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LG TV webOS Version

How to Check LG TV webOS Version

webOS 23 is the latest version of the LG Smart TV operating system. If your LG TV runs with the latest firmware, you can easily install premium streaming apps from the LG Content Store. So, it is essential to know your webOS information to avoid missing updates or when you can’t add apps on the LG TV. In this article, you will learn how to check the webOS version on LG Smart TV.

How to Check webOS Version of LG Smart TV

1. Turn ON and connect your LG TV to a wired Internet connection or WiFi.

2. Tap the Settings button on the remote control.

3. Click General and select TV Information.

Select TV Information and view the LG TV webOS version

4. Click the webOS TV Version option to view your TV firmware details.

Why Should I Update LG TV Firmware

Firmware updates are necessary to fix the software bugs and to get advanced features. There are multiple ways to update your LG TV. If you wish, you can enable the auto-update on LG TV to update it automatically. Updating the firmware also helps to fix if the LG TV apps are crashing while in use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you update LG NetCast to webOS?

No. It is impossible to update NetCast to webOS since both platforms were released for variable LG TV models.

How to enable auto update feature on LG smart TV?

After connecting LG TV to WiFi, press the Settings button on the remote > tap All Settings > General > About This TV > Software Updates > enable the Allow Automatic Updates option.

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