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How to Program LG DVD Remote to TV

How to Program LG DVD Remote to TV [Quick Guide]

LG is one of the leading electronic brands that have a more number of electronic devices, including DVD players. The LG DVD Players ship with a remote, which helps control the DVD player. If you are watching the content over a DVD player, you may need to change the remote of the TV and DVD player to control the different devices. Rather than using two different remotes, you can program the LG DVD player remote control to operate your TV.

How to Program LG DVD Remote to LG TV

It is pretty simple to program the LG DVD remote control with the following steps.

[1] First, you need to insert the batteries into your LG DVD player remote control.

  • For that, remove the back cover of the remote and insert the batteries into it and then cover it with the back cover.
Insert batteries to your remote

[2] Then, turn on LG TV without the remote or by pressing the Power button on the LG Magic remote.

[3] Next, find the remote code of your TV. You can find the remote code of the TV from the user guide of your LG DVD player.

[4] Now, press and hold down the TV Power button on the LG DVD remote, which is located in the top right corner of the remote.

Press and hold down the TV Power button

[5] While pressing the TV Power button, enter the relevant remote code of your TV in the number pad of the remote.

[6] After entering the code correctly, release the TV Power button.

[7] Now, aim the remote controller towards the TV and press the TV Power button to save the code and new remote.

[8] If your TV turns off, then you have successfully paired your remote to the TV.

[9] Finally, turn on the TV and use the other button to check if it is responding to your actions properly.

[10] If not, repeat the process with the new code until the button on the LG DVD player remote functions fully.

How to Program a Universal Remote to LG DVD using Code

If you own a universal remote controller, then you shall program it to control the LG DVD Player.

[1] Turn on your LG TV and ensure to turn on the DTA.

[2] Press and hold the PROG button on your remote until you see the LED light flash on your remote.

[3] Then, press the INFO button.

[4] Now, the LED light keeps blinking.

[5] Enter the remote code that applies to your device and press Enter.

[6] If the code is correct, the TV shows “Success.” If not, it will display the word “Sorry.” You can try entering another code.

4 Digits Code for LG DVD Player Remote Control



Can I program my LG DVD player remote to my LG TV?

Yes. Using the correct programming guide and the right remote codes, you can program the LG DVD player remote with your LG TV.

How to Find My LG Remote is Universal

If your LG contains the buttons like Set or Mode, then your remote belongs to the universal version.

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