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Unlock LG TV from Hotel Mode

How to Unlock LG TV from Hotel Mode [All Possible Ways]

Hotel mode is a preconfigured setting on LG TV that restricts users from changing TV settings or using devices like Firestick, Roku, etc. So if you want to connect a Roku to an LG TV or watch any pre-programmed channels, you should unlock hotel mode first. In this article, you will learn how to disable the hotel mode on LG TV to access all the standard features.

How to Unlock LG TV from Hotel Mode

Here are the different ways that can be used to unlock your TV from Hotel Mode.

  • Power cycle LG TV
  • Using LG TV Remote
  • Using Universal Remote App
  • Reset LG TV

Power Cycle LG TV to Unlock Hotel Mode

Before trying the advanced method, you can power cycle the LG TV, which may help you disable the Hotel Mode.

[1] Switch off your LG TV and remove the TV cord from the wall socket.

[2] Wait for 30-60 seconds and plug the cable back into the power source.

[3] Turn on your LG TV, reconnect the network, and see if the hotel menu got disabled.

If the power cycle does not disable the hotel mode, try the methods below.

Unlock LG TV from Hotel Mode Using LG TV Remote

If the hotel provides the original LG TV remote, you can unlock the Hotel Mode on your LG TV.

[1] Using the TV remote, turn on your LG TV. Make sure that the remote is working fine.

[2] Press and hold the Settings for 5 seconds and enter the passcode: 1105. If this passcode does not work out, try the following passcodes: 0413, 8878, 8741, 0000, 7777.

Press the Settings button

[3] The screen will show up the Hotel Mode Setup.

[4] Now, you can disable the hotel mode feature.

Alternatively, you can use the Menu Settings button on the LG TV to unlock the Hotel Mode. The steps are as follows.

[1] Turn on your TV and press the Menu/Settings button on the remote.

[2] You will see the Setup Menu on the screen. Keep holding the Menu button until the menu disappears.

[3] Then, enter the passcode as 2663 and press the Enter button.

[4] Now, disable the D-Box feature and reboot your LG TV.

[5] Once done, go to the TV menu and see whether the hotel mode feature got disabled.

How to Disable Hotel Mode on LG TV Without Remote

If the hotel room does not provide you with the original LG TV remote, you can use the Universal remote app for LG TV to make the changes.

[1] On your Android or iOS smartphone, open the respective app store and install any IR-based Universal Remote app.

[2] Once installed, launch the app on your smartphone.

[3] Now, turn on your LG TV and tap the INSTART option in the app’s main menu.

[4] Enter the passcode 1150, 0413, or 0000 to access the Installation menu.

[5] Now, go to the TV settings and unlock the Hotel mode.

Reset LG TV to Unlock Hotel Mode

When the above methods do not work out, you shall proceed with the factory reset. Resetting LG TV to the factory default might help you to unlock the hotel mode.

[1] Press the Power button on your LG Smart TV for at least 5 to 10 seconds.

[2] The TV screen will show you the LG TV logo.

[3] Wait for a few seconds for the TV to complete the resetting process.

[4] Once done, go to the TV settings and unlock the Hotel mode.

How to Unlock Hotel Mode on Older Model LG TV

[1] On your remote, keep pressing the Menu button and Television Menu simultaneously.

[2] The TV screen will show the Factory Menu icon.

[3] In the menu, go to the LG Hotel Setup option and toggle it to No.

Toggle it to No to Unlock LG TV from Hotel Mode

[3] Then, select OK.

[4] Press the Menu icon again and turn off your TV.

[5] Now, restart the LG TV to disable the hotel mode.

How to Turn On Hotel Mode on LG TV

If you want to enable the Hotel mode on LG TV, use the following steps.

[1] On the TV remote, press and hold the Home button until the pop-up appears and disappears on the TV screen.

[2] Then, enter the following passcode: 0413, 0000, or 1105.

[3] Now, go to Hotel Mode and turn on the toggle.


How do I get to the settings on my LG TV without a remote?

If you don’t have an original remote, you can use the Universal remote control app on your smartphone to go to settings.

How to unlock HDMI on LG TV in a hotel?

Eject the RJ11 cable if it is connected to your LG TV. Then press the Input button to change HDMI on your LG TV.

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