check whether the IR emitter works using a simple test.

1. Launch the Camera application on your phone.

2. Face the camera towards the IR blaster of the remote.

IR blaster

3. Tap on any button on the remote.

4. The remote is good if you can see any flashlight on the phone screen. Else, you need to buy a new remote control.

Replace the Batteries

Maybe the batteries on your LG TV remote are weak, so the remote cursor won’t appear. To fix the issue, remove the old batteries from the remote and replace them with newer ones. Check if the LG Magic Remote works without problems.

Shake LG Magic Remote

Many users have reported that the cursor is not appearing on their LG TVs. If you get this problem, shake the LG Magic Remote to the right and left and press the Home button. If you don’t see the cursor, your remote might have an issue.

The pointer will instantly appear on some LG TVs when you press the Wheel button. If the LG Magic Remote wheel is not working, it indicates that the remote is defective.

Change the Cursor Speed

If the movement speed is very fast on the LG Magic Remote, you may have difficulties using the cursor. You can change the pointer speed to fix the issue.

1. Press Home on the LG TV remote and go to Settings.

2. Select Option, choose Pointer, and select Speed.

3. Set the movement speed of your preference.

Reset the LG Magic Remote

If the LG Magic Remote cursor doesn’t appear after changing batteries, you can reset the LG TV remote to fix the issue.

  • Hit the Home + Settings button on your remote simultaneously. This will unpair your magic remote.
  • Once you receive a prompt about de-registration, press the Wheel button on your remote to repair it.
Reset LG magic remote

Power Cycle LG TV

If you face temporary bugs or software issues on the TV or Magic remote, you can fix the issue with the power cycle method.

1. Power off the TV with a physical button and unplug the power cable from the socket.

Unplug the power cord

2. Keep it unplugged and wait for 3-5 minutes.

3. Next, plug in the power cable and switch on your TV.

4. Check if the LG TV remote is responding and the cursor works fine.

Power Cycle LG Magic Remote

Power cycling resolves the LG Magic Remote not pairing issue and makes the remote cursor appear.

1. At first, eject the batteries from the remote.

LG Magic Remote Cursor Not Working: remove the batteries

2. Then, wait for a few minutes.

3. Insert the batteries into the remote and close the battery door.

4. After a minute, pair the remote with your TV. Later, check if the remote is LG TV remote is working.

Update LG TV Firmware

There can be bugs on your LG TV, which can be one reason your magic remote’s cursor is not responding. You should update the LG Smart TV to the latest version to fix this. Here are the simple steps to do the same:

Go to Settings > All Settings Support > Software Update Check for Updates. The LG TV will take some time to update the firmware based on your internet speed.

Check for the updates

Check for Internal Damage

If none of the techniques work, you should check whether the remote has physical damage or if dirt has penetrated within the remote. Disassemble the remote and clean the remote’s buttons using Isopropyl alcohol. If there is damage to a circuit board, visit the LG service center and get it fixed.

Contact LG Customer Support

If the troubleshooting methods discussed in this article don’t fix the issue, you can finally contact LG Customer Support. You can contact them either by phone or chat. They will guide you in fixing any remote problems even if your LG Magic Remote fails to pair with your TV.

Other Ways to Control LG TV

If the LG Magic Remote cursor is not working anymore, you can try these ways to control your LG TV easily.

Buy a New Remote

If the remote control has been broken due to physical damage, you can buy a new LG Magic Remote. In case you feel the original remote is pricey, buy a universal remote. If you have more than one TV, we recommend you buy a universal remote, which lets you control multiple LG TVs with one remote.

Use the LG ThinQ App

If you don’t want to buy a remote, try the LG ThinQ app as a virtual remote. This app features a D-pad and touchpad control. So, you use this remote app to navigate to settings, scroll through the apps, surf the web, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my LG Magic Remote power light stay on?

It is an indication that the remote batteries are drained.

Does the LG Magic Remote require Bluetooth to pair with the LG TV?

Yes. LG Magic Remote requires Bluetooth to pair with a webOS TV.

Is there any alternative way to control LG TV without a remote?

Yes. You can use the remote app or physical buttons to control LG TV without a remote.

Why is my LG Magic Remote OK button not working?

Signal interference and discharged batteries are the main reasons for this issue.

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