How to Reset LG Smart TV Remote

How to Reset LG Smart TV Remote

Sometimes, the LG TV remote may not work for a specific reason. In such cases, the remote can’t change channels, adjust the TV volume, or turn the TV on/off. However, you can rectify the issue by resetting the remote control. This article illustrates the procedure to reset the LG TV remote of all models.

Understand the Difference Between LG TV Standard and Magic Remote

A standard remote is a traditional remote that uses infrared signals to operate the LG TV. This remote is shipped with most LG TV models such as LCD, LED, Plasma, OLED, QLED, etc. But, the remote lacks a pointer and voice control.

LG Magic Remote is powered by LG Voice Mate speech recognition technology, which lets you control the TV with your voice. This remote uses RF and Bluetooth signals to operate the TV. With the pointer and scroll wheel, you can move the cursor and scroll along the TV’s webpage.

How to Reset Standard LG TV Remote

1. Plug the power cord and switch on your LG TV

2. Press the OK and Mute buttons simultaneously on the remote until the indicator light blinks.

Press the Mute and Ok button

3. If the light blinks 3 times, the remote has initiated the reset process.

4. Press the OK button pointing towards the LG TV.

Once done, your TV will display a message that the remote has been reset.

How to Reset LG TV Magic Remote

The methods to reset the LG TV remote are the same for all models. But the location of the buttons may change. After resetting, you need to pair your LG Magic Remote to use it.

1. Press the Back and Home Buttons on the LG TV remote simultaneously for 10 seconds.

2. Now, the Power button light blinks three times. This indicates that the LG TV remote has been reset and deregistered.

3. To register the remote again, press the OK button at the center of the remote.

Still Remote Not Working? Try these Fixes

If the LG TV remote is not working after resetting, you can try these workarounds to fix the issue.

  • Pop up the batteries from the remote and replace them with newer ones.
  • Remove the interference-causing objects away from the LG TV sensor.
  • Check if the IR emitter on the standard remote is functional.
  • Restart the LG TV and check whether the remote works.
  • Update the LG TV firmware with the help of the remote app.
  • Contact LG Customer Support and report the issue.

Try a New Remote

If the LG TV remote issues can’t be solved with the previous methods, it is better to purchase a new LG Magic Remote. If you have multiple Smart TVs at home, we suggest you buy a universal remote. It also helps to control DVD players, soundbars, set-top boxes, and many more devices.


How do you reset the LG TV without a remote?

To reset the LG TV without a remote, use the physical buttons on the TV. Press Menu > Settings > General > Reset > Confirm > Enter Pin > Done.

Why is the LG TV remote not working after the battery change?

If the LG TV remote is not working after the battery change, it may be due to dirt in the terminal, a jammed button, or a functional defect in the hardware.

Why is the red light blinking on the LG TV remote?

The red light on the LG TV remote denotes that the remote battery is too low and requires a replacement.

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