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Connect LG TV to Internet With Ethernet Cable

How to Connect LG TV to Internet With Ethernet Cable

You can browse enormous content online on your LG Smart TV if connected to the Internet. If LG TV is not connecting to WiFi, you can connect your TV to the Internet with an Ethernet cable for a better experience. This is because the WiFi connections might cause streaming issues due to interferences by other electrical devices. You won’t face such problems on Ethernet cable as you directly connect the router to your LG TV.

How to Connect LG TV to Internet With Ethernet Cable

Connect one end of the Ethernet cable to your LG TV port and the other end to the modem or WiFi router.

1. Switch on your LG Smart TV without a remote or with a remote.

2. Press the Settings button with a gear-shaped icon on your remote.

3. Select the Network option.

4. Click Wired Connection (Ethernet) from the options shown.

Click Wired Connection (Ethernet)

5. Now, LG TV will automatically connect to the provided wired connection.

Note: If LG TV remote is not working, you can use the LG ThinQ app as a virtual remote to modify Network settings.

Advantages of Connecting Internet to LG TV Using Ethernet Cable

Rapid Connection: Using Ethernet will definitely offer a faster connection on LG TVS because it is connected directly.

Reduces Latency: There will be no latency since the data is transmitted to LG TV via direct cable. You can search content seamlessly on LG TV without any delay.

Highly Reliable: Ethernet is more reliable and secure than WiFi, as it is not obstructed by any other devices or physical objects.

How to Fix LG TV Not Connecting to the Internet via Ethernet Cable

If the LG TV wired connection keeps disconnecting, it will display as Cable Connection Failed or Internet Access Failed. Don’t panic. You can try the below-mentioned fixes to resolve the internet connectivity issues.

1. Connect the Ethernet cable to the exact port on your LG TV.

2. Check if the Ethernet cable has any damage. Change the cable if necessary.

3. Remove the Ethernet cable from your TV and router. Re-connect it properly.

4. Reset the router/modem if the cable is in good condition.

5. An outdated device also causes connectivity issues. So, update your LG TV to its latest version.

6. Change the DNS setting on LG TV. Go to Settings > Advanced Settings > Edit > Uncheck Set Automatically > Click DNS Server > Key in >Tap Connect. Now you can test the wired connection by opening YouTube on LG TV.

7. You can also try restarting the LG TV to fix any internet-related issues.

Tip: If the Ethernet cable is faulty, it is better to connect your LG Smart TV to WiFi as an option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does LG TV have an Ethernet port?

Yes, LG TV has an Ethernet port. You can use it to connect your TV to the Internet via a wired connection.

Which is better, Ethernet or WiFi?

Though connecting TV to WiFi is much easier, Ethernet is better because it provides a faster and more secure connection.

Why there is no Internet when my LG TV is connected with Ethernet?

It may be due to loose cable connections. Disconnect the Ethernet cable and reconnect it to your LG TV to fix it.

How to connect Ethernet cable to TV without Ethernet port?

You can use a USB to Ethernet Adapter to connect your LG TV to a wired connection if it doesn’t have an Ethernet port.

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