How to Set Wallpaper on LG Smart TV

How to Set Wallpaper on LG Smart TV

Would you like to personalize the home screen of your LG Smart TV? Then you should set a wallpaper on it. LG Smart TV has a built-in app called Art Gallery, which allows users to change the background with preset pictures. Remember, you can only set one wallpaper at a time. In this article, I will teach you how to set wallpaper on an LG Smart TV in less than a minute.

You can find numerous images on LG TV under the Wallpaper and Art Gallery section. However, besides these images, you cannot set other images like your own photo as wallpaper on LG webOS TV.

How to Set Wallpaper on LG Smart TV

1. Turn on your LG Smart TV and ensure it has internet access.

2. Go to Home Screen Settings using the LG TV remote.

3. Select Wallpaper/Art Gallery from the preinstalled apps.

Select Wallpaper/Art Gallery

4. Pick your favorite image. Some images need to be downloaded to view them.

Note: You should connect your LG Smart TV to WiFi to download images.

5. After choosing the image, hit Set Wallpaper/OK to complete the process.

Follow the same steps to change the wallpaper on the LG TV if required.

How to Set Website to the LG TV Home Screen

1. Press the Power button on LG TV to turn it on.

2. Once the internet is connected, launch the Web browser on LG TV.

3. Tap the three-dotted ines menu at the top right corner of the browser.

4. Select Settings and tap On Startup.

Select Settings

5. Click Home Page in the options shown.

Click Home Page

6. Select Change and type the URL of the website you want to access on the LG TV homepage.

Type the website URL and hit OK to set wallpaper on LG Smart TV

7. Hit OK to save the changes.

Hereafter, if you turn on your LG TV, the website that you have set will appear on the home screen for quick access.

Wallpaper Apps in the LG Content Store

If you don’t like the images in the Art Gallery app, don’t worry. You can install the Wallpaper app on your LG Smart TV by visiting the LG Content Store. Remember, you have to run this app to preview the pictures. It is impossible to set those pictures as wallpaper on the home screen of your webOS TV.

AppsLG Content Store Link
4K Nature Relax TVDownload Now
Calm Wildlife TVDownload Now
Fire Ambience TVDownload Now
Calm Sea LifeDownload Now
RelaxWallpapersDownload Now

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I put my picture as wallpaper on an LG Smart TV?

No. You cannot set your picture as wallpaper on an LG Smart TV.

Why is the wallpaper not changing on my LG Smart TV?

Ensure you have selected the Set Wallpaper/OK option before moving back to the home screen to apply the wallpaper on the LG Smart TV.

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