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How to Change Resolution on LG TV

How to Change Resolution on LG Smart TV [All Models]

The aspect ratio is an important thing if you want to stream your favorite content on your LG TV at the best resolution. It is recommended to change the resolution manually using the settings on LG TV. By changing the resolution, you will be able to see the difference in the quality of the content.

You can change the resolution on both newer and older LG TVs but through different steps. Using the upgraded Super Resolution settings you can choose your preferred resolution to stream.

How to Change Resolution on LG TV With Remote

As LG has upgraded its settings features, the steps to set resolution differ between the newer and the older model. Check your LG TV model year and the webOS to choose from the following method.

How to Change Resolution on LG TV Models [2022 WebOS22] and [2020 WebOS6.0]

1. Turn on your LG TV using the LG Magic remote.

2. Press the Settings button on your LG TV remote to open the System Settings option.

3. Select All Settings from the options.

4. Click on Picture and select the Aspect Ratio option.

How to Change Resolution on LG TV - Aspect Ratio

5. Change the Aspect Ratio according to your requirement in the User Selection menu opened.

How to Change Resolution on LG TV - User Selection

That’s it. Enjoy streaming pictures with your preferred resolution.

How to Change Resolution on LG TV Models [2020 or Older Versions of WebOS]

1. Turn on your LG TV using the remote.

2. On your LG TV remote, press the Settings button.

3. Click on All Settings and choose Picture.

4. Select the Aspect Ratio Settings option.

Aspect Ratio Settings

5. Change the Aspect Ratio on which you wish to stream the content on your LG TV.

Change ratio

How to Change Resolution on LG TV Without Remote

If the LG TV remote is not working, no need to worry. You can still access your TV settings using the remote app from a smartphone. This method applies to both Android and iOS users.

1. Press the Power button on your LG TV to turn it on.

2. Connect your Smartphone and TV to the same WiFi network.

3. Install the LG ThinQ app from the Google Play Store or App Store.

LG ThinQ app

4. Launch the LG ThinQ app and tap on the + icon.

5. Go through the instructions and tap OK.

6. Click on Home Appliances and choose your LG TV.

7. A verification code will be displayed on your TV, enter it on your phone.

8. Tap Ok to conform and redirect to Home.

You can see your remote interface on your Smartphone. Now, follow the above-mentioned steps to change the aspect ratio on your LG TV.

Super Resolution on LG Smart TV

Super Resolution is a brilliant feature available on most LG TVs. This feature holds customized resolution settings to tune based on your needs. Using this feature, you can improve unclear or blurry pictures to sharp images.

Also, if you’re already streaming a lively and colorful picture you can set the Super Resolution to medium or low. Why because the high resolution may over-brighten the vibrant color pictures. Also, you can turn off the Super Resolution if not needed.


How to change Super-resolution on LG TV?

Go to Settings > All Settings > Picture > Picture Mode Settings > Advanced Controls > Super Resolution > Make changes.

Why is my LG Smart TV look blurry?

If you have changed the resolution lower than 1080p or 4K, there are chances that some content to look blurry on LG TV.

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