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Make LG TV Start On HDMI.

How to Make LG TV Start On HDMI [Easy Steps]

When you turn on your LG TV, you will always see the live TV or the Home screen, since it is a default setting. Luckily, you can make your LG TV start on HDMI instead of the home screen by tweaking settings on the Installation menu or Public Display menu. So, the selected HDMI will be the first thing to appear on the screen if the LG TV has been turned on.

How to Make LG TV Start on HDMI [Installation Menu]

If you have older LG TV models, you need to unlock Hotel Mode on the LG TV to make it start on HDMI.

1. Make sure that your LG TV is switched on and grab the LG TV remote.

2. Press and hold the Settings button for up to 5 seconds.

3. On the pop-up window, enter the code 1105 and hit the OK button.

4. Now you can see the list of Installation Menu, select the LG Hotel Mode Setup option.

Select the LG Hotel Mode Setup.

5. On the next window, enable the Hotel Mode Operation and select the Yes option on Power On Default.

Select the Power On Default to start on HDMI.

6. After that, select the HDMI Input that you want to set as default on LG TV and you are done.

Note: At any time, you can change the input on LG TV by pressing the Home button on the remote and clicking the Input icon on the TV screen.

How to Make LG TV Start on HDMI [Public Display]

1. Switch on your LG TV and launch the Home screen.

2. Using your LG TV remote, press and hold the Settings button.

3. Release the button once the screen shows the TV’s info menu.

4. Now enter 1105 using the remote and hit the OK button.

5. On the Public Display screen, select Power On Default and turn it on.

Power On Default and select HDMI.

6. Then find the Input option and choose the HDMI Input.

7. Once done, turn off and restart your LG TV after a few minutes.

Now the LG TV will start with a default input that you have chosen.

How to Set HDMI as Default Home Screen on LG TV

1. Turn on your LG Smart TV and grab your LG TV remote.

2. Press the Settings button aiming at the TV and click on All Settings.

Open All Settings.

3. Select the General option from the Settings menu.

4. After that, choose the System option and go to Additional Settings.

Open Additional Settings on LG TV.

5. Click on the Home Settings tab and disable Home Auto Launch & Home Promotion.

Disable Home Auto Launch & Home Promotion.

6. Now select the HDMI Input on your LG TV that you want to launch when you turn on your TV.


Why is HDMI not working on LG TV?

If the HDMI is not working on the LG TV, it means that the external port or the cable has been damaged or not plugged in correctly.

What are the codes to open the installation menu on LG TV?

1105, 0000, 0413, 7777, 8741, and 8878 are the codes that help you to open the installation menu on LG TV.

Why does my LG TV keep switching HDMI inputs?

Most LG OLED TVs have an Automatic Device Detection feature that will automatically switch to the input if a device is detected. You can disable Automatic Device Detection to avoid switching inputs.

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