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Google Play on LG TV

How to Get Google Play Store on LG Smart TV

LG Smart TV uses WebOS for its Smart TVs, so it does not have a Play Store. Nonetheless, it has its own LG Content Store that features 1500+ applications for Entertainment, News, Games, Education, etc. So, you don’t worry although you can’t download the Google Play Store on an LG Smart TV. If you still want to get the Play Store, the only way is to connect a Chromecast to your LG TV.

How to Use Google Play Store on LG TV Using Chromecast

Use Chromecast to watch Google Play on LG TV

Using Chromecast is the easiest way to get and watch Google Play Store apps on LG webOS TV. For this to work, you should connect a Chromecast device to your LG TV. Ensure that your LG TV is connected to a wired Internet connection for high-speed bandwidth.

Later, you can access the Google Play Store on a Chromecast-connected LG TV and install the apps you want. Remember that the apps will only be installed on Chromecast, not on the LG TV. So, you need a Chromecast device to open and use those apps every time.

Alternatively, you can cast your Android screen to LG TV to watch or stream the content of any Android app wirelessly. However, you should connect your phone and LG TV to the same WiFi network.

How to Add Apps on LG TV

LG TV has numerous apps present on the Content Store. Using this application, you can search for the apps that you want to add to your TV. Once you find the app in the store, tap the Install button to add apps to your LG Smart TV.

Where is the Content Store Present on LG TV

Navigate LG Content Store

You have to connect your LG Smart TV to WiFi once it is turned ON. Now, press the Home button on your LG TV remote. From the launcher bar, scroll and find the LG Content Store on the home screen.

How Good is LG Content Store

Content Store has the best collection of apps necessary for LG Smart TVs. Further, the Content Store has several sections like Featured, My Apps, and All Apps to access it easily. You can also use the Search icon to find the app and hit Install to get it on your LG TV.

How to Get Apps on LG TV That Are Unavailable in the LG Content Store

You cannot access all the Android apps on the webOS as it has no Google Play. But there are some alternative ways where you can get some of those applications. Connect any streaming device, like Roku, Amazon Firestick, or Apple TV to your LG Smart TV, as it has more apps. Notably, you can sideload third-party apps to the LG Smart TV by connecting a Firestick.

Note: If you have bought a new Roku streaming stick, you can check our detailed guide to learn how to connect Roku to LG TV.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you sideload Google Play on an LG Smart TV?

No, Google Play is unavailable for LG Smart TV and it cannot be sideloaded.

Is it possible to install third-party apps on my LG TV?

You can’t directly install third-party apps on LG TV. But, it is possible by connecting an Amazon Firestick to an LG TV. Then, you can install apps from the Amazon App Store, or sideload them from a trusted source.

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