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LG Channels 3.0

LG Channels 3.0 Has New UI to Improve User Experience

LG Electronics has launched LG Channels 3.0, the revamped version of LG Channels. They have changed the user interface and made it much easier to browse the platform. It offers a dedicated channel guide for users to explore content based on their interests.

LG Channels 3.0 has been rolled out in South Korea and the US, and it has over 1600 apps right now. Out of that, LG Channels is the most sought-after application on LG Smart TV worldwide. It has drastically grown over a few years since it offers news, movies, series, and sports channels in one place for free.

What’s New in LG Channels 3.0 Developers Upgrade

LG Channels 3.0 will have a new UI in these three sections – Home, Live, and On Demand. This will help users access the desired pages in an organized way.


The home screen features a large rotating carousel at the top, making it more convenient to surf the application. Thus, you can easily access featured channels, curated collections, and premium on-demand titles.

LG Channels 3.0


This is the page where you can stream live broadcast channels in the LG Channels app. The advantage is if you click on a new channel guide, it will cover only half of the screen now. Therefore, you can see clearly what’s on and choose what to watch next based on your preference.


The On Demand section lets you choose your desired media content like movies, TV shows, etc. Additionally, you will receive notifications from the Popular Now section, which will help you know the trending titles frequently.

LG Channels is accessible in 27 countries in the world. You can install LG Channels on your LG TV (2016-present) models by visiting the LG Content Store.

LG Channels Supported Countries

US, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Belgium, Austria, Finland, Denmark, Germany, France, Italy, Ireland, Norway, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Korea, Australia and Japan.

LG Channels is also available on iOS and Android. However, the content will vary for each region.

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