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How to Change LG TV Screensaver

How to Change LG Smart TV Screensaver

A screensaver is a feature used to display stock images or personal photos when the device is in standby mode. In the LG Smart TV, you can enable or disable the Screensaver feature from the All Settings menu. Enabling the Screensaver feature on your LG Smart TV will prevent the burn-in effect on the home screen. Apart from the Screensaver, you can use the Art Gallery to activate the slideshow.

How to Turn Off/On the LG Smart TV Screensaver

In most LG Smart TVs, the Screensaver feature will be enabled automatically. But on some TV, the users should activate it manually. To activate the Screensaver,

1: Press the Home button on the remote and select the Settings option from the home screen.

2: Then select the All settings option from the home screen.

Click on All settings option

3: Now, select the General tab from the left.

4: Select the Screensaver option and turn it on.

Click Screensaver option on General settings

5: To disable the feature, choose the Off option in the Screensaver drop-down menu.

Is it Possible to Change the Screensaver on LG Smart TV?

No, you can’t change or customize the built-in images from the Screensaver menu. You can’t use your personal photos or images from the drive as LG TV Screensaver. If you want, you can enable the Slideshow feature using the Art Gallery images.

How to Use Art Gallery on LG Smart TV

Using the Art Gallery, you can choose any photo as your LG TV Screensaver. You can also choose multiple photos and set up a slideshow on your LG Smart TV.

1: Press the Home button on your LG TV remote.

2: Select the Art Gallery app. In some models of LG Smart TV, you have to open the Gallery app.

Click Gallery option and enable LG TV screensaver

3: From the list of pre-installed images, choose the image that you want.

4: If you select more than one image, the images will appear as a slideshow.

What is Burn-In Effect?

The Burn-In effect is a phenomenon in TVs that makes the images stick to the screen. E.g., if you leave a static image on your TV for too long and suddenly play any video, you will see the static image overlay on your content.

So to prevent the Burn-in effect, it is advised to enable the Screensaver on your LG Smart TV. You can also enable the Screen Shift on LG TV to prevent the Burn-in effect. Go to Settings → All Settings→ Picture → OLED Panel Settings → Screen Shift.

How to Fix LG Smart TV Stuck in Screensaver

Many LG users have encountered the problem of TV stuck at the Screensaver or the home screen. To fix this, you can follow some of the easy troubleshooting steps, like,

  • Power Cycle your TV: By performing a power cycle, the temporary bugs that cause the TV to get stuck on the screensaver will be cleared. It also makes your TV refresh and removes other errors on the software.
  • Reboot LG TV: Restarting the LG TV will fix most of the software issues. You can also force reboot your LG TV. With the force reboot, the dead power on your TV will be drained. This will fix your screensaver issue.
  • Contact LG Support: Sometime, there might be a hardware problem that causes the TV to get stuck on the Screensaver. In that case, calling LG Support is the best way to fix the issue.


1. Can I download images from the LG TV Art Gallery?

Yes, by downloading the images on your TV, you can add them to your TV Screensaver. But you can’t use your personal photos as Screensaver.

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