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How to Clean LG Smart TV Screen

How to Clean LG Smart TV Screen [An Ultimate Guide]

LG TVs will be prone to dust and fingerprints due to day-to-day usage. You will find the dirt disgusting while watching your favorite entertainment content. Therefore, it is important to clean your LG Smart TV screen at least once a week. To get a crystal and pristine picture, follow these simple instructions to clean your LG TV and prevent any damage during the cleaning process.

Can You Use Water to Clean LG TV Screen

No, you shouldn’t use water to clean the TV screen as it won’t be effective. Make sure to keep a clean and dry cloth to remove the dirt completely. Mostly, the microfibre cloth is the preferable one. Instead of water, you should use an Isopropyl alcohol solution. By dipping a microfiber cloth in Isopropyl alcohol, you can proceed to clean your LG Smart TV.

6 Simple Steps to Clean Your LG Smart TV

Here are the simple steps you can use to clean your LG Smart TV easily:

#1. Unplug Your LG TV

The first step you have to do is unplug the power cable connected to your TV. The reason for you to unplug your LG TV is that there are possibilities to get your LG TV to get short-circuited or you may get electrocuted.

#2. Wet a Soft Cloth or Use the Microfiber Cloth

You need to have a cleaning cloth. We recommend using a soft cloth dipped in warm water or using Isopropyl Alcohol. For best results in cleaning, you can use a microfiber cloth. But never use a paper towel to clean the TV.

#3. Dry the Soft Cloth

In case you have dipped the soft cloth to clean the on-screen of your TV, you need to dry it with a soft cloth. If excessive moisture is left on the TV screen, it may penetrate inside the hardware and bring some serious issues. While wiping, use a dry cloth in circular motions to clear the moisture without causing streaks.

#4. Wipe the TV Screen Gently

After you finish the above process, use a dry soft cloth or the microfibre cloth to clean your LG TV screen thoroughly. Note that while cleaning the LG TV screen don’t wipe it fast as it may damage the picture.

Clean LG TV Screen

#5. Ensure that Moisture is Gone on the TV Screen

Make sure that you have completely wiped the dust off your LG TV screen. Don’t turn on your LG TV until you properly clean the TV screen. For easy cleaning, keep the lights on so that you can see the dust.

#6. Plug the Power Cable Back into the Power Cord

After you are done cleaning the on-screen of your TV, plug the power cable back into the power cord. Then, power on your TV and start to stream your favorite movie or TV show on the big screen.

How to Clean LG LED / OLED / 4K TV Screen

There are no different ways available to clean LG’s LED / OLED / 4K TV screen. So, you can follow the same steps to clean your respective LG TV screen. Make sure to wipe the TV screen softly without any hard movement.

Can I Use the LG TV Screen Cleaning Kit

Yes, you definitely can use the LG TV screen cleaning kit. With it, you can effectively clean the dust off your LG TV screen. The cleaning kit comes with a microfibre cloth and a screen cleaner. Using it, you can wipe off the dust on the screen of your TV in a crystal clear manner. You can click here to buy the screen cleaner kit from Amazon.

Points to Remember Before Cleaning an LG TV Screen

Here are a few things you should keep in mind for cleaning a TV screen.

  • Avoid using house cleaning solutions as they might damage the screen.
  • Never clean the TV screen using paper towels or toilet paper.
  • If you want to use water, prefer using distilled water which is free from impurities and dust particles.
  • If you’re using an alcohol solution, don’t spray it directly on the TV screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to clean the fingerprints off your LG TV screen?

You can use the microfiber or soft cloth to wipe off the fingerprints from your LG TV screen.

Will using the cleaning kit damage my LG TV screen?

No. Your LG TV screen will not get damaged if you use the cleaning kit.

How to clean the LG TV screen without streaks?

Soak a microfiber cloth in Isopropyl alcohol. Later, use this cloth to clean the TV screen without any streaks.

How to fix if LG TV turns half screen black?

The LG TV screen problems may occur if there is an issue with the HDMI cable. You can check our comprehensive guide on the LG TV half screen black and follow the workarounds to fix the issue.

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