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How to program RCA remote to TV

How to Program RCA Remote to LG Smart TV

Do you have an RCA universal remote and want instructions to program it to your LG Smart TV? You have come to the right destination. You can program an RCA Universal remote to your LG TV in three methods – with code, without code, and auto-code search. Besides LG TV, you can control cable/satellite TV boxes, DVD players, soundbars, and streaming players using an RCA universal remote.

In this article, I will teach you the possible methods to program an RCA universal remote to your LG Smart TV.

How to Program RCA Remote to LG TV Without Code

You can try this auto-program method if you don’t have remote codes.

[1] Turn on your LG TV to which you want to program a RCA universal remote.

[2] Grab your RCA remote and press and release the TV button once. The red indicator light begins to flash.

[3] Press the Power and TV buttons simultaneously.

press the Power and TV button simultaneously

[4] The Power (On/Off ) button will illuminate and turn off. It will glow again after a minute, and it will stay idle.

[5] Now, point the RCA universal remote control at your LG TV and simultaneously release the Power and TV buttons.

[6] Further, press and release the Play button once on the RCA Universal remote. Your LG TV will turn off after 5 seconds.

Press Play key  to program RCA remote to LG TV

Note: If there’s no response, continue pressing the Play button until your LG TV turns off.

[7] Press the Reverse button, and your TV will turn on.

Press Reverse key to program RCA remote to LG TV

Note: If it doesn’t turn on, continue pressing the Reverse button until it turns on.

[8] Once your LG TV turns on, press the Stop button once.

Press the Stop key to program RCA remote to LG TV

Now, it will save the programming settings on the remote control. From now on, use the RCA universal remote to control your LG TV.

How to Program RCA Remote to LG TV With Code

All RCA remotes will normally come with a user manual containing various codes for different devices. You can find the code for LG TV and use it for programming.

[1] Read the codebook that includes the RCA universal remote.

[2] Find the LG TV brand and take note of remote codes.

Note: The RCA Universal remote codes for LG TV are 1005, 1082, 1002, 1014, 1196, 1004, and 11423.

[3] Once noted, press the TV button on the RCA universal remote, and the light will glow.

[4] Enter the remote code for the LG TV you noted while holding the TV button on the RCA universal remote.

[5] If the light stays glowed, you’ve entered the correct code. If the light flashes 4 times, you should try again with a different code.

[6] You can release the TV button once you’ve entered the correct code.

You have successfully paired the RCA universal remote to your LG TV. You can test functions like volume, menu, and channels on the RCA remote.

Note: If you have an LG universal remote, use LG TV remote codes to program it with your device.

How to Program RCA Remote to LG TV Using Code Search

If your RCA remote has a Code Search button, use these steps to finish the remote programming.

[1] Press the Power button on the LG TV to turn it on.

[2] Long press the Code Search button on the RCA remote.

[3] Press the TV button on the remote as you pair it with Smart TV.

[4] Now, the light blinks once and will stand constant.

[5] Type the device code, and the light will turn off if it gets accepted.

[6] Press other buttons to see whether your LG TV responds to your RCA remote. If it works, the RCA remote has been successfully paired.

How to Program RCA Universal Remote to LG DVD Player

[1] Switch on the LG DVD player.

[2] Click the DVD button on the remote and hold it for seconds.

[3] The indicator light on the remote will blink once and stay idle.

[4] Keep hold of the DVD button. Meanwhile, click the Power key and hold it until the indicator light turns off and on.

[5] Enter the LG DVD Player code on the RCA remote.

[6] Press the Power key. If it turns off the TV, the programming is successful. Otherwise, repeat these steps with a different code.

How to Fix RCA Remote Not Connecting to LG TV

If your RCA remote is not connecting to an LG TV, reset the remote to fix the issue.

[1] Locate the battery dock at the back of your remote.

[2] Remove the batteries from the dock and press the number 1 key for a few seconds.

Press the number 1 key

[3] After that, release the number 1 key.

[4] Now, re-install the batteries to the dock and press the On/Off button once.

[5] When it lights up, re-program the RCA remote and check if it’s pairing.

Note: If you don’t want to reset the RCA remote, you can update, restart, and reset your LG TV to fix the issue.


How do you program RCA Universal Remote Platinum Pro to LG TV?

You can program an RCA Universal Remote Platinum Pro to the LG TV with or without codes using the instructions above.

What should I do if the RCA remote is not programming with my LG TV?

If RCA remote is not programming with LG TV, contact customer support by visiting its official website. You can also call 1-877-252-6873 to speak to a RCA support agent for assistance.

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