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LG TV Developer Mode

How to Enable Developer Mode on LG Smart TV

Are you a webOS app developer? Then, you definitely want to check out the developer mode feature on your LG Smart TV. With the developer mode feature enabled on your LG TV, you can test the webOS apps. For that, you will be required to connect your PC and LG TV. Establishing the connection between your LG TV and PC is a hassled process. But we have come up with a simple guide that lets you enable developer mode on LG Smart TV.

How to Use Developer Mode on LG Smart TV

Since it is a huge process to use the developer mode on your LG TV, we have separated the process into three sections. They are:

  • Create an LG TV account
  • Install the Developer Mode App
  • Connect LG TV and PC


  • Need an LG TV account.
  • Install the Developer mode app from the LG Content Store.
  • Windows PC or laptop with an internet connection.
  • Third-party developer software like CLI or VS Code Extension.

Step 1 – Create an LG TV Account

1. Open a web browser and visit the official website of LG TV.

2. Enter all the required details and accept the terms & conditions.

Create LG TV Account

3. Click the Sign-Up button to create your new LG TV account.

Step 2 – Install Developer Mode App on LG Smart TV

1. From the home screen, go to the LG Content Store or Apps tile to launch it.

Install developer mode on LG TV

2. Use the Search Bar to enter and search for the Developer Mode app.

3. Pick the Developer Mode app from the search result.

4. Hit the Install button to get the app installed on your LG TV.

5. Once the Developer Mode app is installed, hit the Open button.

6. Enter your LG TV account details and sign in.

Enter login details to login to developer mode

7. Turn on the Dev Mode Status and enable the developer mode.

Turn on Developer mode on LG TV

Once you enable the developer mode on your LG TV, you need to connect to the key server to test your webOS apps. For that, we recommend you use webOS developing platforms like CLI or VS Code Extension.

Final Step – Connect LG TV and PC

To test the webOS TV apps on your LG TV, you need to connect to the Key Server on the Developer Mode app. For that, here are the two ways you can follow to do so:

Connect LG TV and PC using CLI

Command Line Interface shortly termed CLI is a text-based UI that will help you run programs; which in terms will help you to connect your PC with LG TV.

1. Open up the webOS TV CLI.

2. Then, execute and add the areas-setup device Command as follows:

Run areas setup devices command

3. Fill in the information about your TV in the given code below:

Turn on developer mode on LG TV

4. Check the status of the connection between your TV and CLI with the code: ares-setup device –list.

5. On the Developer Mode app on your TV turn on the Key Server.

6. You need to get the key file from your WebOS TV which you can obtain using the following command on your PC: ares-novacam –device tv2 –getkey.

7. A command prompt will appear on your PC to enter the Passphrase. From there, enter the code you see on the developer mode app.

8. Use the code: ares-device-info –device tv2 to establish a successful connection between your PC and LG TV.

9. Once a successful connection is established, your TV’s information will get displayed on your PC’s screen.

Connect LG TV and PC using VS Code Extension

VS code extensions let you run the programs that will help you to test webOS apps on your LG TV.

1. Run the VS Code and install the WebOS TV Extension.

Here’s the step-by-step guide to installing the WebOS TV extension.

  • To install the VS Code Extension, go to File > Preferences > Settings.
  • From Settings, go to Extensions > webOS TV.
  • Now, you need to set up the Chrome Browser executable to debug apps on webOS TV. You can use the code “C:\webOS_TV_SKIDE\Chromium\Chrome.exe>.”
  • Optionally, you can enter the host IP Address if you want to skip inputting the host IP address while you run the webOS TV.

2. Open the Command Palette by pressing the Ctrl+Shift+ P keys.

3. Choose the webOS TV: Set Up Device option.

Choose Add Device

4. Hit Add Device and input the required information to add your webOS TV.

Add WebOS TV

5. Turn on the Key Server option on the Developer Mode app.

Turn on Key Server

6. Go to the Command Palette on the VS Code and select your paired device.

7. Right-click on the paired device and choose the Set up SSH Key option.

Set Up SSH Key

8. Enter the Passphrase that you see on the Developer Mode app on VS Code.

9. With this, you have successfully connected your LG TV to your PC.

After that, you can install and test the webOS TV apps on your LG TV using the respective developing software.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to enter any User ID to log in to the developer mode app on LG TV?

Yes, you need to register and use your LG TV account to log in to the Developer Mode app.

2. Is it free to test webOS TV apps on your LG TV?

Yes, it is free to test apps on your LG TV by installing the Developer Mode app.

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