How to fix horizontal lines on LG TV

How to Fix Horizontal Lines on LG TV [DIY Fixes]

Does your streaming interrupted by the lines? Don’t worry. You can fix the horizontal lines issue in a minute to resume the show again. It can be caused due to several factors like faulty connections, poor signal, damaged screen, etc. Since it is a minor issue, you don’t have to seek a technician to get it sorted. Instead, you can try these workarounds to fix the horizontal lines issue on LG TV.

What Causes Horizontal Lines on LG Smart TV

It is quite difficult to be precise about the root cause of the horizontal lines on your LG TV. So we have performed a test to identify some factors that may be responsible for such issues.

  • Damaged HDMI/Display cable
  • Improper signal
  • Unmatched resolution
  • Temporary system glitch
  • Issue with Pixel
  • Outdated TV Firmware
  • Damaged screen
  • Faulty LCD/OLED panels
  • Loose conductors
  • Worn out T-Con board

DIY Fixes for Horizontal Lines on LG TV

If you couldn’t identify the reason that causes horizontal lines on your LG TV. Start with the basic fixes and try out resetting everything on your LG TV to eradicate the error.

Check the Cables

The first thing you should do is check your display and HDMI cable which is the main input source on your TV. If the cables are loose, plug them out and plug them in properly. Check for any damaged cables and replace them with a new one. Also, if the cable port is damaged, connect the cable to another port.

Check Signal Quality

Horizontal lines may also occur due to poor signals. Try changing the channel on LG TV. If the lines do not appear, the problem is with the channel you watch.

Also, if you are using a dish antenna or DTH service to receive TV signals. There is a chance for horizontal lines to appear if there is no signal on the LG TV. Contact the service provider to send a technician to move the antenna.

Change the Resolution

The unmatched resolution might also cause horizontal lines on your TV screen. So you have to change the resolution on LG TV to fix the issue.

1. Go to Settings and select All Settings.

2. Click on Picture and choose Aspect Ratio

3. Change the ratio in the User Selection.

How to fix horizontal lines on LG TV - User Selection

Adjust Picture Settings

May the picture playing have not matched the current picture mode so try changing the picture mode. For example, if you set HDR mode for vivid pictures, the display might turn white or black or cause such issues as horizontal lines. So, try changing the Picture mode of your LG TV.

1. Go to Settings and choose All Settings.

2. Under Picture choose Picture Mode Settings.

3. Click on the Picture Mode option.

How to fix horizontal lines on LG TV - Picture mode

4. Change the Picture Mode.

If changing the picture mode doesn’t fix the horizontal lines, test your picture quality. If necessary, you can also turn off HDR on LG TV.

Run a Picture Test

Luckily, if the signal and the cables were good, the problem may be with the corrupted picture settings. LG TV has the Picture test mode to diagnose the picture quality which lets you identify the improper settings. Run a picture test to check if there is any problem with the picture quality.

  • Recent model LG TVs: Settings > All Settings > Support > OLED Care > Device Self Care > Screen Self-Diagnosis.
  • Older model LG TVs: Settings > All Settings > Picture > Picture Test.

If the picture shown on the test is clear then the picture quality is good. If not, move on to the next method.

Run Pixel Cleaning

If the picture test has resulted negative, improve the picture quality by refreshing the pixel. You can manually clean the pixel with the advanced feature called Pixel Refresher provided only for the LG OLED TV.

Some LG OLED TV has this feature enabled and runs periodically. On other LG OLED TVs, you must run it manually with the following steps.

1. Click on Settings and select All Settings.

2. Under General or Support, choose OLED Care.

3. On the OLED Panel Care, you will see Pixel Cleaning or Pixel Refresher option.

Pixel Refresher

4. Tap Start Now and click Yes to confirm.

After the end of the pixel test, if the horizontal lines still appear, it means that the problem may be due to faulty LCD/OLED panels.

Restart your LG TV

The other possible reason for horizontal lines could be minor glitches on your LG TV. So, try restarting your LG TV to fix it.

1. Unplug the power cord from the wall socket.

How to fix horizontal lines on LG TV - Unplug the power cord

2. Wait for a few minutes.

3. Plug them back in again.

Update the Firmware

Outdated Software could cause display-related issues due to bugs. Your LG TV needs a software update periodically to resolve the common bugs and glitches. Update your LG TV firmware to check if the horizontal lines on your TV disappear.

1. Go to Settings and open All Settings.

2. Click Support and choose the Software Update option.

3. Tap on Download and Install on the available update.

4. Turn on Auto Update to update your LG TV automatically when an update is available.

Perform a Factory Reset

At last, you can factory reset your LG TV back to its default settings to see if it works. By doing so, all the corrupted settings may change and return back to normal. This would help to fix the horizontal lines on your LG TV.

1. Open Settings and click All Settings.

2. Choose General from the list of options.

3. Scroll down to choose to Reset to Initial Settings.

How to fix horizontal lines on LG TV - Factory reset LG TV
  • On recent model LG TVs, choose System under General and select Reset to Initial Settings option.
Reset to initial Settings

Contact LG Customer Support

If none of the DIY fixes worked to resolve the horizontal lines on your LG TV, don’t lose hope. Probably, the issue was caused by the damaged screen, faulty LCD/OLED panels, loose conductors, and damaged T-Con board which could not be fixed by basic troubleshooting.

If you are good at engineering you can fix those problems by yourself. Otherwise, contact LG Customer Support to fix the horizontal lines issue on your TV.


How much does it cost to fix an LG TV screen?

To fix a damaged LG TV screen, you should spend around $75 – $400 included with the labor charge.

How to fix vertical lines on my LG TV?

Run a Pixel Refresher to fix the vertical lines on your LG TV.

What causes green horizontal lines on LG TV?

Green horizontal lines on your LG TV may cause due to several reasons but a notable one could be the faulty connections. Check whether all the cables are connected tight and without damage.

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