Liga MX on LG TV

How to Watch Liga MX 2023 on LG Smart TV

Let’s hope that the ongoing Apertura 2023 tournament would be the same rip-roaring one as the Torneo Clausura. But where and how to watch Liga MX on LG TV? You can stream Liga MX live events using Univision, Telemundo, ESPN, and Fox Sports on LG TV.

Although Liga MX has a dedicated app, it won’t live stream events but only gives updates on scores and news. So, you can download Fox Sports on your LG TV from Content Store to watch the Liga MX matches.

Also, you can cast or AirPlay Liga MX from ESPN and TUDN mobile app on your Android or iOS. Alternatively, you can watch Liga MX using streaming services such as Sling TV, fuboTV, and Vidgo.

How to Stream Liga MX on LG Smart TV

Here are the direct ways to stream Liga MX on your LG TV

How to Stream Liga MX on LG TV from Fox Sports

1. Connect your LG TV to a WiFi network once you turn it on.

2. Open the LG Content Store and search for the Fox Sports app.

3. Click Get or Download on the Fox Sports app when you see it in the search results.

4. Launch the app on your LG TV.

5. Log in to your existing account or Subscribe to create a new account.

Start watching Liga MX soccer matches live on your LG TV.

How to Cast Liga MX on LG TV

ESPN is another Liga MX broadcasting channel where you can stream all the league matches. But, ESPN is currently unavailable in LG Content Store to install on your LG TV. So, as a wise choice, you can cast the Liga MX live events from ESPN mobile app to stream on TV.

1. Connect your Android device and the LG TV to the same WiFi network.

2. Install the ESPN app on your Android device from the Google Play Store.

Liga MX on LG TV - Install Fox Sports

Note: Are you an American or European install Tudn from Play Store or App Store to live stream Liga MX.

3. Log in to your existing account or subscribe to its base plan for $9.99/month.

4. Search and find the Liga MX broadcast.

5. Start the live and tap on the Chromecast icon in the media player or the app.

Liga MX on LG TV - Click on Chromecast icon

6. Choose your Chromecast built-in LG TV or the Chromecast device connected to your LG TV.

Start streaming Liga MX live matches on your LG TV.

How to AirPlay Liga MX on LG TV

Before that ensure that you have LG TV models (2018 and above) running webOS 4.0 or higher. If yes, enable AirPlay on LG TV to get started.

1. Connect your iPhone/iPad and the LG TV to the same WiFi network.

2. Install the ESPN app on your iOS device from the App Store.

3. Open the ESPN app and Sign in with your existing account credentials or Subscribe as a new customer.

4. Start the Liga MX live event on the ESPN app on your iOS device.

5. Swipe down on your iOS device to open the Control Center.

6. Click on the Screen Mirroring option and choose your LG TV.

Liga MX on LG TV - Select Screen Mirroring

Now, your Liga MX playing on your iOS device will be mirrored on your TV.

How to Watch Liga MX on LG TV Without Cable

You can stream every Liga MX live match using the following streaming services on your LG TV without cable. These services include all the broadcasting channels that stream Liga MX. In addition to live sports, you can watch movies and shows.

fubo TV

fubo TV

fuboTV on LG TV is one of the most popular streaming services which includes Liga MX broadcasting channels like TUDN, ESPN, and Fox Sports. It also holds other sports channels like NBA, beIN Sports, etc. Get 130+ channels on the fubo TV Pro plan for $74.99/mo. Also, it offers you a 7-day free trial to test its service.

Sling TV

Sling TV

You can get Sling Blue for $40/mo which is sports-friendly that carries Fox Sports and NFL Network in its channel line-ups. Otherwise, you can get Sling Orange for $40/mo which has ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPN3. We suggest you get both Sling Blue & Orange at a fair price of $55/mo to get access to multiple channels. Install Sling TV on LG TV to live stream all your favorite matches.



Another streaming service to watch Liga MX at a reasonable price is Vidgo. It includes ESPN channels and Fox Sports network to stream Liga MX live matches on your TV. Its Plus package provides you with 100+ channels out of which 20 channels are purely curated to sports at $69.99/mo.

