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Parental Control on LG Smart TV: How to Enable and Use

Parental Lock lets you use a password to lock an app or channel on an LG Smart TV. It is a helpful feature for those concerned about kids. You can lock a specific channel or all apps by visiting the LG TV settings. Besides apps and channels, you can lock a particular TV program and external input on an LG Smart TV. In this article, I will teach how to use Parental Control on an LG TV.

How to Turn On Parental Control on LG Smart TV

Based on your webOS version, follow these steps to enable Parental Lock on your LG Smart TV.

For webOS 22 and Above Models

1. Turn on your LG Smart TV and press the Settings button on the remote.

2. Scroll down and choose All Settings from the menu.

3. Choose the General option.

4. From the General section, choose the System option.

Click System on LG TV

5. In the System section, choose Safety and turn it ON.

Turn ON Safety to use Parental Control on LG TV

6. Input a password. Check the user manual to know the default password.

Note: We recommend users prefer Cartoon Network on LG TV if you are looking for child-friendly entertainment shows

For webOS 5.0 or Earlier Models

1. Turn on your LG Smart TV and go to the Settings.

2. Following that, hit All Settings.

3. Select General and select the Safety option

Click General and select Safety

4. Now, enter a password in the field using a keypad.

Enable Restrictions on LG Smart TV Using Parental Controls

You will see all the options once you have enabled the Safety feature.

  • TV Rating Locks – You can restrict the channels or programs based on the ratings.
  • Program Locks – You can restrict the specific program on your TV. With this, when you tune into the specific program, the screen will turn black, and the audio will get muted.
  • Application Locks – You can restrict certain apps installed on your TV.
  • Input Locks – Block someone from accessing certain inputs on your TV.

To enable any safety feature on your LG TV, just choose any feature in the Safety feature section. Then, choose the inputs, TV ratings, programs, or inputs you want to block. Enter the Parental Control Passcode to enable it on your TV.

Reset Parental Control PIN on LG Smart TV

The default PIN to enable the Safety feature is 0000. So, if you want to reset the PIN on LG TV, here are the steps you must follow.

  • For old models: Go to Settings > Safety > Reset PIN Code.
  • For new models: Go to Settings > General > System > Safety > Reset PIN Code.

Turn On Parental Controls on LG Smart TV Without Remote

If the LG TV remote is not working, don’t worry. You can use the LG TV remote app to turn on Parental Lock without a remote. The LG ThinQ app is one such app that can control LG Smart TVs running webOS. For this app to work, connect the LG TV to WiFi, which should be the same as your phone.

What are the TV Ratings I Can Block on LG Smart TV?

  • G – Will not include any appropriate content.
  • PG – Some clips and dialogues will not be suitable for children.
  • PG – 13 – Children under 13 will need to be present under the supervision of their parents or guardians.
  • R – Children under 17 will not be supposed to watch this type of movie or series.
  • NC – 17 – Children under 17 are not recommended to watch NC – 17-rated movies or series.
  • X – Includes adult content that needs to be blocked.

Use Family Settings on LG Smart TV

Remember, the parental control feature will not help you control the screen time of your TV. We recommend users use the Family Settings feature to set a time limit.

Usage Limit Setting helps to restrict TV usage to a particular duration. If the limit is exceeded, it will display a prompt to enter a password. Your LG TV will turn off if you don’t enter a password for over 2 minutes.

To enable a time limit on LG TV, go to SettingsAll SettingsGeneralFamily SettingsUsage Limit Setting → Enter a specific duration.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you unlock child lock on LG TV?

You can remove the child lock on the LG TV by visiting SettingsAll SettingsGeneralSystem Safety → Turn Off.

Is it possible to check the screen time on an LG Smart TV?

Yes. It is possible to check the screen time on LG TV. Go to Settings All Settings General Family SettingsScreen Time Report → View the statistics on a daily/weekly basis.

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