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How to Connect External Speakers to LG TV

How to Connect External Speakers to LG TV

Some people may love to watch movies or listen to music at higher volumes. Though all the latest LG TVs have in-built Dolby Atmos support, connecting a speaker to your LG Smart TV elevates the experience to a whole new level. You can also connect and use the speakers in cases when there is no sound on LG Smart TV. Connect external speakers to your LG TV to get an immersive cinematic experience at your home.

4 Different Ways to Connect External Speakers to LG TV

Here are the ways to connect external speakers to your LG TV.

Analog Audio Output

Analog Audio Output

Usually, on older model LG TVs, you can find the Analog, RCA, and Aux (3.5 mm). So, if you own an older tv model and purchasing any external audio system, make sure to check whether it has analog audio outputs, or else you will not be able to connect it to your LG TV.

Moreover, you cannot plug the external speakers directly into the RCA outputs, whereas you need an amplifier or a home theater receiver. Here are the steps to connect the external speakers to the LG TV using Analog Audio Output.

[1] First, you need to connect one end of your RCA cable to the Analog Audio output of the LG TV.

[2] Connect the other end of the cable to the analog audio inputs of your soundbar, home theater receiver, stereo receiver, or powered speakers.

[3] Turn On your LG TV and use the manual to set up the LG TV Audio settings.

[4]  Select Audio Out and choose the input on your audio device that is connected to the LG TV to hear the sound.

[5] If your audio device has any sound enhancement settings, such as DTS Neo:6 or Dolby Prologic 11, you can enable them to get the best sound experience.

Note: RCA Connection and LG TV Aux input are not available in LG TV new models.


Use Bluetooth to Connect External Speakers to LG TV

With LG Sound Sync, you can connect the Soundbars, Bluetooth headset audio devices, and other sound systems wirelessly to your LG TV. This does not require any cable, and unfortunately, all model LG TV does not have this feature. It is only available on selected LG TVs and LG Bluetooth-compatible audio devices.

[1] You need to switch on your LG TV and the audio system.

[2] Then, go to the Settings on your LG TV and navigate to the Sound menu.

[3] Hit the option Sound Out and tap LG Sound Sync Bluetooth.

[4] Click Detect and choose your LG TV device to turn On Bluetooth on LG Smart TV.

[3] Once paired, play any song and listen to it on the speaker.

Similarly, you can use the above steps to connect the external Bluetooth headphone to LG TV.

Digital Optical Audio Outputs

Digital Optical Audio Outputs

Since you cannot connect the RCA directly to the new LG TV models, you need to rely on digital optical audio outputs or HDMI (ARC) ports for the best sound quality. Instead of using the standard coaxial plug, use the square and transparent optical plugs.

[1] Connect one end of the digital optical cable to the LG TV optical digital audio output.

[2] And the other end of the cable has to be connected to the digital optical audio inputs of your soundbar, home theater receiver, stereo receiver, or powered speakers.

[3] Use the manual guide to set up the LG TV audio settings and choose Audio Out.

[4] Now, enable SIMPLINK to play audio through Optical and select the Digital Optical Audio Outputs as the source.

[5] If the external audio system is not working, go to LG TV audio settings and select the PCM option, as this happens with a few devices that are incompatible with DTC or Dolby Digital.


Use HDMI (ARC) to Connect External Speakers to LG TV

HDMI (ARC) is the best option for connecting external speakers as it provides higher-quality audio-video signals. This is sometimes similar to Optical, but the thing is, it uses a different cable. Before getting into the steps, make sure both the devices are ARC compatible, and the HDMI format is activated.

Tips: If your LG TV has an HDMI ARC label, it means that it functions with both input and output.

[1] Connect one end of the HDMI wire to the TV’s HDMI (ARC) port and the other end to the speaker. 

[2] Follow the necessary steps to set up your LG TV’s audio settings and select Audio Out.

[3] Then, enable the SIMPLINK and select the HDMI output as the source.


Why are my external speakers not working on my LG TV?

If the external speakers are not working, refer to the fixes below.
1. Check if the external sound system is switched on
2. Check the audio connector is secure at both the TV and the external sound system.
3. Check the external sound system is set to the correct volume and not muted, or see if the external sound system is switched to the correct input

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