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How to Scan Channels on LG TV

How to Scan Channels on LG Smart TV With & Without Remote

If you have connected a cable or satellite box to your LG Smart TV, you need to perform a channel scan. There are two ways to scan channels on an LG Smart TV. Based on your convenience, you can select Manual Tuning or Auto Tuning. You can use the LG ThinQ app to scan channels on an LG TV without a remote.

In this guide, you will learn the instructions to scan channels on all LG TV models.

How to Auto Scan Channels on LG TV With Remote

1. Turn on your LG Smart TV without a remote or using the remote.

2. Press the Settings button on the LG TV remote.

3. Click on All Settings from the menu.

4. Select General and click on Programmes.

5. Further, tap Programme Tuning & Settings and click Auto Tuning.

Auto Tuning option on LG TV

6. On the next page, select either Antenna, Cable, or Satellite. Tap Next.

7. It will run a channel search and it will be completed in a few minutes.

8. Once completed, click Done.

Finally, you can change the input on LG Smart TV. Later, you can start watching the TV channels in the corresponding input.

How to Scan Channels on LG TV Without Remote

If the LG Smart TV remote is not working, use the LG ThinQ app as a remote control and scan for the channels.

1. Install the LG ThinQ app on your Android or iOS from the relevant store.

2. Connect your LG Smart TV and smartphone to the same WIFI network.

3. Click the Add button at the top corner of the smartphone screen.

4. Select TV from the appliances list. Choose your LG TV from the nearby devices.

5. Enter the activation code that appears on the TV screen. Click OK.

6. Once paired, click Go to Home and tap TV on the home screen.

Remote Control on LG ThinQ

7. The remote control interface will appear. Follow the previous method steps to scan for digital channels on an LG Smart TV.

Why is My LG TV Not Finding Channels

If the LG TV auto scan is not finding channels or displaying not programmed, there may be an issue with a cable/satellite box or your LG TV. To fix this, try the below-mentioned methods.

Check the Connection

If you have an old cable box, it will be connected to your LG Smart TV using the coaxial connection. In case of loose cabling, LG TV will have no signal from the cable. Therefore, make sure that the cable is tightly connected to the TV.

Fix the TV Antenna

Due to bad weather conditions like storms, the TV antenna’s actual position may be changed. So, you need to fix the TV antenna to make it work. For convenience, you can contact the cable/satellite provider to repair or replace the antenna.

Check Signal Strength

There are also chances for the TV antenna to be positioned improperly due to heavy wind or rain. As a result, you will either get poor signals or nothing. To sort it out, unplug the cable box and reinsert it again. If the cable and internet provider are the same, you can check if the issue is with the internet connection.

Use Auto-Tuning

If the manual tuning is incomplete, you may not see some TV channels on your LG TV. In such cases, perform Auto-Tuning to bring back all the channels. This works in many cases and will take only a few minutes to restore all the channels.

Choose the Right Input

If you have chosen the wrong input, you can’t view the channels even though it has been tuned. Make sure to select the appropriate input once you plug in the cable. If there is a loose connection or any cable is damaged, it is better to replace them and check again.

Reset Your LG TV

Suppose you can’t find all the TV channels after following the above methods; we recommend users reset the LG TV to sort out the issue. Doing so will delete all the temporary settings and user data and uninstall the apps. After the reset, perform Auto-tuning to scan the TV channels once you change the input.

Contact Customer Support

The final solution is to contact your cable TV provider or LG Support. It is because the TV channels may not be scanned or because of a technical issue with the cable TV provider or an unknown error in the TV.

How to Scan LG Channels

LG has signed an agreement with XUMO to offer 150+ free channels on movies, news, sports, etc. The best thing is all the LG Channels (formerly LG Channel Plus) are integrated within the webOS architecture, so you don’t need to install any apps. Check the table to view the supported devices for LG Channels.

Manufacturing YearTV Models
2019LG Smart TVs with webOS 4.5
2012-2018UHD, LED, and LCD TVs
LG Smart TVs with webOS 4.0

How to Turn on LG Channels on TV

1. Press the Home button on the remote.

2. Click on Settings from the list of apps.

3. Choose All Settings and click Channels.

4. On the next screen, turn on LG Channels by toggling the switch.

Turn on LG Channels

5. Click OK if you see any disclaimer.

Accept disclaimer

6. Click the LG Channels icon from the bottom menu bar.

7. The library of LG Channels will appear on the screen.

LG Channels library

Now, you can watch TV channels like CBS News, NBC News, and Bloomberg Television on your LG TV.

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