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How to Clear Hulu Cache on LG Smart TV

Do you experience any streaming issues on Hulu? Like extended loading time, buffering, and app crashes. This is due to an uncleared cache on LG Smart TV which might affect the Hulu app’s performance. It is recommended to clear the cache on LG Smart TV which would help to boost the loading speed and release some storage space for Hulu to run without any flaws.

How to Clear Hulu Cache on LG Smart TV

Just like installing apps on LG Smart TV, you can easily clear the Hulu app cache in less than a minute. Here are the possible ways to delete the Hulu cache on LG TV.

Turn off the LG TV

By turning off your LG TV, you can easily wipe out the cache from your TV’s internal storage.

1. Grab your LG Magic Remote.

2. Press the Power key on the remote to turn off your LG TV.

How to clear Hulu cache on LG Smart TV - Click Power button

3. Now, turn on your LG TV and the cache data will be erased.

Tip: If LG TV remote is not working, unplug the TV cord from the wall socket to turn it off. Then turn on your LG TV by pressing the physical power button.

Close the Recent Apps

Closing the recent tabs running in the background will also clear the cache as well as storage memory.

1. Click the X ( close ) button on the upper right corner of the screen.

2. You can select the Hulu app in the Recent Apps area.

3. Click on the X icon that appears at the top of the app to close the Hulu app from the recent apps.

Clear Hulu Cache Using LG TV Settings

You can straight away visit the LG TV settings to clear the cache of all installed applications including Hulu.

1. Click the Home button on your LG TV remote.

How to clear Hulu cache on LG Smart TV - Click Home button

2. Open Settings and click the System Settings option.

3. Open the Application Manager to view all the installed apps on your LG TV.

4. Choose Hulu from the list.

5. Click the Clear Cache option.

Note: You can also clear the Netflix cache on LG Smart TV using the same steps.

What is Cache and Cached data?

The cache is a storage file that stores important information which is usually temporary data in a computing environment. It retrieves faster the data the next time the app or device is accessed.

Cached data is temporary data stored in the cache files. Cache allows you to load the cached data without downloading them every time, like fonts or icons.

Why Should I Clear the Hulu Cache on LG Smart TV

Basically, streaming apps on your device will store temporary files and data. These files usually help with the app’s performance by storing user information. Among them, certain files may get corrupted over time which might affect the Hulu streaming experience.

Clearing the cache on Hulu might help fix minor problems without deleting the app on your LG Smart TV. There is an emergent need to clear the cache on the Hulu app if you are undergoing any of the following issues:

  • Movies and shows you watch keep buffering often.
  • Loading time exceeds normal even with a stable internet connection.
  • If there is no sound on Hulu.
  • App crashes often without a specific reason.
  • The streaming quality of the videos gets blurry.


How to clear the browser cache on LG Smart TV?

Open Web Browser on your LG TV > Menu > Settings > Toggle on Private Browsing > Clear Browsing data > OK.

What if clearing the cache doesn’t fix the storage issue on LG TV?

If the storage issue was not fixed by clearing the cache, reset your LG Smart TV to its factory settings.

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