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How to Turn Off Subtitles on LG Smart TV

Are the subtitles annoying while watching movies on LG TV? You can disable the subtitles at any time by visiting the settings with the LG TV remote. If the LG TV remote is not working, you can use the LG ThinQ application to turn off the subtitles on your LG Smart TV. Even if you want to customize the subtitle then you can do it on the new version of LG TV.

How to Disable the Subtitles on LG Smart TV

You can turn off the subtitles on your Smart TV in a few different ways.

How to Turn Off Subtitles on LG TV With Remote

There is no dedicated subtitle button available on the LG TV remote. So, to turn off the feature, you need to use the Accessibility settings menu.

1. Press the Home button on your LG TV remote.

2. Select Settings and choose All Settings.

All Settings

3. Now, you have to select Accessibility.

4. Now, navigate to the Subtitles.


5. Toggle off the Subtitles switch.

How to turn off subtitles on LG TV

6. If you want, you can customize the First Choice and Second Choice Subtitle Language.

In some models of LG TVs, the subtitle settings will be replaced with closed captions. For that, you can use the same method to turn off the subtitle.

How to Turn Off Subtitles on LG TV Without Remote

If you want to turn off the subtitles on your LG TV without using the remote, you can use the LG ThinQ app. Install the LG ThinQ app on your smartphone from the Play Store or App Store.

1. Open the LG ThinQ app and sign in with the LG account that you are using on your LG TV.

2. Click on the Add a Device icon.

Add a device icon

3. Now, move to the Home Appliances section.

4. From that menu, choose your LG Smart TV name to connect.

Select TV

5. Your LG ThinQ app will search for the available LG TVs.

6. Once the app detects your TV, click on it.

7. You will receive a code on your LG TV.

8. Enter that code into the LG ThinQ app.

9. After parring, you can use the application as your virtual remote.

10. Use the virtual buttons on your LG ThinQ app and click on the Settings icon.

11. Go to the Accessibility menu and highlight Subtitles.

12. Turn off the subtitles feature.

Alternatively, you can connect the physical keyboard and a mouse to your LG TV to access the settings. Locate the USB port to connect the keyboard to your LG TV. Once connected, use these steps to turn off subtitles on your LG TV.

Note: For built-in subtitles, you can’t change the language.

How to Turn Off the Closed Captions on LG TV [NetCast OS]

1. Press the Home button on the LG TV remote.

2. Navigate to the Settings option.

3. Scroll down and tap on the Option.

Tap on the Options

4. Scroll to the Captions line and toggle it off.

Difference between Captions and Subtitle

Closed CaptionsSubtitles
It is used to understand the audio for deaf people or people with hearing impairmentIt is used to translate different languages to understand the video or movie for a global audience
While the subtitle is fully the translation of the dialogueIt is used in news and other social media platforms
Closed caption mode closely conveys all the activity on the videoThe subtitle is a translation of the dialogue

How to Change the Subtitle Format of LG TV

The older version of LG TV doesn’t allow you to change the caption style and format. But if you are using the latest model of LG TV (manufactured after 2014) then you can change the font, color, and size of the subtitle to your preferences.

1. Go to the home screen of your LG TV.

2. Tap on All Settings and select the Accessibility option.

3. Choose the Closed Caption and click on the Digital mode option.

Select the Digital mode option

4. Then tap on the HD Mode option and customize the caption format with your preferences.

How to turn off subtitles on LG TV

5. Thus you can change the format of the caption on your TV

External Subtitles on LG Smart TV

If you want to add external subtitles to your LG TV, you need to make sure of certain things.

  • The video file (movie or series) and subtitle file must be in the same folder.
  • The video file (movie or series) and the subtitle file must be in the same name. For instance, if the video file name is The Suicide Squad.AVI, the subtitle file must be saved as The Suicide Squad.SMI. If there are any changes in the name, the subtitle won’t appear on the TV.
  • If the file name and subtitle name are too long, they won’t be detected automatically. Rename the file with a shorter name (within 20 characters).
  • Make sure that you are using the subtitles in the supported format. The supported formats in LG TV are .smi, .dcs, .srt, .sub, .ssa, .ass, .psg, and .txt.


How to turn off the audio description on LG TV?

You can disable the audio description by going to Settings > All Settings > Accessibility > Audio Description > Disable the toggle > Done.

Where is the subtitle button on the LG TV remote?

Unfortunately, there is no subtitle button on the LG TV remote.

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