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How to Connect LG Smart TV to WiFi Without Remote

It is essential to connect your LG TV to WiFi to access the installed apps or control the TV with voice commands. The process is straightforward if you have an LG TV remote with you. What if your LG TV remote stops working? Don’t panic. You can follow these useful techniques to connect an LG TV to WiFi without a remote.

How to Connect LG Smart TV to WiFi Without Remote

Here are the possible methods to connect your LG TV to WiFi without using a physical remote.

  • Using a Mouse
  • Using the Remote App
  • With a WPS Button
  • Using Gaming controller

Use a USB Mouse

By connecting a USB mouse to your LG Smart TV, you can easily connect your TV to a WiFi network. The USB mouse is compatible with the LG TVs from 2012 and above models. For older LG TV models, you can skip this method.

1. Press the physical Power button on the LG TV.

2. Now, connect the USB-powered mouse to the USB port of your LG Smart TV.

3. Once the mouse is detected, you will get a notification pop-up on the top right of the screen.

How to Connect LG TV to Wifi Without Remote

4. Go to the home screen of your LG TV.

5. From there, click on Input and select Live TV.

6. Next, choose Recommended from the right side of the screen.

7. You will receive a message that the Network is Disconnected.

8. Click on Yes and go to the Network Settings tab. You can also go to the Network Settings tab from the Quick Settings menu.

9. From the Network Settings page, click on WiFi Connection.

10. Now, your LG Smart TV will scan for available WiFi networks.

11. Choose the name of your WiFi connection.

12. Enter the password and connect it to a WiFi network.

Enter WiFi password

11. After a few seconds, your LG TV will be connected to the internet.

Note: If your LG TV cannot connect to WiFi, you can check our guide to learn the troubleshooting methods and fix the issue.

Use a Remote App

If you have a smartphone, you can connect your LG TV to WiFi using the remote app. If the remote app works only on the internet, it should be paired with the LG TV. Hence, it is impossible for the app to connect the device to WiFi.

Therefore, you should use any of the remote apps for LG TV that work by emitting infrared signals from your smartphone.

1. Install the remote app on your smartphone from the Play Store or App Store.

2. Open the remote app. Aim your smartphone to the LG TV sensor and start using the remote control.

Go to Settings > All Settings > General > Network > Internet Connection > Wired/WiFi Connection > Select WiFi > Enter Password to connect.

With this, you can connect your LG TV to a wireless connection.

Can You Use the LG ThinQ App to Connect LG TV to WiFi

No. You can’t use the LG ThinQ app to connect your LG Smart TV to WiFi. This is because the app only works by connecting TV and phone to the same WiFi network. Hence, it is impossible to use the LG ThinQ app without WiFi. Once the internet connection is established using a mouse on an LG TV, you can use the LG ThinQ app to control your TV.

Using the WPS Button on the Router

If your WiFi router comes with the WPS button, you can connect your LG TV effortlessly to the internet. Also, we suggest you check the Network menu of the router to confirm the availability.

1. Ensure the router and LG TV are closer to each other.

2. Head to Settings on the TV and choose Network.

3. Under that, select Wi-Fi Connection and click WPS.

4. Now, you need to press the WPS button on the router to connect.

5. Once the connection gets established, select OK.

Use a Game Controller

Another alternative way to get WiFi access on your LG TV is by using game controllers. Specific compatible game controllers in PlayStation, Nvidia, and Xbox, let you access the device seamlessly. By connecting the controller to an LG TV using a USB cable, you can easily connect it to WiFi without complications.

You can’t be able to connect the controller to LG TV via USB if it is manufactured in 2018 or earlier. To connect a Bluetooth controller, you must have an LG TV of 2021 and later model.

How to Connect LG TV to WiFi With Universal Remote

You can even use Universal Remote for LG TV to get it connected to the WiFi. Most Universal remotes come with IR blasters, hence you can simply program it with your LG Smart TV to start using it. Most universal remotes are cost-efficient, and have more features compared to branded remotes. You can follow the above steps to connect your LG TV to WiFi using a Universal remote.

LG TV universal remote

How to Connect LG TV to Internet Without WiFi

If the WiFi router is far from the TV, it is better to connect your LG TV to a wired internet connection. For this purpose, you should use an ethernet cable for your LG Smart TV. Connect one end of the ethernet cable to the LAN port of the LG TV and the other end to the router. Now, your LG TV will detect the wired network connection automatically. If it is not happening, unplug the ethernet cable and plug it in again to the LG TV.

Ethernet connection on LG Smart TV

Permanent Solution

Using the ethernet cable or mouse to connect to WiFi is a temporary fix. You can’t use the mouse or the remote app to control the LG TV every time. You need to have the kit remote. If you have any performance issues with the remote or any specific key is not working, reset the LG TV remote. If the remote has any physical damage, you have to buy a new remote from the LG website or any retail store.


How to use LG TV without a remote and no WiFi?

If you don’t have an LG TV remote and are not connected to WiFi, you can use the remote apps with an IR blaster to control the TV.

How to connect LG TV to WiFi with a remote?

Press the Settings button on the LG TV remote. Click All Settings > General > Network > Internet Connection > Wired/WiFi Connection > Select WiFi > Enter Password to connect.

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