2023 Liga MX Apertura Schedule

The table consists of the detailed schedule of the 17 matches of the Apertura Liga MX Soccer League.

Matchday 2 of 17

July 7Puebla vs Santos Laguna9:00 PM
July 7Necaxa vs Club Tijuana11:00 PM
July 8Cruz Azul vs Toluca7:50 PM
July 8Guadalajara vs San Luis8:00 PM
July 8Juarez vs Tigres UANL8:00 PM
July 9Pumas UNAM vs Mazatlan2:00 PM
July 9Queretaro vs Club America7:06 PM
July 9Monterrey vs Atlas9:00 PM
July 10Leon vs Pachuca10:00 PM

Matchday 3 of 17

July 13Santos Laguna vs Atlas9:05 PM
July 13Guadalajara vs Necaxa11:00 PM
July 14Mazatlan vs Monterrey9:00 PM
July 14Club Tijuana vs Cruz Azul11:00 PM
July 15San Luis vs Queretaro7:00 PM
July 15Club America vs Puebla9:00 PM
July 15Tigres UANL vs Leon11:05 PM
July 16Toluca vs Juarez2:00 PM
July 16Pachuca vs Pumas UNAM9:00 PM

Note: Matchdays 4 and 5 were postponed, new dates will be announced later.

Matchday 6 of 17

Date GameTime
August 25Puebla vs Juarez9:00 PM
August 25Club Tijuana vs Mazatlan11:00 PM
August 26Atlas vs Toluca7:00 PM
August 26Club America vs Leon9:00 PM
August 26 Santos Laguna vs Guadalajara11:00 PM
August 27Necaxa vs Queretaro6:00 PM
August 27Pumas UNAM vs Tigres UANL8:00 PM
August 27Monterrey vs Cruz Azul10:00 PM
August 28Pachuca vs San Luis11:00 PM

Matchday 7 of 17

September 1Juarez vs Mazatlan9:00 PM
September 1 San Luis vs Atlas9:00 PM
September 1 Puebla vs Club Tijuana11:00 PM
September 2 Guadalajara vs Monterrey7:00 PM
September 2 Leon vs Necaxa7:00 PM
September 2 Santos Laguna vs Pumas UNAM9:00 PM
September 2 Tigres UANL vs Queretaro9:00 PM
September 2Cruz Azul vs club America11:00 PM
September 3 Toluca vs Pachuca2:00 PM

Matchday 8 of 17

September 15Mazatlan vs Cruz Azul9:00 PM
September 15Club Tijuana vs Toluca11:00 PM
September 16Club America vs GuadalajaraTBD
September 16Monterrey vs LeonTBD
September 16Necaxa vs Juarez6:00 PM
September 17Pumas UNAM vs San Luis2:00 PM
September 17Queretaro vs Puebla7:00 PM
September 17Atlas vs Tigres UANL9:00 PM
September 18Pachuca vs Santos Laguna11:00 PM

Matchday 9 of 17

September 22Juarez vs Atlas9:00 PM
September 22San Luis vs Mazatlan9:00 PM
September 22Puebla vs Pumas UNAM11:00 PM
September 23Leon vs Club Tijuana9:00 PM
September 23Guadalajara vs Pachuca9:00 PM
September 23Tigres UANL vs Monterrey11:00 PM
September 24Toluca vs Club America2:00 PM
September 24Cruz Azul vs Queretaro6:00 PM
September 24Santos Laguna vs Necaxa10:00 PM

Matchday 10 of 17

September 28Atlas vs Puebla10:00 PM
September 29Queretaro vs Leon9:00 PM
September 29Club Tijuana vs Juarez11:00 PM
September 29Mazatlan vs Tigres UANL11:00 PM
September 30Pachuca vs Necaxa7:00 PM
September 30Monterrey vs Santos Laguna9:00 PM
September 30Club America vs Pumas UNAM11:00 PM
October 1 Toluca vs Guadalajara2:00 PM
October 1 San Luis vs Cruz Azul7:00 PM

Matchday 11 of 17

October 3 Puebla vs Monterrey9:00 PM
October 3Club America vs Pachuca11:00 PM
October 4Necaxa vs Cruz Azul9:00 PM
October 4Pumas UNAM vs Queretaro9:00 PM
October 4Tigres UANL vs Toluca11:00 PM

