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Hulu not working on LG TV

Hulu Not Working on LG Smart TV: Issues & Fixes

Hulu is a widely popular streaming service comprised of a huge library of on-demand movies and TV shows. While Hulu works perfectly for many LG users, some users may find issues when streaming Hulu content on their LG Smart TV. Whether it’s a loading issue, an error message display, or the app crashing issue, it will always ruin the experience of streaming your favorite content on LG TV. So, anyone should know the troubleshooting techniques to get rid of Hulu not working on the LG Smart TV issue.

How to Fix Hulu Not Working on LG TV

The most common reasons for Hulu not working on LG TV that you will face when you try to access the Hulu application on LG Smart TV are given below.

Hulu Content Buffering on LG TV

The video starts to buffer majorly due to the internet connectivity issue. Here are the top reason to get buffering circle while streaming Hulu on LG TV


  • Weak internet connectivity
  • Hulu server busy
  • Router/WIFI issue


If you are paying for the internet service regularly, then internet issues can be fixed by undergoing a few troubleshooting methods.

1. Power Cycle the WIFI/Internet Router

(1) Unplug the WIFI Router power cable from the socket and wait for a few minutes.

Unplug the Wi-fi Router power cable

(2) Replug it again and connect it to the LG Smart TV.

(3) Check the speed of the internet with any internet speed test App on your LG Smart TV.

(4) If the speed is more than 5 megabits per second, then launch Hulu and start streaming the Hulu content.

Speed test your internet connection on LG TV
2. Restart the LG Smart TV

(1) Close all the apps and turn off the LG Smart TV using the magic remote.

(2) Then, remove the power cable of the TV from the power socket.

(3) Wait for a while and replug it on the power socket to boot the smart TV again.

(4) Now, connect your LG Smart TV to the internet via WIFI or ethernet cable and start playing the Hulu content.

3. Hulu Server Busy

This is one of the issues that happen occasionally and prevents you from streaming content on Hulu. While it cannot be completely solved by the user, some actions can be taken by raising the issue with Hulu customer service. You can let them know by posting a comment on the Hulu official community page.

4. Modify the DNS on LG TV

Modifying the DNS is another possible way to increase the speed of the internet and also provides additional security while streaming content on LG TV. Here is how you can modify the Domain Name System on your LG TV.

(1) Press the Settings button on your LG TV remote.

(2) Go down the list until you get to Network.

(3) To change the DNS settings on your Wi-fi Connection, click on the WIFI connection option.

(4) Now, click the Other Network option from the list of available Wi-fi Networks.

(5) Then, Navigate to Advanced WIFI Settings to find your IP Address along with DNS SERVER.

Change the DNS server

(6) Scroll down to the bottom and click Edit and untick the Set Automatically option

(7) Now, change the DNS SERVER to

Hulu Keep Crashing While Streaming

When launching the Hulu App on your LG smart TV, you might have gone through the force-stop issue or App Crashing issue. We have listed some reasons for this problem below.


  • Outdated App
  • Outdated Hardware
  • Cache and data overload
  • Other App conflicts


Here is the list of possible solutions for the force-stop issue of the Hulu App on the LG Smart TV.

1. Update Hulu App

Updating the Hulu app to its latest version is essential. Some minor updates will not affect you by any means, but in case of any major updates given by the Hulu application leads to a lack of new features, and that might trouble you with force-stop issues and other issues on your LG TV. So it is always recommended to enable the automatic update. If you do not want the auto-update option, follow the steps below to manually update the app on LG TV.

(1) Press the Home button and click the Apps tile.

(2) Click the Search icon and search for the Hulu app.

(3) Open the Hulu App description page and click the Update button.

(4) After a few minutes, the Hulu App will be updated.

(5) Now, select Open to launch the app and check whether the app is running properly or not.

2. Clear the App Cache

Clearing the cache date of any Application is important to get a smooth experience, especially when you are using low-RAM Smart TVs. Follow the steps below to clear the cache on LG TV.

(1) Press the Settings button and navigate to the Application Manager option.

(2) You can see the list of installed or preloaded apps on your LG TV.

(3) Select the Hulu app from the list and hit Clear Cache.

(4) Now, launch the Hulu app and start streaming your favorite content.

3. Uninstall 3rd Party Apps

If you have installed 3rd party apps or software on your LG TV, that could cause conflict with the Hulu app or interfere with the functionality. So, uninstall the 3rd party app and then launch the Hulu app to check whether the app is working or not.

