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How to Reset LG Smart TV Remote

How to Reset LG Smart TV Remote

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How To ResetPress the Back button and Home button
Troubleshoot the RemoteChange the batteries

LG launched different models of Smart TVs over the years. With that, there are different models of LG TV remotes are available. But, the process of resetting the LG TV remote remains the same. If you have any issues with the LG TV Remote, you can reset the remote to fix the issue.

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How to Reset LG Smart TV Remote [All Models]

The methods to reset the LG TV remote are the same on all the models. But the location of the buttons may change. After resetting your remote, register it again to your LG TV.

1. Press the Back Button and the Home Button on your LG TV remote simultaneously for 5 seconds.

2. Now, the Power button light blinks three times. This indicates that your LG TV remote control is reset and deregistered.

3. To register the remote again, press the OK button at the center of the remote.

Troubleshoot LG TV Remote

Like your LG TV, your LG TV remote will have some performance issues. Apart from resetting the remote, you can also try the below-mentioned troubleshooting tips to the remote.

1. Replace the Batteries

One of the reasons why your remote is not working is that the batteries are dead. Buy a new pair of AAA batteries. Remove the old batteries and insert the new batteries. After that, try to access all the buttons and check the performance.

2. Remove Obstructions

Unknowingly, the objects present before your LG TV might block the IR Sensor. This will prevent passing the signals from the remote to your TV. Remove the objects that are placed infront of the TV. Now, your TV will receive the signals with ease.

3. Replacement Remote

If you find no other steps are helping to solve the issue, buy a new replacement remote from the LG TV site.

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