Matchday 12 of 17

October 6Mazatlan vs Club America11:00 PM
October 7Monterrey vs Juarez7:00 PM
October 7Guadalajara vs Atlas9:00 PM
October 7Pachuca vs Tigres UANL9:00 PM
October 7Cruz Azul vs Pumas UNAM11:00 PM
October 8Toluca vs Queretaro2:00 PM
October 8Necaxa vs Puebla7:00 PM
October 8Santos Laguna vs Leon9:00 PM
October 8Club Tijuana vs San Luis11:00 PM

Matchday 13 of 17

October 20Atlas vs Mazatlan9:00 PM
October 20Juarez vs Pachuca9:00 PM
October 20Puebla vs Guadalajara11:00 PM
October 21Leon vs Toluca7:00 PM
October 21Club America vs Santos Laguna9:00 PM
October 21Tigres UANL vs Cruz Azul11:00 PM
October 22Pumas UNAM vs Monterrey2:00 PM
October 22San Luis vs Necaxa6:00 PM
October 22Queretaro vs Club Tijuana8:00 PM

Matchday 11 of 17

October 24Leon vs Atlas9:00 PM
October 24Guadalajara vs Mazatlan11:00 PM
October 25Santos Laguna vs Club Tijuana9:00 PM
October 25Juarez vs San Luis11:00 PM

Matchday 14 of 17

October 27Necaxa vs Pumas UNAM9:00 PM
October 27Mazatlan vs Queretaro11:00 PM
October 28Cruz Azul vs Leon7:00 PM
October 28Guadalajara vs Tigres UANL9:00 PM
October 28Pachuca vs Puebla9:00 PM
October 28Monterrey vs Club America11:00 PM
October 29Toluca vs San Luis2:00 PM
October 29Santos Laguna vs Juarez9:00 PM
October 29Club Tijuana vs Atlas11:00 PM

Matchday 15 of 17

October 31Queretaro vs Guadalajara9:00 PM
October 31Toluca vs Puebla9:00 PM
October 31Monterrey vs Necaxa11:00 PM
October 31Leon vs Pumas UNAM11:00 PM
November 1Atlas vs Pachuca9:00 PM
November 1Cruz Azul vs Juarez9:00 PM
November 1Mazatlan vs Santos Laguna11:00 PM
November 1San Luis vs Club America11:00 PM
November 1Club Tijuana vs Tigres UANL11:00 PM

Matchday 16 of 17

November 3Puebla vs Leon11:00 PM
November 4Tigres UANL vs San Luis7:00 PM
November 4Club America vs Club Tijuana9:00 PM
November 4Pachuca vs Monterrey11:00 PM
November 4Guadalajara vs Cruz Azul11:00 PM
November 5Pumas UNAM vs Atlas1:00 PM
November 5Necaxa vs Mazatlan5:00 PM
November 5Santos Laguna vs Toluca7:00 PM
November 5Juarez vs Queretaro9:00 PM

Matchday 17 of 17

November 10Atlas vs Necaxa8:00 PM
November 10Mazatlan vs Toluca8:00 PM
November 10Club Tijuana vs Pachuca10:00 PM
November 11San Luis vs Santos Laguna6:00 PM
November 11Queretaro vs Monterrey6:00 PM
November 11Pumas UNAM vs Guadalajara8:00 PM
November 11Tigres UANL vs Club America 10:00 PM
November 12Cruz Azul vs Puebla7:00 PM
November 12Leon vs Juarez9:00 PM


How to watch Liga MX live for free?

You cannot watch Liga MX live for free but you can watch the highlights for free on YouTube.

In which app can I stream Liga MX?

You can watch Liga MX on TUDN, Fox Sports, ESPN, Sling TV, fubo TV, Vidgo, DirecTV Stream, Philo, Hulu + Live TV, and YouTube TV.

Can I watch Liga MX on Peacock TV?

No, you cannot watch Liga MX using Peacock TV on LG TV as it does not have telecasting rights for this tournament.

How to watch Liga MX in English?

You can watch Liga MX English broadcast using Sling TV and ViX on LG TV.

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