How to Restart LG Smart TV

How to Restart LG Smart TV With or Without Remote

Occasionally, you may have interruptions on LG TV while watching any content. In such cases, you can try troubleshooting methods to resolve the problem. Out of all, restarting is the most effective and easiest way to fix the issue. Unfortunately, there is no specific restart button on the LG TV. Nonetheless, some alternate ways exist to restart your Smart TV with or without a remote.

Reasons to Restart the LG Smart TV

How to Restart LG Smart TV Without a Remote

1: Turn off your LG Smart TV.

2: Now, plug out the power cable of your TV from the wall socket.

3: After a minute, plug the cable into the power socket and turn on the TV.

This method, called soft resetting, helps to solve minor issues.

Hard Restart the LG Smart TV

1: Plug out the TV cord from the power socket.

2: Hold the Power button on your LG TV for 10 seconds. This will clear out the residual power left unused on the TV.

3: Then plug your TV cable into the socket and turn on your TV.

This method also restarts your TV and clears temporary bugs in your TV.

How to Restart LG TV With Remote

1: Tap the Power and Volume Down keys and hold them for 15 seconds.

Press Power and Volume down button on remote to restart your LG TV

2: If you see the LG TV logo on the screen, release these buttons on the remote.

This will perform a soft reset, and your TV will restart automatically.

How to Restart LG TV by Updating

You can also restart your TV by updating your LG Smart TV firmware.

1: Navigate to the home screen of your LG TV.

2: Select Settings and tap on the All Settings option.

3: Choose the General option and click on About this TV.

4: Then hit on the Check for updates option and download the update.

Check for update

5: After the downloading process, your TV prompts for restart.

6: Now tap the Restart option, and your TV will be rebooted successfully.


Does my LG TV have a reset button?

No. LG Smart TV doesn’t have a reset button. But you can still reset your LG TV by visiting the Settings.

What happens if you restart the LG TV?

After restarting the LG Smart TV, all the temporary bugs and software glitches will be resolved. It will also close the apps on LG TV.

What should I do if the LG Smart TV keeps restarting?

If the TV keeps turning off and on, check our detailed guide on LG TV keeps restarting and try the workarounds to fix the issue.

Can you reset the LG Smart TV without a remote?

Yes. Use the LG ThinQ app, go to SettingsAll SettingsGeneralReset to Initial Settings → Follow the on-screen prompts.

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