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How to Turn off TruMotion on LG TV

How to Turn Off TruMotion on LG Smart TV

To watch the content smoother on your LG Smart TV without lags, TruMotion comes in. Though TruMotion suits certain users, it’s still not a favorite feature for the most. Sometimes, TruMotion may ruin the video quality of certain content and will end up in a poor viewing experience. Hence, to avoid this you can turn off the TruMotion feature permanently on your LG TV.

What is TruMotion on LG TV

TruMotion helps to enhance the streaming by adding extra frames to a standard frame to make it look better. But this feature adds fake frames to the original copy to enhance it. This may look good in streaming, but it ruins the original clarity of the movie.

How to Turn Off TruMotion on LG TV

1: Grab your LG TV remote and press the Home button.

2: In the home screen of your TV, navigate and select the Settings option.

3: From the list of options, select the Picture tab on the left.

4: Under the Picture tab, scroll down and select Picture Options.

Click Picture option

5: Following that, select the TruMotion option.

Click TruMotion option

6: Now, you can see four options displayed at the bottom of your TV screen.

  • Off: To turn off the feature completely.
  • Smooth: To enhance your TruMotion by improving the motion blur.
  • Clear: Stop using motion blur.
  • User: To customize TruMotion settings manually.

7: Select the Off option to disable the TruMotion feature on your TV.

Select Off option to turn off Trumotion on LG TV

If you want the TruMotion feature but need to customize some of the picture settings, you can select the User option. With the User option, you can adjust,

  • De-Judder: The feature helps you to play higher frame content in a standard format by reducing the choppiness in the picture.
  • De-Blur: De-Blur cuts down the smearing and any lag in the fast-moving frames of the TruMotion feature.

If you have changed your mind, you can follow the same steps to turn on the TruMotion feature on your LG Smart TV.

Can You Disable TruMotion Using LG ThinQ App

If your LG TV remote stops working, you can use the alternative way to turn off TruMotion. You can install the LG ThinQ app on your smartphone and use it as a substitute remote to control your LG TV. Thereby, you can turn off TruMotion with ease without depending on a remote.

Disadvantages of TruMotion

Though TruMotion optimizes the viewing experience, it has its disadvantages in using it. As TruMotion speeds up the frame by doubling the speed, it may result in the Soap Opera effect. The SOE or Soap Opera effect makes the images much smoother and doesn’t work well for viewing movies and TV shows. However, it helps only in the case of streaming live sports or playing video games.

How to Fix TruMotion Not Turning Off

If the TruMotion feature is not turning off on your LG TV, try the following fixes.

1: Turn off your TV and pull out the TV plug from the power socket.

2: Now, press and hold the Power button for 10 seconds. This will kill the remaining power on your TV.

3: After 2 to 5 min, turn on the TV and check for any difference in the TV video.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get rid of the Soap Opera Effect on LG TV?

You can disable the TruMotion feature on LG TV with the above steps to avoid getting the Soap Opera Effect.

How to improve the gaming performance on LG TV without turning on TruMotion?

You can enable Game Optimizer on LG TV to improve the gaming performance instead of turning TruMotion on.

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