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how to clear netflix cache on lg smart tv

How to Clear Netflix Cache on LG Smart TV

One of the major reasons why Netflix isn’t working on your LG Smart TV is the cache issue. A high accumulation of cache on LG Smart TV can really disrupt the function of the applications. Fortunately, LG TV’s webOS offer the feature to clear the individual app cache. Apart from the traditional method, there are other possible ways to clear the Netflix app cache on LG Smart TV.

Reasons to Clear Cache on LG Smart TV

It is quintessential to clear the cache on LG Smart TV if you encounter the following problems while using the Netflix app.

  • Netflix keeps buffering on LG Smart TV
  • If the Netflix app becomes unresponsive
  • When Netflix shows black screen with no sound
  • If Netflix keeps pausing the content
  • When the home screen of Netflix is not appearing
  • If Netflix is frozen or stuck on the loading screen on LG TV

How to Clear Netflix Cache on LG TV

You can clear the Netflix Cache on your LG Smart TV by following any of these methods.

Use Settings on LG Smart TV to Clear Netflix Cache

1. First, turn on your LG Smart TV.

2. Press the Home button on the remote and navigate to Settings.

3. Select System Settings from the options.

4. Next, open the Application Manager, which shows the apps installed on your TV.

5. Select Netflix and choose Clear Cache.

6. The app cache will be removed temporarily.

Note: Using the same steps, you can clear the YouTube cache on LG Smart TV.

Restart Netflix to Clear Cache

Restarting the Netflix app clears temporary data, such as cache, and resolves minor issues.

1. On Netflix’s home screen, navigate to the left and select Menu.

2. Head to the right at the bottom and choose Get Help.

3. From the options, choose Sign Out.

4. Log in back to Netflix and start using it.

Soft Reset LG Smart TV to Clear Netflix Cache

One of the easiest ways to clear the Netflix app cache on an LG Smart TV is by soft resetting. The advantage of performing the soft reset is that it doesn’t delete the data permanently, but clears out the temporary cache and fixes minor bugs.

1. Press and hold the Power button on the LG TV for a few seconds.

2. When the TV turns off, disconnect the Power cable from the power socket.

Disconnect LG TV Power cable from the socket

3. Hold on for a minute and connect the cable back to the TV.

4. Press the physical Power button to turn on your LG TV without remote.

Uninstall and Reinstall Netflix to Clear Cache

Uninstalling and reinstalling the Netflix app is one of the possible ways to remove the cache from your TV.

1. Press the Home button on the remote.

2. Select Edit Apps List on the home screen.

3. Now, select the Netflix app and you can see multiple edit options.

Clear Netflix cache on LG TV by uninstalling the app

4. Choose Trash to delete the app on your LG TV.

5. Again, reinstall the Netflix app on LG TV and start using the app.

Clear Netflix Cache on LG Smart TV Browser

If you are watching Netflix using the web browser of LG TV, you can simply clear the browsing data to delete the cache.

1. Open the browser on your LG Smart TV and click Menu (three-dot icon).

2. Select Settings from the given options.

Select Settings on the LG TV browser

3. Go to the Clear Browsing Data section.

4. Click Clear All Browsing Data to delete the cache, browsing history and cookies.

Select Clear All Browsing Data to clear Netflix cache on the LG TV

5. If you click Clear Cookies, you will be signed out from the website.

Reset LG Smart TV to Clear Netflix Cache

After trying all the possible methods, if you find the Netflix app still not working, you can try resetting the LG TV. Keep in mind, that it will delete all data.

1. Press the Settings button on the LG TV remote.

2. From the pop-up, select All Settings.

Select All Settings

3. Go to General and select System.

Select System

4. Under System, choose Reset to Initial Settings.

Select Reset to inital settings to clear Netflix cache on LG TV

5. For confirmation, click OK.

Choose OK to reset LG TV

What Happens When You Clear Cache on Netflix

Clearing the app cache removes the data from your Smart TV, such as searched content on the app, and login credentials. As it logs you out of Netflix on LG TV, you need to sign in to your account again to access the app.


Can you Chromecast Netflix on LG Smart TV?

Yes, you can Chromecast Netflix on LG Smart TV, as the app has a Chromecast built-in feature.

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