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Connect Polk Soundbar to LG TV.

How to Connect Polk Soundbar to LG Smart TV

Since LG TVs are compatible with many soundbars including Polk Soundbar, you can easily connect it to your TV and enjoy the Dolby Digital and DTS sounds in your living room. Polk Soundbar can be connected to all LG TV models using the HDMI/optical cable. Additionally, you can use Bluetooth to pair Polk Soundbar with your LG TV.

The best thing about Polk Soundbar is that it has different sound modes such as Movie, Music, and Sports which ensures the best audio experience. Before pairing with LG TV, ensure no devices are connected to your Polk Soundbar.

How to Connect Polk Soundbar to LG TV Using HDMI or Optical Cable

1. Get the HDMI or Optical cable and connect one end to Soundbar’s HDMI IN port, and the other end to LG TV’s HDMI ARC or eARC OUT port.

Polk Soundbar's HDMI IN Port.

2. Turn on your LG TV with or without a remote and press the Home button to launch the home screen.

3. Click the Settings icon at the top right corner and click on it.

4. Select the All Settings option and click the Sound tab.

5. Choose the Sound Out option and select HDMI ARC/Optical.

Select HDMI ARC or Optical to connect Polk Soundbar.

That’s it. You can now listen to the LG TV audio using Polk Soundbar.

How to Connect Polk Soundbar to LG TV Using Bluetooth

Polk Soundbar can be connected wirelessly using Bluetooth. But the procedure will differ based on the WebOS in your LG TV.

For WebOS 3.5 or Older Models

1. Enable the Bluetooth Mode on your Polk Soundbar using the remote or button on the soundbar.

2. Switch on your LG TV and press the Home button on your Magic Remote.

3. Click the Settings icon on the screen and select Sound.

4. From the Sound menu, select the Sound Out option.

5. Select the LG Sound Sync / Bluetooth option to turn on Bluetooth on LG TV.

6. Hit the Device Selection button to search for the Polk soundbar.

Click on the Device Selection button.

7. Select your Polk Soundbar name to connect it to your LG TV.

8. Now you can listen to the Audio on the Polk soundbar while playing something on LG TV.

For the Latest WebOS Models

1. Turn on and enable the Pairing Mode on your Polk Soundbar.

2. Now switch on your LG TV and go to Settings > All Settings.

3. Select the Sound Out option and choose Use Wireless Speaker.

Use Wireless Speaker to connect Polk Soundbar to LG TV.

4. Select the Polk Soundbar name from the list of available devices.

5. Once paired, go back to the Sound Out option.

6. Then click on the Bluetooth Device tab to set Bluetooth as the audio output on your LG TV.

How to Connect Polk Soundbar to WiFi

As soon as the soundbar is connected to a power source, the indicator light will start to blink repeatedly and then glows slowly. Press the WiFi setup button and you will hear a second tone.

Later, install the Polk Omni app on your Android (Play Store) or iOS (App Store). After installing the app, open the app on your phone and follow the on-screen guidelines to set up a WiFi network for your Polk Soundbar.

How to Fix Polk Soundbar Not Connecting Issue on LG TV

Because of some technical faults, you may endure issues like no sound, low-quality sound, and no connecting issues on Polk Soundbar. There are some workarounds to fix the issue in no time.

  • Connect your LG TV and Polk Soundbar to the exact IN and OUT ports.
  • Make sure that you are using high-quality HDMI or Optical cable. (AUX Cables are unsupported on LG TV)
  • Activate the correct input source you’ve connected Polk Soundbar on your LG TV.
  • Sometimes, the issue may be with selected content. Play a different media file to check if it works.
  • Delete the Polk Soundbar device on your LG TV and reconnect it.
  • Ensure the volume is on the proper level on your Polk Soundbar.
  • Reset Polk Soundbar and restart your LG TV to get rid of unknown errors.
  • If the WebOS is outdated, updated the firmware on your LG TV.
  • Reset your LG TV to its factory settings and re-register your Polk Soundbar.


1. Does all Polk Soundbars is compatible with LG TVs?

Yes, LG TV supports all Polk Soundbar models. So, you can connect any soundbar using an HDMI cable or Bluetooth.

2. How to get 7.1 surround sound on Polk Soundbar when connected to LG TV?

HDMI connection can only support 5.1 surround audio. Therefore, you need to pair Polk Soundbar to LG TV using Bluetooth to get 7.1 surround audio quality.

3. How do I know if Polk Soundbar is in pairing mode?

Polk Soundbar will indicate pairing mode through the flashing Blue light.

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