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How to Adjust Brightness on LG Smart TV

How to Adjust Brightness on LG Smart TV [Possible Ways]

If your LG Smart TV looks too dark or blurry, you can adjust the brightness to make it look better. Sometimes, you may wish to lower the brightness levels to watch a movie in a darker room. As the LG Smart TV has different picture modes, you can easily modify the brightness using those modes with a few clicks.

In this article, you will learn to adjust the brightness of the LG TV with or without using a remote.

How to Adjust LG Smart TV Screen Brightness With Magic Remote

Here are the possible ways to tune the brightness level of your LG Smart TV.

  • From the Picture Mode Settings
  • Activating Brightness control
  • Modifying the Picture Mode
  • Turning Off the Energy Saver Mode
  • Turning Off AI Brightness Control

How to Tune Brightness from the Picture Mode Settings

#1. Turn on your LG TV and hit the Settings icon on the LG Magic Remote.

#2. On the list of menus, select the All Settings option from the last.

#3. Select the Picture option and tap on the Brightness menu under Customize.

Adjust Brightness on LG Smart TV -Tap on the Brightness option

#4. Now, drag the slider ball left to decrease the brightness or right to increase the brightness.

#5. Once you adjusted the brightness, click the back button and start watching the content on your LG TV.

How to Automatically Increase or Decrease Brightness Level on LG Smart TV

Activating the Brightness Control is nothing but enabling an ambient sensor on your LG Smart TV. By enabling the brightness control, the brightness will be adjusted according to the environment lighting.

#1. Hit the Settings button on your LG TV magic remote.

#2. Then All Settings and select the General option from the menu.

#3. Now navigate to AI Service and tap the toggle button near the option AI Brightness Settings to enable it.

Adjust Brightness on LG Smart TV - Turn on AI Brightness settings

That’s it. Now your brightness will change automatically based on the surrounding light.

How to Adjust Brightness by Modifying the Picture Mode

There are a lot of picture modes preset available on the LG TV. Although it is not as precise as changing the brightness manually, it turns the color saturation and brightness of your LG Smart TV.

#1. Press the Settings button and click the All Settings option.

#2. On the Picture menu, tap to select the Picture Mode Settings.

#3. Now, select the picture mode according to your preferred brightness level.

Adjust Brightness on LG Smart TV - Select the picture mode

How to Change Brightness on LG TV by Disabling the Energy Saving Mode

In some cases, you might feel color or brightness fluctuation on your LG TV. This happens if you turn on power saving mode on an LG TV. You can turn off Energy Saving Mode on LG TV to fix this issue.

Go to Settings → Navigate to All SettingsPicturesEnergy SavingOff.

Select the off Menu

How to Turn Off AI Brightness Control on LG TV

Some LG OLED TVs use an AI processor to auto-adjust the brightness based on ambient light. So, you have to toggle off the AI brightness control if the LG TV brightness keeps changing.

Go to Settings GeneralAI ServiceAI Brightness SettingsTurn OFF.

How to Adjust the Brightness on LG Smart TV Without Remote

There are several ways to adjust the brightness of your LG TV without the help of an LG TV remote. If your LG Smart TV remote is not working, these methods will come in handy.

  • Using Physical Buttons
  • Using the LG ThinQ App
  • Using a Wireless Mouse

Adjust the Brightness using the LG Smart TV Physical buttons

#1. Press the button labeled Menu on your LG TV. In most cases, the button will be located at the bottom edge of the TV.

#2. The Main menu will appear on the screen. Click the Arrow button to navigate to the Display & Brightness option.

#3. Select the Brightness option and adjust the brightness manually using the arrow button. Once done, press the OK button.

Change the Brightness using the LG Smart ThinQ App

LG ThinQ app is an alternative remote controller app for LG Smart TVs. You can access it on your smartphone by downloading it from the Play Store or App Store. You can adjust the brightness using the LG ThinQ application.

#1. Connect your LG Smart TV to a WiFi which should be the same as your smartphone.

#2. Download and install the LG ThinQ app on your smartphone.

LG thinQ app

#3. After installing, launch the LG ThinQ app and log in to your LG account.

#4. Hit +Add Device and tap on the Select Device option.

#5. Now, you can find the list of available devices, and from that, select your LG Smart TV Name.

#6. Once it gets paired, you can see a TV remote interface on the LG ThinQ app.

Remote interface of LG ThinQ app

#7. Now, tap on the Settings button and Navigate to All SettingsPictureBrightness.

That’s it. Adjust the LG TV brightness by tapping the arrows.

Modify Brightness on LG TV using the Wireless Mouse

This is yet another alternate way to adjust your LG Smart TV brightness. If you have a wireless mouse, follow the below steps to adjust the brightness on your LG Smart TV.

#1. Turn on your LG Smart TV and Plug the mouse’s wireless sensor into the TV’s USB port.

#2. Now, check if your mouse is properly connected to your TV by moving the mouse here and there.

#3. Once the pointer moves on your TV, it means your LG TV is connected properly to your Mouse.

#4. Now, navigate to Settings and increase or decrease the brightness on your LG Smart TV.

Note: In a similar way, you can connect a keyboard to your LG TV and change the brightness of your webOS.


Why is my LG TV screen so dark?

It might be because of the issue with the energy-saving mode or power fluctuation. Turn off the energy-saving mode and check if it works. If the problem has not been solved yet, restart the LG TV and check again.

Why is my LG TV brightness changing automatically?

If your LG TV brightness is changing by itself, it may be due to the Ambient light sensor. You can turn off the Ambient light sensor in Settings to prevent automatic brightness adjustment.

Can I change the LG TV brightness using the smartphone?

Yes. You can install the LG TV remote app and use it as a virtual remote to change the brightness on an LG TV.

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