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How to Change LG TV Screensaver

How to Change LG Smart TV Screensaver

Screensaver is a feature on LG Smart TV models that turns on if the TV is idle. If you want, you can change the screensaver or picture on your LG Smart TV. But, customizing the Screensaver feature is available only for LG OLED and QNED TVs. In LG LCD TVs, you can either turn off the screensaver or have the Analog Clock.

Enabling the Screensaver will prevent your LG TV from getting the burn-in effect. In the Settings menu, you can turn on, customize, and turn off the Screensaved feature.

In this article, you will learn how to use the Screensaver feature with different images on LG Smart TV.

How to Turn On the LG Smart TV Screensaver

In the recent models of LG Smart TV (webOS 6.0 & above), the Screensaver feature will be enabled automatically. But on some TVs, the users should activate it manually. To activate the Screensaver,

1: Go to the LG TV home screen. Then, select the Settings option.

2: Select the All settings option from the home screen.

Click on All settings option

3: Now, select the General tab from the left.

4: Select the Screensaver option and turn it on.

Click Screensaver option on General settings

5: To disable the feature, choose the Off option in the Screensaver drop-down menu.

Alternate Way to Enable Screensaver on LG TV

1: Grab your LG Magic Remote and press the Mute button thrice.

Remote shortcut to enable screensaver on LG TV

2: From the pop-up window, toggle the Screen Saver option and turn it on/off.

How to Enable Screensaver on LG Smart TV (webOS 5.0 & Below)

If you are using the older webOS version on your LG Smart TV, we recommend you update the LG TV firmware to its latest version. If your TV is incompatible with the latest versions, you can use the below steps to turn on or off the screensaver.

1: On your LG TV, go to the Settings menu.

2: Choose the General Settings option from the Settings menu.

3: On the next screen, choose the Screensaver option.

4: If the Screensaver option is not available, you need to use the Service Menu on LG TV to access the Screensaver feature. Hold the Menu or Settings button on the remote to get the Service Menu pop-up.

5: Enter 1105 to open the Service Menu. If the code doesn’t work, you can try with other codes like 7777, 8743, 0413, 8741, 0000, 8878, or 3195.

6: On the Service Menu, navigate to the Screensaver option and turn it on.

7: To disable the feature, choose the Off option.

Use Art Gallery on LG Smart TV to Customize Screensaver

Art Gallery is the dedicated app to customize the Screensaver on your LG Smart TV. Using the Art Gallery, you can choose multiple photos and set up a slideshow on your LG Smart TV Screensaver. If you want, you can also add audio notes to the screensaver.

1: Take the LG remote and click the Home button.

2: Open Art Gallery. In some models, open the Gallery app.

Click Gallery option and enable LG TV screensaver

3: From the list of pre-installed images, choose the image you want. You will get images from categories like Masterpieces, Locations, Meditation, Places, Colorful Scenery, Fine Arts, Rainy, and more.

4: If you select more than one image, the images will appear as a slideshow.

5. Here, you can adjust the time interval between two images, enable or disable the theme sound, and other settings.

For this to work, you must enable the gallery mode on your LG Smart TV.

Best Screensavers for your LG Smart TV in Art Gallery

There are plenty of screensavers availabe in the Art Gallery. We have downloaded all of them and used it for a while. Here, we have listed the best screensavers.

  • Bora Bora Island
  • Antique #63
  • Demolished Pondok
  • Mona Lisa Painting
  • Fireplace
  • Elbert Mountain

How to Get Analog Clock Screensaver on LG OLED TVs

If you just upgraded your LG Smart TV and want the old analog clock screensaver (default in LCD TVs), you need to enable the Weather Location Setting. To do so,

1. Go to the Settings menu on your LG TV.

2. Open General Settings and choose System.

3. Now, navigate to Location and tap on it.

4. On the next screen, click the Weather Location Setting option.

Choose Weather Location Setting

5. Now, enter the region or country that you want the weather report from.

6. Then, go back to the Screensaver Settings and make sure it is enabled.

7. After that, disable the Gallery Mode.

8. Now, you will get the Analog Clock wallpaper with the weather report as your LG Smart TV screensaver.

Get Analog Clock as Screensaver

What is the Burn-In Effect?

The Burn-In effect is an issue on LG TVs that makes a particular image stick to the screen. For instance, if you leave a static image on your TV for too long and suddenly play any video, you will see the static image overlay on your content.

To avoid the Burn-in effect, it is advised to enable the Screensaver on your LG Smart TV. You can also enable the Screen Shift on LG TV to prevent the Burn-in effect. Go to Settings → All Settings→ Picture → OLED Panel Settings → Screen Shift.

Is it Possible to Upload New Photos for Screensaver on LG Smart TV?

No, you can’t change or customize the built-in images in the Screensaver menu. Therefore, it is impossible to upload your personal photos or images from the drive and set it as an LG TV Screensaver. Apart from the Art Gallery images, you can’t use any new or personal pictures as the screensaver on your LG TV.

How to Fix LG Smart TV Stuck in Screensaver

If your LG TV is stuck in the screensaver or the screensaver keeps coming on, try these workarounds to fix the issue.

  • Power Cycle your TV: By performing a power cycle, the temporary bugs that cause the TV to get stuck on the screensaver will be cleared. It also makes your TV refresh and removes other errors on the software.
  • Reboot LG TV: Restarting the LG TV will fix most of the software issues. With the force reboot, the residual power on your TV will be drained. This will fix the screensaver issue.
  • Disable Quick Start+: Go to General Settings and turn off the Quick Start+ feature. In some older models, go to General Settings → Devices → TV Management → Turn off Quick Start+. This will increase your TV’s idle time.
  • Update LG TV: Outdated firmware of LG TV leads to temporary bugs or freezing of the screen saver. So you can update your LG TV firmware to solve the screen saver bugs on LG TV.
  • Turn off the No Signal Screensaver: If your LG TV is not connected to external inputs, you will get the No Signal message on the screensaver. To turn it off, click the Red button on the LG remote.
  • Contact Support: Sometimes, there might be a hardware problem that causes the TV to get stuck on the Screensaver. In that case, calling LG Support is the best way to fix the issue.


Can you download images from the LG TV Art Gallery?

Yes. You can download built-in stock images and add them to your TV Screensaver. But you can’t use your personal photos as Screensaver.

How long does it take for a screen saver to appear on LG TV?

On the LG Smart TV, the screen saver automatically appears after two minutes of inactivity.

How to display the clock and weather on the LG TV screensaver?

Go to Settings > All Settings > Location > Weather Location Setting > Select Location. After 2 minutes of inactivity, it will display the clock and weather on the screen saver.

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