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How to Screen Share iPad to LG TV [5 Methods]

Screen Share is the best technique to share photos, audio, and video from your iPad to LG TV. It lets you access streaming apps that are unavailable in the LG Content Store. The latest LG TVs have native AirPlay support, so you can AirPlay iPad to stream media files on a big screen. For older LG TVs, you can screen share your iPad using Chromecast, Apple TV, and HDMI cable.

How to Screen Share iPad to LG TV

The best way to stream the unavailable content on LG TV is to screen share from your household devices.

Use AirPlay to Screen Share iPad to LG TV

AirPlay 2 is supported only on the LG Smart TV models listed in this table.

2022 22All modelsAll modelsUQ, NANO
20216.0All models All modelsUP, NANO
20205.0BX, CX, GX, WX, ZX, RXNilUN, NANO
20194.5B9, C9, E9, W9, Z9NilUM, SM
20184.0B8, C8, E8, W8, Z8NilUK, SK

If your LG TV model was in the table, enable AirPlay on your LG TV and follow the steps. If your TV is incompatible, you can try the next method.

1. Connect your LG Smart TV to WiFi which should be the same as your iPad.

2. Swipe down from the top right of your iPad screen to open Control Centre.

3. Tap on the Screen mirroring option.

4. Find and tap on LG TV from the available devices.

Screen share iPad to LG TV - Screen mirroring on iOS

5. Note the AirPlay Code that appears on your TV and Enter it on your iPad.

Use HDMI/VGA Cable to Screen Share iPad to LG TV

If you have an older LG TV model that doesn’t support AirPlay, use the cable to screen mirror iPad to your TV. All you need is a Lightning Digital AV Adapter or VGA Adapter and HDMI cable to start the process.

1. Plug a Lightning Digital AV Adapter into the iPad charging port.

2. Connect one end of the HDMI cable or VGA cable to the adapter.

Screen share iPad to LG TV - Connect adapter to HDMI

3. Connect the other end of the HDMI or VGA cable to your LG TV.

4. Further, change the input on LG TV to the one you have just connected.

Play any content on your iPad and will be mirrored on your LG TV.

Use Chromecast to Screen Share iPad to LG TV

Cast content from your iPad to your LG TV using a Chromecast device.

1. Plug the Chromecast device into your LG TV.

2. Connect your iPad and your Chromecast to the same WiFi network.

3. On your iPad, download the Google Home app.

4. Add your Chromecast to your TV home.

5. Play your favorite content on your iPad and click on the Cast icon.

6. Find your Chromecast device from the available devices.

Now your iPad screen will be cast on your LG TV.

Use Apple TV to Screen Share iPad to LG TV

You can easily share your iPad screen with your LG TV if you have an Apple TV. Make sure that iPad and Apple TV are connected to the same WiFi network.

1. First step is to enable AirPlay on your LG Smart TV.

2. Connect your Apple TV to your LG TV.

3. Swipe down on your iPad screen to open the Control Centre.

4. Select the Screen mirroring option.

Click on screen mirroring

5. Select your Apple TV from the available devices dropdown box.

Click on Apple TV

6. A prompt will be opened on your iPad asking for an AirPlay code.

7. Enter the AirPlay code that appears on your TV screen.

Enjoy streaming the content from your iPad to Apple TV-connected LG TV.

Alternative Methods

You can screen share your iPad to your Smart TV without AirPlay or HDMI cables. Here is a list of apps that were designed to screen share content wirelessly.

  • AirBeamTV
  • LetsView
  • ApowerMirror

For an uninterrupted sharing experience make sure that your iPad software is up to date and possesses a strong internet connection.


How to screen share iPad to LG TV without AirPlay?

You can connect your iPad to an LG TV using an HDMI cord to screen mirror content on your big screen without AirPlay. Also, you can use screen-sharing apps.

How to screen share iPad to LG OLED TV?

That depends on your LG TV model, if it is selectively between 2018-2022 you can use the AirPlay method. If it is an older LG TV model, you should use an HDMI cable or screen-sharing apps.

How to fix if screen share is not working on LG TV?

If your LG Smart Share is not working, do these steps.
> Check your WiFi network if it is stable or not.
> Update your LG Smart TV firmware to the latest version.
> Turn off Airplane mode on your device.
> Disable low power mode on your iPad.
> Check the external cable if there is loose cabling.

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