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How to Restart LG Smart TV

How to Restart LG Smart TV

Topic DiscussedRestart the TV
How to RestartHold Power & Volume Down buttons on the remote
Alternate WaysUsing Power cables

One of the easiest and most effective troubleshooting methods for fixing the TV is the restart. In the LG Smart TV, you can restart the TV to fix any performance issues. Though there is no Restart button or feature available in the LG TV, you can do it with some workarounds.

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How to Restart LG TV Using Remote

You can perform the restart action on your TV using your TV remote. By performing a soft reset, you can restart your TV.

1: Press and hold the Power and Volume Down buttons for at least 15 seconds.

Press Power and Volume down button on remote to restart your LG TV

2: When you see the LG TV logo on your TV screen, you can release the button on the remote.

This will perform a soft restart and your TV will turn on automatically.

How to Restart LG Smart TV Without a Remote

You can do a system restart on your LG Smart TV without a remote by turning off the power supply.

1: Turn off your TV.

2: Now, plug out the power cable of your TV from the power socket.

Plug out the cable from the back of your TV

3: Wait for a minute and plug back the power cable into the power socket and turn on the TV.

This simple power cycle method restarts your LG TV easily.

As an alternative,

1: Plug out the TV cable from the power socket.

2: Now, press and hold the Power button on your LG TV for 10 seconds. This will clear out the remaining power inside your TV.

2: Then plug your TV cable into the socket and turn on your TV.

This method also restarts your TV and fixes any temporary bugs in your OS.

Using Privacy Policy

In the Settings menu, you can uncheck the Privacy Policy to reset the TV.

1: Press the Home button.

2: Select the Settings option.

3: Navigate and select the General option.

4: Under the General tab, select the User Agreement option.

5: In the next step, uncheck the Private Policy option on the screen.

Uncheck Private policy to restart LG TV

6: This will restart your TV automatically. After your TV restarted, follow the same steps and check the Private policy again.

Follow the mentioned restart methods and fix any temporary and power issues errors on your LG Smart TV. If you have any unsolved issues on your LG TV, let us know in the comments. We will suggest you a solution.

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