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How to Screenshot on LG TV

How to Take a Screenshot on LG Smart TV [Easy Guide]

A screenshot is the easiest way to capture what you see on display. This feature isn’t limited to smart TVs, and you can take a screenshot on an LG Smart TV using the LG Magic remote. Whether you want to note down the MAC address on LG TV or share your game achievement with others, it is a way useful feature. Other than that, you can capture your favorite movie scene and send it to your friends.

How to Take a Screenshot on LG Smart TV

As discussed earlier, you can simply use your LG TV remote to take screenshots.

1. Turn on your LG Smart TV and pair your LG Magic Remote with your TV.

2. Open any streaming app or go to the page where you want to take a screenshot.

3. Press the 3-dots button on the LG Magic remote. It is located just below the number pad.

4. It will display a set of options on the TV screen. Highlight the Capture option using an Air Mouse and press the middle button of the scrolling wheel.

Screenshot on LG TV

5. You will see a notification message, “Captured image is added to Photo & Video app,” at the top right corner.

Captured image is added to Photo & Video app

The captured image will be saved on your TV’s internal storage.

How to View Screenshots on LG Smart TV

1. Press the Home button on the LG Magic remote.

2. Scroll along the list of apps and click on Photo & Video to open the app.

Photo & Video app on LG TV

3. Click on the Captured Image folder to view the images that you have captured on TV.

How to view a screenshot on LG TV

However, apps like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video do not allow users to take screenshots due to Digital Rights Management. It restricts users from sharing copyrighted content with anyone.

Can You Capture LG TV Screen Without a Remote

Yes, you can use LG ThinQ as a remote controller to capture the screen. It is a way helpful when the LG TV remote is not working. The LG ThinQ app is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

Visit the Play Store or App Store to install the LG ThinQ app on your device. In addition, you should connect your smartphone and LG Smart TV to the same WIFI network. Now, follow the same procedure given above to screenshot your LG TV.

Screenshot LG TV using ThinQ App

That’s how easy and simple to capture the LG TV screen for any reference purposes.

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