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How to Connect Wii to LG Smart TV

Have you ever imagined playing Wii on an LG Smart TV? By connecting Wii to LG Smart TV you will get a chance to play games like Mario Kart, New Super Mario Bros, and more on a wider screen. You can connect Wii to your LG Smart TV in different methods which are explained in brief with corresponding pictures.

How to Connect Wii Console to LG Smart TV Using RGB Cables

Connect Wii to LG TV through RGB

RGB is the default TV connection cable of the Nintendo Wii Console. This connects the Nintendo console at one end and the RCA TV inputs at the other end. The RGB cables consist of three cables. The Red and White cables are for audio, and the Yello cable is for video.

After connecting, press the TV/Video button on your LG TV remote. You can see the screen of the Wii console on your LG TV. If you cannot find the screen, press the Input Select, EXT, AUX, or AV buttons.

Using SCART Cable


You can use the SCART connector to Wii if you have limited ports on your LG TV. This connector supports splitters and switched hubs, and it is easily extendable. You can have multiple connections with this SCART connector. Connect the three cables (red, white, and yellow) to the relevant ports on the SCART connector. Once connected, plug in the connector to the back of your TV. Switch the input on the LG TV to the SCART connector and view it on your TV.

How to Connect Wii Console to LG Smart TV Using VGA Cable

Connect Wii to LG TV through VGA

You can connect a Nintendo Wii to your LG TV using a VGA cable. It is the simplest compared to other processes. All you have to do is connect the VGA cable to the VGA port on your LG TV and connect the other end to the Wii’s port. Turn on your LG TV and set your input to the VGA port. You’re done. Now, you can play Nintendo games on your LG TV.

Using Component Cables


A component input is a video signal split into two or more component channels. There is a component port available at the back of your TV. This cable contains two audio cables and three video cables. Connect one end of the cable to your LG TV and the other end to your Nintendo Wii console. Now, you can see the screen of your Wii console on your LG TV. Start playing the games instantly after establishing the connection.

How to Set Up Wii on LG Smart TV Using HDMI Cables


Your LG TV has three HDMI ports. Some LG TV models have four HDMI ports. You have to buy a Wii to HDMI adapter to connect the Wii console to your LG TV through HDMI. Connect your Wii to the HDMI adapter and connect the other end to the HDMI port on your LG TV. Select the Input as this HDMI and start using it.

Note: If you can’t change the input with the LG TV remote, use the LG ThinQ app as a substitute remote.


Connect Wii to older LG TVs through S-Video cable.

Using the S-Video cable, you can connect the Wii console to your older LG TVs. Unfortunately S-Video port is unavailable on newer model LG TVs. Connect one end of this cable to your old LG TV and the other end to the Wii Console. Turn on both devices. On your TV, change the input source to S-Video and start playing the games.

These are the six different ways to connect the Wii console to your LG TV. Use any one of the methods that suit your preference. Nowadays, the Wii console is not getting any new games. If you want to play the latest games, you have to buy a gaming console like Xbox and connect it to your LG Smart TV.

Note: Alternatively, you can enjoy playing games via cloud gaming service by installing GeForce NOW on LG TV.

Is It Possible to Connect Wii to LG TV Wireless?

If you aren’t comfortable with using cables, you can try to pair Wii to your LG Smart TV using Bluetooth. By enabling Bluetooth on your LG Smart TV, you can easily connect with the Wii game controller. Moreover, you can even connect the Wii Nunchuck controller to the TV using Bluetooth.

What to do if Wii Stops Working on LG Smart TV

If your Nintendo Wii stops working unexpectedly, you can try the below troubleshooting methods to fix the issue.

1. Check whether cables are connected properly to the LG TV.

2. Ensure Wii receives an ample amount of power supply. If it is exceeded, it can damage the internal parts.

3. If you are connected to Bluetooth, ensure the connection is unpaired.

4. Reset the AC Adapter if the Wii keeps turning off.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to connect Wii to LG Smart TV without using HDMI?

If you have an RCA to SCART Converter, you can easily connect Wii to your LG TV without the need for HDMI.

Is it possible to connect Wii to LG TV using Component cables?

Yes. You can link Wii to your LG Smart TV using Component cables.

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