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How to Connect Roku to LG TV

How to Connect Roku to LG TV

Not knowing how to connect a Roku device to an LG TV? This guide will assist you by explaining the methods to connect it. Roku lets you access both paid and free movies, TV shows, and more. By connecting Roku to LG TV, you can access apps on LG TV that are unavailable in the LG Content Store.

Roku Streaming Stick and Ultra have different procedures to set up, which we have covered in detail. If you connect Roku to LG TV, you can add streaming channels and watch Roku Originals. You can even get ESPN+ on LG TV by directly installing the ESPN app from the Roku Channel Store.

How to Connect Roku to LG TV

Based on your needs, follow the instructions to set up and use Roku on LG TV.

  • Connect Roku Streaming Stick to LG TV
  • Connect Roku Ultra to LG TV

How to Connect a Roku Streaming Stick to LG TV

A streaming Stick, USB cable, remote with battery, and user manual will be provided on the purchase of a Roku. Using these things, you can easily set it up.

1. Plug the Roku Streaming Stick into the HDMI port on the back of your LG TV.

Insert the Roku Streaming Stick into LG TV HDMI

2. Connect the USB cable to the Roku Streaming Stick.

3. Connect it to the power adapter in the power socket.

4. Now, open the Roku remote and put the batteries in.

5. Turn on your LG TV and tap the Input button on the LG TV remote.

6. Change the LG TV Input to the HDMI port to which the Roku device is connected.

7. Once done, your TV screen will show Roku Enhanced Remote Pairing, which denotes that the Roku remote is automatically paired.

8. Pick your preferred Language Setting.

9. Roku begins to scan for the nearby WiFi networks. Select your WiFi and enter your password.

10. Click Connect to complete the process.

Click Connect to connect Roku to WiFi

11. After connecting to WiFi, Roku will start to install the available updates. Wait till the completion of the pending updates.

12. The Display option will appear on the TV screen. Set configurations based on your preference.

13. Provide your Email address and follow the onscreen prompts to activate your Roku account.

That’s it. You can add channels on Roku and start accessing it on your LG TV.

How to Connect Roku Ultra to LG TV

Roku Ultra is different from the Roku Streaming Stick. It comes with a HDMI cable, Remote, power cord, and a Roku box. Roku Ultra supports high-quality streaming such as 4K, and HDR, including Dolby Atmos on LG TV.

1. Plug one end of the HDMI cable into the Roku box and the other end into the LG TV HDMI port.

Plug one end of the HDMI cable into the Roku box

2. Insert the Roku power adapter and connect it to Roku’s power port.

3. Switch on the power after plugging it in. Add the batteries to the Roku remote.

4. Turn on the LG TV and change the Input to which Roku is connected.

5. Select your preferred Language Setting.

6. If you have connected your LG TV to the internet via ethernet, select the Wired option. Otherwise, choose the Wireless option and select your WiFi Network. Further, proceed by entering the password to connect it.

7. Now, configure your Display Settings and activate your Roku account to complete the setup process.

The channels you have added to Roku will appear on the home screen. Launch the desired streaming channel to watch it on your LG TV.

How to Connect Roku to LG TV Without HDMI

You can use an RCA to HDMI converter or a 2018 Roku Express to connect Roku to a TV without HDMI.

Using RCA to HDMI Converter

1. Insert the Roku Device cable into the Converter’s HDMI port.

Converter Box

2. Connect one end of the RCA cable to the Converter and the other end to the corresponding ports on your TV.

3. Connect the Roku Device to a power source and turn on your LG TV.

4. If the setup is correctly done, you can access Roku on your LG TV. Select the screen source from the TV/AV option using the Roku remote.

Using the 2018 Roku Express

2018 Roku Express

2018 Roku Express comes with composite cables.

1. Insert the composite cables into the respective ports available on your TV.

2. Now, connect the Roku Express device to the power source.

3. Switch on your LG TV and navigate to Input Settings.

4. Pick TV/AV and Roku will appear on your TV screen.

5. Complete the setup and start watching Roku on LG TV.

Roku Not Working on LG TV [Quick Fix]

Even though you have connected Roku to LG TV properly, at times, the device may be dysfunctional. Most likely, it happens due to loose cabling, unstable internet, etc. We recommend users check our comprehensive guide on Roku not working on LG TV to learn the workarounds and fix the issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I control a Roku-connected LG TV using a smartphone?

Yes. You can use The Roku App on your Android or iPhone to control a Roku-connected LG TV.

Can you control Roku with an LG TV remote?

Yes. You can control Roku with an LG TV remote as long as it is connected to your LG TV.

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