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How to Reset LG Smart TV [All Methods]

Performing a factory reset on your LG Smart TV will delete all the TV’s data and user-defined settings like WiFi, account information, changes in the default picture settings, and more. Factory resetting your LG Smart TV will fix any of the minor software issues on your LG TV. There are three different OS available in LG TV, webOS, Netcast OS, and Roku OS. The method to reset your LG TV differs between the OS.

Reason to Reset LG TV

You may reset your LG Smart TV for a variety of reasons. Among them, a few reasons are mentioned below.

  • When you are going to sell your TV.
  • When the applications on your LG are not working properly.
  • You can reset your LG TV if you are having any technical difficulties.
  • When LG TV is not connecting to WiFi.
  • To remove all the customized settings.
  • When LG TV keeps disconnecting or restarting.
  • When you buy a second-hand TV

How to Reset LG Smart TV [webOS]

LG Smart TV with webOS is the current version. With the webOS, you can reset the TV from the Settings menu.

1. Press the Home button on your LG TV remote.

2. You will get the LG Smart TV’s home screen.

3. Click on the Settings icon that is available in the top-right corner of the screen.

Reset LG WebOS TV.

4. Now, select All Settings from the options that arise on the screen.

5. From the All Settings page, click on General Settings.

6. After that, choose Reset to Initial Settings.

Choose Reset to Initial Settings

7. Enter the password and hit OK.

8. On the confirmation screen, tap the Confirm button.

9. Now, your TV will begin to restart. After the restart, you need to set up the LG TV and start using it.

Reset LG TV [Netcast OS]

Netcast OS is an old OS that was available on LG Smart TVs. Now, the Netcast OS LG TVs are discontinued.

1. Press the Home or Start button on your LG TV remote.

2. Click on the Settings icon that is available at the bottom-left corner of the screen.

Reset LG Netcast OS.

3. From the Settings page, choose Option.

4. After that, choose Initial Settings.

Choose Initial Settings

5. Enter the four-digit password that you have set for your TV.

6. To confirm the process, click on Yes.

7. Your LG TV will be reset.

Reset LG Smart TV [Roku OS]

In the last past years, LG Smart TVs were equipped with the Roku OS. But, nowadays, Roku OS TVs from LG are unavailable in the market.

1. Press the Home button on your Roku TV remote.

2. Now, click on the Settings icon.

3. From the settings page, select System.

4. Click on Advanced System Settings.

5. Select Factory Reset.

6. After that, follow the on-screen instructions and complete the process.

How to Soft Reset LG TV

A soft reset is a low-level reset option available on the LG TV. In the soft reset, you won’t lose any data stored on your TV.

1. Initially, disconnect all the cables connected to your LG Smart TV.

2. After disconnecting, wait for a minute or two.

3 Then, connect the TV back to the power source and switch on the TV.

4. Now, the issues that you were experiencing earlier will be resolved.

How to Hard Reset LG TV [Reset LG Smart TV Without Remote]

Hard resetting refers to resetting the LG Smart TV without using the remote. In all the models of LG TVs, you will have the physical Power button. Using the Power button, you can hard reset the LG TV.

1. Press the Power button on your LG Smart TV for at least 5 to 10 seconds.

2. The TV screen will go darker & the LG TV logo will appear.

3. After a few seconds, your LG TV will restart.

4. Now, your LG TV will be reset.

How to Reset Apps on LG Smart TV

If you have an issue while accessing any specific app on your LG Smart TV, you can reset the specific app to fix the issue. You can uninstall the particular app and install the app again from the LG Content Store. Alternatively, you can reset all the applications by updating your LG TV to the newest software. You can also try updating the specific app on your LG TV to fix the issue.

How to Reset LG Smart TV Without Password

When you reset the LG Smart TV, it will ask for the password to confirm the process. Sometimes, LG TV users forget the password. In that case, you need to reset the LG TV without the password. To do that, you need to reset the old password and set a new one. Then, carry out the reset steps.

1. Enter into the LG TV Settings page.

2. Scroll down through the options and select Advanced Settings.

3. Select Safety in the Advanced Settings tab.

4. You can find the option that says Reset Password.

5. Highlight that option and press the Channel Up button twice.

6. Then, press the Channel Down and Channel Up once.

6. Enter 0313 or 0325 in the menu. This will reset the password.

7. Then, enter 0000 in the safety dialogue box.

8. Now, a screen will appear on your LG TV where you can set the new PIN.

9. After setting up a new PIN, you can reset the TV.


1. Do LG TVs have a reset button?

No, LG Smart TV doesn’t have a reset button. You have to use the Power button to hard reset the TV.

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