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How to Block Ads on LG Smart TV

How to Block Ads on LG Smart TV – Best Working Tricks To Try

Despite getting ad pop-ups while browsing the web, we also get ads on the LG Smart TV. Advertisements are used as a means of profit, and they will make anyone get annoyed while watching their favorite movies or shows. Fortunately, we have a lot of tricks that help you to block ads on LG Smart TV.

Why Should You Block Ads on LG TV

Any LG Smart TV user can prefer to block the ads from displaying on the device for the following reasons.

  • You may not be interested in getting interrupted while watching your favorite titles.
  • If you are concerned about the privacy and security of the data on the TV.
  • When you don’t want kids to get deviated.
  • If you have limited bandwidth and don’t want to waste it.

How to Block Ads on LG Smart TV

Here are the different ways that help you to block ads on your LG Smart TV.

Switch to Home Mode

Usually, all TV in the store will be in Story mode. In such cases, you will see unwanted pop-ups or ads on your TV screen. You can enable the Home mode on your LG TV using the following steps to avoid those ads.

Switch to Home Mode to Block Ads on LG Smart TV

[1] Go to the Menu section using the remote controller.

[2] From the menu list, choose Options.

[3] Then, select the Initial Setup option.

[4] Choose your preferred language and click on Home Use to enable it.

If the TV is in Home mode already and you still see the ads or pop-ups, try out the other alternative methods.

Disable Live Plus on Settings

In the latest LG TVs, you get a feature called Live Plus. This feature will keep you noticing and tracking what you are watching and listening to and provides lots of content related to the topics. So, Live Plus will pop-ups the ads based on your previous watch history.

In order to stop the ads, you need to turn off or disable the Live Plus features. Here are the steps to be followed.

Disable Live Plus

[1] On your LG TV remote, press the Settings button to view the settings menu.

[2] From that, select the All Settings option.

[3] Then, choose General.

[4] Now, click on Live Plus and turn off the toggle.

Along with this, you can also turn off the personalized settings to limit the amount of advertising. Do follow the below steps to get it done.

[1] Go to the Settings menu by pressing the settings button on the remote.

[2] Select All Settings, followed to that choose the General option.

[3] Then, click on About this TV.

[4] Go to User Agreements to read out the information and accept the certain agreement to use the feature of the TV.

Turn Off the Smart TV Feature

Sometimes, the Smart TV feature may also be the reason for pop-ups and ads. This feature also records what you watch and creates ads according to it. The best thing about this feature is you don’t need to always turn on the feature except while streaming or using the internet.

[1] Navigate to the Settings menu on your TV.

[2] Choose the Network option.

[3] Select the WiFi and delete the network password.

If you feel like why to remove the password, you need to know that in smart TVs, you can’t disable the WiFi. If you’re okay with reconnecting the wireless network, you can simply unplug the router.

Block Ads on Router

Even after trying all the above ways, if you still see the ads, then the problem is with your router, not on TV. The steps are as follows.

[1] First, connect your PC and LG TV to the WIFI of the same router.

[2] Open the web browser and type

[3] Enter the Username and password for the router.

[4] Next page, locate Firewall, Block Sites, Content Filtering, Parental Filtering, or Security. The name varies.

[5] After entering the filters, click the link to the configuration page.

[6] Enter the name of the IP address in the Enter keyword or domain here field that you want to block.

[7] Click the Add button and select Apply option at the bottom of the configuration page.

[8] finally, reboot the router to activate the new settings.

In case you don’t know the IP address of the advertisers, the following are the IP addresses that have to be blocked on most LG TVs.

  • Edgesuite.net
  • Ngfts.lege.com
  • Us.ad.lgsmartad.com
  • Lgad.cjpowercast.com
  • Us.info.lgsmartad.com

How to Block YouTube Ads on LG Smart TV

There is no separate option to block YouTube Ads on LG Smart TV. The only way to stop getting ads from YouTube is to subscribe to the YouTube premium plan. The ad-free premium version costs  $12/month, in which you can stream unlimited content with an ad-free experience. To subscribe to the YouTube premium version, here are the steps to be followed.

[1] Open the web browser and go to https://www.youtube.com/premium/.

[2] Click On the Start Free Trial option.

[3] Log in with your account. If you’re a new user, click on create a new account.

[4] In the next screen, enter your billing details and select the start premium button.

[5] Now, open the YouTube app on your LG TV and watch your favorite content without any ads.

After trying all the above-mentioned ways and still if you see the ads popping up on the LG TV, then you have to contact LG TV support for further assistance.

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