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Connect Bose soundbar to LG TV.

How to Connect Bose Soundbar to LG Smart TV

Would you want to connect your Bose soundbar to LG TV? We are here to assist you. You can either use Bluetooth, HDMI, or an optical cable to connect any soundbar to LG TV with ease. If you wish to experience Dolby Atmos on an LG TV, you should connect the soundbar to the HDMI eARC port. Before you begin, unpair Bose soundbar from other devices if it has been paired.

How to Connect Bose Soundbar Via Bluetooth

1. Press and hold the Bluetooth button on your Bose soundbar/remote.

2. Enter the pairing mode by following the indication on your Soundbar.

3. Switch on your LG TV without a remote and click the Settings icon.

Open LG TV Settings.

4. Navigate to the Advanced Settings and select the Sound tab.

5. Select the Sound Out option and choose LG Sound Sync/Bluetooth to turn on Bluetooth on LG TV.

Sound sync the Bose Soundbar to LG TV.

6. Click on the Detect button and find the Bose Soundbar from the list of available devices.

7. Now play something on your LG TV and you can hear audio on your Bose soundbar.

Note: LG Smart TVs with WebOS 3.5 or Older only support the LG Wireless Sound Sync feature.

How to Connect Bose Soundbar to LG TV Using HDMI or Optical Cable

If you don’t have Bluetooth on your Bose soundbar or LG TV, you can connect Bose soundbar to your LG TV using these steps.

1. Turn off your Bose Soundbar and LG TV and grab the HDMI/Optical cable.

2. Connect one end with the Bose Soundbar’s Audio Out port and the other end with LG TV’s HDMI ARC Port.

3. Switch on your LG TV and press the Home button on your remote.

4. Locate the Settings icon at the top right corner and click on it.

5. From the Quick Settings menu choose All Settings.

6. Now select the Sound tab and click on the Sound Out option.

7. Now choose HDMI ARC/Optical and your setup is completed.

Select HDMI ARC or Optical to connect Bose soundbar.

How to Fix Bose Soundbar Not Connecting With LG TV

If you have issues like no sound/signal, Bluetooth not working on LG TV or low-quality audio, you can fix them by following these troubleshooting methods.

  • Make sure you’ve connected LG TV and Bose Soundbar properly.
  • Select the Correct Input source on your LG TV.
  • Change the content you are playing and try a different one.
  • Reset your Bose Soundbar and try again.
  • Change the HDMI cable you are using if it has been damaged.
  • Check the Volume level on Bose soundbar.
  • Unplug the Bose soundbar and restart your LG TV.
  • Update your LG TV Firmware to the latest version to fix errors.
  • Reset your LG TV to its initial settings.


How to connect Bose soundbar with LG TV wireless?

If you have a Bose soundbar with built-in Bluetooth technology, you can connect it through Bluetooth wirelessly.

Can I connect Bose soundbar with all LG TV models?

Yes, all LG TV models support Bose soundbar.

How to pair Bluetooth Bose Soundbar with Older LG TVs?

On your LG TV, Go to SettingsAll SettingsSound OutBluetooth Device Bose Soundbar.

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