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How to Program DirecTV Remote to LG Smart TV

If you have purchased a DirecTV Stream cable/satellite box, you will be provided with a DirecTV Universal/Genie remote. So, now you have two options to control your LG TV. You can either use a DirecTV remote or the LG Magic Remote. To control an LG TV using a DirecTV remote, you have to program it using the LG TV remote codes. Notably, you can control up to 4 devices with a DirecTV remote.

How to Program DirecTV Universal Remote to LG TV

If the LG Smart TV remote is not working, you can try these techniques to fix the issue or use a substitute. Initially, we recommend users reset the LG TV remote to make it work. If it doesn’t work, you can program the DirecTV universal remote either using the manual method or the on-screen pairing method.

Program DirecTV Universal remote to LG TV

Manual Method

In the manual method, you have to use the DirecTV remote alone to program it. Here, you don’t need the DirecTV box.

1. Power on your LG TV.

2. Set the slider to the TV Mode on your remote.

3. Now, long press the Mute and Select buttons simultaneously.

4. You can see the green light will blink twice. In some models of DirecTV remote, you will get the red light instead of the green light.

5. Now, enter the remote code that corresponds to the LG Smart TV.

6. After that, press any button and check if the remote is responding to the command. If not, repeat the same process with a different code.

7. Type 960 to save the remote code. The green light will flash twice, indicating that the remote code is saved.

8. Now, you can use the DirecTV remote to control your LG TV.

On-Screen Pairing Method

In this method, you need to use the DirecTV box to program the remote to the LG Smart TV. Before that, connect the DirecTV set-top box to your LG Smart TV.

1. Press the Menu button on your remote.

2. Click on Settings and select Help.

3. Choose Remote Control and select the Program Remote option.

4. Select the TV option and enter the remote code.

5. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the pairing.

6. With the correct remote code, the DirecTV remote will be paired with the LG TV.

How to Program DirecTV Genie Remote to LG TV

If you have the DirecTV Genie remote, the steps required to program the remote will vary. In the Genie remote, you won’t have the slider.

Program Genie remote to LG TV

Manual Method

In the manual method, you don’t have to enter any remote codes. The correct remote code will be automatically learned by doing some steps.

1. Press the Select and Mute buttons simultaneously on your remote control.

2. Your remote will flash the green light two times.

3. Now, enter the number 961.

4, Press the Channel Up button and press the Enter button.

5. A message will pop up on your TV saying that YOUR REMOTE IS NOT SETUP FOR RF. Click the OK button to close the pop-up.

6. Turn on your LG TV and press the Menu button.

7. Click on the Settings icon and select Remote Control.

8. Select Program Remote. Now, your LG will scan for nearby universal remotes.

9. When your Genie remote is detected, tap on it.

10. Then, follow the on-screen prompts to complete the pairing.

On-Screen Pairing Method

In the on-screen pairing method, you will use the IR setup process.

1. Keep the remote closer to your DirecTV receiver.

2. Press the Select and Enter buttons.

3. Do not release the buttons until the green light flashes twice.

4. You will see a message on your LG TV screen saying that APPLYING IF/RF SETUP.

5. Now, turn on your LG TV and press the Menu button on your remote.

6. After that, click on Settings.

7. Click on Remote Control and select Program Remote.

8. Select the TV option from the list of available devices.

9. Then, follow the on-screen programming instructions to complete the process.

How to Program DirecTV Remote to LG TV Using Code Lookup Tool

To program the DirecTV remote to your LG TV, you need to enter the correct remote code. Below are some of the remote codes that suit almost all the models of LG Smart TVs.


If none of the remote codes suit your LG TV model, you need to get remote codes from the DirecTV website.

1. Open a web browser on your PC or smartphone.

2. Go to the DirecTV remote code website (directv.com/DTVAPP/content/remote_codes)

3. Now, select your DirecTV remote model.

DirecTV remote control code lookup website

4. Choose Add New TV and select LG.

5. Here, you can enter your LG TV model number and get the specific remote code.

6. Otherwise, you can click the I don’t know my model number to get all the remote codes available for LG TVs.

Select an option to setup your LG TV

7. Click on More and you can see multiple model numbers of LG TVs.

Click on More and you can see multiple model numbers

7. From the list, choose the correct remote code.

Further, you can enter the remote code and initiate remote programming.

Why Can’t I Program DirecTV Remote to TV

There are various reasons why you can’t program DirecTV remote to the TV. However, such problems can be fixed by the proper diagnosing methods.

If the battery power is exhausted or on the edge of the drain, you won’t be able to program the remoteRecharge the remote or replace the battery
At times, piling of dust particles in the remote sensor, battery compartments, or internal parts might slow down the performanceWipe out the dust by cleaning every nook and corner
If the IR blaster is malfunctioning or stops working completely, it might be difficult to program the DirecTV remote efficientlyReplace the sensor to fix the issue
If the remote is incorrectly paired with the LG TV, you can’t program the remote completelyRe-pair the DirecTV remote with the LG TV and start programming
Using the wrong code while programming the remote, might be one of the reasons for not getting pairedIf you try to program the remote manually, ensure that the code is valid

You can even try resetting the remote to the factory settings, to program it with the LG from scratch. If the DirecTV remote doesn’t work after the reset, contact DirecTV Customer Support through email or chat for an appropriate solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to program the DirecTV remote without using a receiver?

No. The receiver is mandatory to program the DirecTV remote with the TV.

How to fix DirecTV remote volume not working on LG TV?

Program the DirecTV remote properly, turn off HDMI-CEC on the LG TV, and reset the DirecTV remote and set-top box to rectify the issue.

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