Hulu Not Opening on LG TV

Let’s say you have updated your Hulu app to the latest version by following the previous method, and the app is not even opening. If this is what your scenario is, then you need to update your LG TV firmware to the latest. Apart from that, check out the list below for more Hulu apps not-opening issues.


  • Outdated TV firmware
  • Geo- Restriction issue
  • Subscription-based issue


We have listed all the possible solutions for the Hulu app not responding or opening on the LG Smart TV.

1. Update the LG TV Firmware

Sometimes the outdated LG TV might prevent Hulu from working without any issues. This is because the latest version of Hulu does not support the older version of LG TV Firmware. Follow the steps below to update the LG TV firmware to its latest version.

Update LG TV [5.0, 6.0, 22, and newer versions]

(1) Press the Settings button on your LG TV remote.

(2) Choose All Settings and hit on Support.

(3) Click Software Update and select Check for Updates.

(4) Now, download and Install the available update on your LG TV.

(5) After the update is installed, your LG TV will be rebooted automatically.

Update LG TV [WebOS 4.0, 4.5, 3.5, and older versions]

(1) Hit the Settings icon on your LG TV magic remote

(2) Click on All Settings and navigate to General.

(3) Select About this TV and select Check for Updates.

(4) Download and install the update on your LG TV.

2. Enable VPN

Hulu is available only inside the United States region. If you have tried to access the Hulu application outside the service zone, then you will be restricted from streaming the content on Hulu. This problem can only be solved by enabling VPN on your LG TV.

3. Reinstall Hulu

If you are still getting issues with the latest version of the Hulu app on your updated LG TV, then simply uninstall the app on LG TV and reinstall it again. Once the possess is finished, then launch the Hulu app and log in to your subscription account to stream the Hulu content.

Uninstall Hulu

(1) Press the Home button on your LG TV remote.

(2) Scroll right on the Apps section until you reach the Edit App list.

(3) Press the OK button and go to Edit Mode.

(4) Choose the Hulu app and click the Delete icon at the top.

Reinstall Hulu

(1) Click the Home button and select the LG content Store tile.

(2) Select the Search icon and type Hulu using the on-screen keyboard.

(3) Go to the App description and click the Install button.

(4) Now, the Hulu app will be downloaded and installed on your LG TV.

4. Update Time & Region Settings

Sometimes false Time & Date and location setting on your LG TV may also lead to cause issues while running the Hulu application. However, you can fix this with a few simple steps.

(1) Press the Home button and click the Settings icon.

(2) Select All Settings and choose the GENERAL option.

(3) Select the Location option under GENERAL and enter your zip code.

(4) Then, change the Time & Date to Auto.

That’s it, now launch the Hulu app and check whether it is working or not.

Black Screen Issue on Hulu

The black Screen issue is one of the most common issues on Hulu. When you get a Black screen issue while watching content on Hulu you will be shown the error message “Sorry, the video player failed to load. (Error Code: 101102) on your LG TV screen.


  • Subscription invalid while streaming
  • Simultaneous Streaming
  • Internet interruption


If you are experiencing a Black screen error on your LG TV while streaming Hulu, then check out the solutions given below.

1. Log Out and Log In

If you are getting a black screen issue while streaming Hulu content, check whether your ongoing subscription is still valid or not and check if you have received any Emails or messages from Hulu customer service. If nothing goes your way, then log out and log in to the Hulu account.

2. Check for Subscription Related Issue

If there is any issue with your Hulu account, such as a subscription problem or account problem, that also prevents you from accessing the Hulu content. Encounter the steps below to solve those issues

  • Verify your Hulu Subscription and billing information
  • Reset your Password
  • Contact Hulu customer support to resolve any account-related issues
3. Factory Reset LG TV

If none of the above fixes helped you to solve the black screen issue, the only option left was resetting the LG TV. Remember doing Factory Reset leads you to lose all the data and installed applications on your LG Smart TV. You cannot undo this process. To reset your LG TV,

(1) Press the Setting icon on your LG Smart TV remote.

(2) Select the All Settings menu and choose the General option.

(3) Select the Reset to Initial Settings option and click OK.

Reset your LG Smart TV

(4) Click OK again to confirm the factory reset.

Contact Support

For further support from LG customer service, you can visit the support center of the LG TV. Alternatively, you can also contact 1800 315 9999 to place any query.

That’s how you can identify and resolve the Hulu not working on LG Smart TV issue. With this, you will be able to watch your favorite live TV and on-demand titles effortlessly.

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