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How to Turn off Voice on LG Smart TV

If you find the Voice Guide feature unuseful anymore on your LG Smart TV, you can turn it off anytime within Settings. Though Voice Guide lets you navigate, and express the function made on LG TV, it can be annoying in the long term.

In other scenarios, if you have purchased a new LG Smart TV, and find the Voice Guide enabled, you can disable it instantly. For both cases, you can follow the step-by-step instructions below and apply the same approach.

In some LG Smart TV models, the Voice Guide feature will be named Audio Description or Audio Guidance. When you turn off the Audio Guidance on your LG Smart TV, the cursor will appear on your TV.

How to Turn Off Voice Guide on LG TV [2021 & above]

If your LG Smart TV runs on WebOS 6.0 or up of any manufactured year, you can follow the below methods to disable the Voice Guide.

1. Power on your LG TV using the remote.

2. Tap the Settings button on the TV remote and select All Settings.

3. Go to General under Settings.

4. Click Accessibility from the list of options.

Select Accessibility

5. Now, select Audio Guidance.

6. Choose OFF in Enable the function option.

Turn off Audio Guidance

Note: The Voice Guide or Audio Guidance is called by various names, such as AI Voice, Talking Voice, Voice Narration, Voice Help, Lady Voice, and Audio Language. You can follow up the similar steps, to turn off the above-mentioned terms.

How to Turn Off Voice Guide on LG TV [2020 & Earlier]

If you have an old LG Smart TV that runs webOS 5.0 and earlier, try these steps.

1. Press the Settings button on your LG TV remote.

2. You can see some options appearing on the side of the screen.

3. From the options, click on All Settings.

All settings on LG TV.

4. Select Accessibility from the menu and press the OK button on your LG TV remote.

Accessibility Settings

5. Click on Audio Guidance and turn off the feature. In some models of LG Smart TV, you need to turn off the Audio Description toggle.

6. Now, you won’t get any voiceover on your LG Smart TV.

How to Turn Off Voiceover on LG Smart TV Using Mic Button

By using the voice commands, you can turn off the Voice Guide feature. The voice commands are available only on the new models of LG Smart TVs.

1. Grab your LG TV remote.

2. Press the Mic button and say the command TURN OFF AUDIO GUIDANCE.

3. Release the Mic button. Now, the feature will be disabled.

Voice Guide vs. Voice Assistant

To be clear, Voice Guide and Voice Assistant are not the same. Voice Guide is a feature for visually challenged people. Voice Assistant is a personal assistant feature to do certain tasks using voice commands. You can interact with Voice Assistant using voice commands. In Voice Guide, you will get only the feedback based on which you can navigate on the TV screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to turn off voice-over on my LG TV?

The Voice Over is similar to the Voice Guide feature. You can follow the same instructions to turn off Voice Over on LG TV.

Does Google Assistant work with LG Smart TV?

Yes. You can install the Google Assistant on your LG Smart TV.

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