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How to program RCA remote to TV

How to Program RCA Remote to LG Smart TV

RCA remote is a universal remote to control multiple devices, including TVs, DVDs, and other external devices. If you have an LG TV and the remote isn’t working or is damaged, you shall pair the RCA remote. You can use remote codes or auto-programming methods to program your RCA universal remote control to LG smart TV.

How to Auto Program RCA Remote to LG TV

[1] Turn on your LG TV in which you want to program the RCA universal remote control.

[2] Then, fetch your RCA remote and press and release the TV button once on the RCA Universal remote.

[3] After that, press the Power and TV button simultaneously.

press the Power and TV button simultaneously

[4] The Power (On/Off ) button will illuminate and turn off. It will glow again after a minute, and it stays on.

[5] Now, point the RCA universal remote control at your LG TV and release both the Power (On/Off) button and TV button simultaneously.

[6] Further, press and release the Play button once on the RCA Universal remote. Your LG TV will turn off and about 5 seconds.

Press Play key  to program RCA remote to LG TV

Note: If there’s no response, continue pressing the Play button until your LG TV turns off.

[7] Press the Reverse button, now your TV will turn on.

Press Reverse key to program RCA remote to LG TV

Note: If it doesn’t turn on, continue pressing the Reverse button until it turns on.

[8] Once your LG TV turns on, press the Stop button once.

Press the Stop key to program RCA remote to LG TV

Note: This method will save the programming settings, and you can use the RCA universal remote on your LG TV.

Programming RCA Remote to LG TV Via Direct Code Programming

Additionally, your RCA remote will come with a codebook containing various codes for different devices. You can surf the specific code for LG TV for programming.

[1] Go through the device section on the manual that includes with RCA universal remote.

[2] Find the LG TV brand and note the codes.

Tip! The RCA Universal Code for LG TV is 1005, 1082 and 1196

[3] Once noted, press the TV button on the RCA universal remote, and the light will glow.

[4] After that, enter the code for LG TV that you’ve noted previously holding the TV button.

[5] If the light still glows, you’ve entered the correct code. On the contrary, if it flashes 4 times, you must enter another code.

[6] Once you’ve entered the correct code, you can release the TV button.

[7] You have successfully paired the RCA universal remote to your LG TV. After programming, you can test functions like volume, menu, and channels to check the remote is working properly.

How to Fix RCA Remote Not Connecting to TV

If your RCA remote is not connecting to your LG TV, try to reset the remote control to fix the issue.

[1] Locate the battery dock at the back of your remote.

[2] Remove the batteries from the dock and press the number key 1 for a few seconds.

Press the number 1 key

[3] After that, release the number 1 key.

[4] Now, re-install the batteries back to the dock and press the On/Off button once.

[5] When it lights up, re-program the remote again and check if it’s pairing or not.

Tip! Besides resetting the RCA remote, you can also try updating, restarting, and resetting your LG TV to fix the issue.


How do I program my RCA remote to my LG DVD player?

Press and hold the Code Search button on the RCA remote control while pressing the VCR/DVD button. Then, you can follow the same Auto-programming method as mentioned above to program your RCA remote to the DVD player.

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